Monday, 30 January 2012


After A LOT of flan spam, I managed to finish Exenterator merit, and put a gimp set together.

P.S Belt is Crudelis belt.

Missing AGI+13 head (which I'm not going to buy unless Toci drop), AGI+4 or Aesir earring(which I should  work on it soon), Athos body(which is 0/55) or Denali body.

Played it a bit in dyna, it's actually stronger than I expected, around 1.2k~1.5k on EP fish with no food. Depending on mob type and whether fire shot is up, it could be stronger than WF, but generally weaker than Last Stand.

Obviously this is my "cheap WS", considering Last Stand uses 2 bullets, every time when I use it my heart bleeds and I can hear my wallet screaming.

Or I can use some excuses: "But.....but Exenterator has acc-!"

But yeah, besides saving gil and -acc, there are no reason to use it over Last Stand.

Now all 3 merit WS done, time to finish MP merit.


After some grinding and bugging ppl to sell alex to me(since there are 10000 rich ppl buying all the alex available), finally break 6k mark on alex, which is 20%.

5 more years and I can finish, I know it!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


I finally got a chance to play BLU in VW(haven't play BLU for decades, no joke), and got to try out Requiescat WS on some VWs.

I have to say, this WS sucked compare with other merit WS, I mean, sucked balls. I guess SE just hates sword ;(

This is with save TP+regain atmacite, Red curry bun, /WAR and temps, no chaos though. Around 1k~1.5k on Pil, which is slightly lower than other physical WS and CDC. Without food/JA/temps etc it drop below 1k.

My set is far from the best, but getting best set isn't going to give extra 500 dmg IMO.

IMO it's a ok WS on T3 VWs for none-CDC ppl, especially on Pil since Pil has shield, and this WS is awesome for getting shield's off.

But on T6 it's completely shit, on Gaunab it's even worse than Sanguine sometimes._. ,although I used pizza instead of RCB on Gaunab.....too cheap and too chicken about my acc ._.

I guess I just don't have enough attack to make it worth using on T6s since I'm never in DD pt and never get chaos roll. And attack penalty does suck.

Sooo maybe back to work on Almace then ._. My BLU is getting harder and harder to use due to shitty dmg output that I'm on COR 90% of time nowadays.

I also found this WS hits harder than sanguine on elementals in assault. I guess this WS is good on fodder mobs that has physical resist and that's it.

On a side note, once again in more flan run I realized I need to improve playing COR also....I often put myself in same pt as PLD, but too scared to go close to PLD and give it rolls, and ended up missing PLD for buff. Even with Luzaf I'm still unable to reach PLD from safe distance.

I guess time to fit in some DT- gears and MP gears in inv for SS, so at least can run in and buff without dying.

Probably finally time to remake my PR gear set, which is full of DT- gear on slots without PR gears.

D; Must remind myself to buff PLD!

D; Must buff PLD!

DDDD; Must stop being a lazy COR and hit everyone with rolls DDDD;

Good thing is I just finished upgrade save TP atmacite, should* have enough HP and MDB to do so.

0/37 Athos body now, plus 0/12 head, and 0/20 legs, that's 0/59 athos since I got last piece hands. Awesome huh?

Since every time when I make flan pt I feel some of my brain cell died, the sooner I get the body the more brain cell I can keep ._.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Matsuko x24

Since the VW Jeuno T6 flan NM drops Athos body, I ended up having to spam this NM for it.

This is one NM that most NA /shout pt has trouble with, and currently the hardest VW, that 95% of /shout pt only ended up as wipega, I was 9/24 when I did it with other ppl's /shout pt, which is lower than 40% success rate.

It's also my first time attempt a "hard" VW since I started VWLS.

I have to admit, the amount of elitism I have to deal with from other LS while trying to do this NM is never before seen. I ended up having to do tones of research, ask on forums, read a lot of info, watch a lot of JPs do it, just to reduce the chance of failing to minimum.

But I believe that being "elite" isn't required to win, as long as leader knows how to organize. Since most of the leader doesn't know how to organize VW, only knows how to blame pick-ups when it doesn't go well.

My first run failed 2x, after a bit more research and practice, and changing pt setup + watch more vid, I managed to get a little bit over 50% success rate(7/12).

I also managed to get into JP pt and see how they organize once. It's a good learning process, they're 12/12 and every fight lasts only less than 5 min, although sometimes they do face shitty proc, they always managed to pull it together and win even with only 1 HQ.

I guess as a pt lead, there are something that can improve a little after learning from JPs.
1. Make a macro to remind ppl pop fana after 2hr almost done.
2. Attempt to do weapon proc during chainspell, then do easy magic/JA proc if weapon can't proc in time.
3. Ask RDM to /BLM for stun(instead of SCH) NIN SJ DNC, WAR SJ MNK, and DRK SJ DRG.

I also used 3 WHM for that fight, although I'm debating changing one WHM to either MNK(for h2h proc, since we're stuck on this proc many times) or BLM (many JP flan pt seems to have 1 extra BLM for proc outside of BLM tank pt)

If I can find a way to get rid of shitty proc situation, probably more chance to get 12/12 every run.

And that will be my goal for all future flan runs, 100% success rate, every fight last 5 min.

Anyways, although it seems weird since VWNM run is very different from old school EG event that 60% pt are /shout ppl, but time to make pic for first real ImmortalFlames LS victory(ok, I also did T4~T5 clear runs with LS before, but that doesn't really count)

Hmmmmm, looks just like something no? Or wait.

I can't remember who gets what so I didn't make "drop" pic, I only remember pretty much everyone gets athos except me ;(

Btw, Matsuko is how JPs call that flan, so I just follow XD.

Anyways, time to post epeen SS as always.


After a lot of cruor farm, I managed to upgrade my Atmacite of Slayer to lv 15. With AGI+ spell from WHM and wizards roll, WF dmg was boosted to 3k+ easily with fireshot. I wonder if doing 4k WF on B.rex is possible?

After spamming flan x24 in one day(12 more with JPs), no Athos is no Athos, I guess this flan is just as stingy as Qilin, Pil, Ocythoe and such.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


With some random VW spam, I managed to finish the sword merit WS, Requiescat.

Tbh, I didn't really merit this WS for my BLU, since I still believe CDC>all in most situations...unless you need none-elemental dmg. I more or less merit this WS so I can play with sword COR for a bit.

Not that sword COR spamming requiescat is an efficient way to play the job in anyway.

This job doesn't really need a none-elemental WS, since it has 1.the most powerful magical WS in this game 2. a JA that bypasses special dmg cut like Pil.

I only do it to fulfill my desire to play as sword COR.

I leveled the job all the way up with swords, and considering I'm a BLU main, it more or less shows that I'm a sword lover(a gun lover too)

Anyways, time to make a set for it.

Digging my inventory, this is really all I have....not sure if it's a really good set.
So far the only good sword I have is just Galenus, I guess unless I start Arch dynamis NM event in my LS I won't get a Galenus+Joytoy for now.

The best head is Maat's cap I believe, so in order to make it work I need to revive my project Maat's cap again ;(

Body should be w body for 10 or 11 MND, which I don't have, and don't have gil to get atm, so I just fill it with random pink body.

Athos hands is probably the best in the slot.

Neck I'm not sure too, debating between faith for MND or fortitude for 7 acc/attk.

Ring should be 7 MND ring x2, but again, too cheap to get better rings....I guess I better get one someday, I need it for my BLU anyways.

Legs/feet/waist I just fill it with random items I have with MND or attack or acc.

Time to try it in Campaign or something, when nobody is watching me ;)

Yesterday when I did Qilin fight, after the fight I asked someone in pt if he has alex for sell, since he put it on AH.

Then he asked me, if I'm making the gun.

Wtf how'd he know? I swear I don't know that guy, it's my first time pt with him. I asked how'd he know, he said I just look like COR fanatic - -

I found this description actually quite accurate.

Zeig used to describe me as a "hardcore/elite COR", however my COR is really nothing hardcore/elite about. I still use stat+6 ring, and too cheap to upgrade to +7. I don't have ambushers, which any bandwagon COR nowadays with some small amount of work can get it. I don't have AGI grip, which many COR bother to camp AH would have, and don't have athos body, which any hardcore COR bother to spam flan 20 times a day would have.

Basically everything I used, are nothing better than average player, and not really better than ppl who lv the job for VW(inferior in fact), as long as they're not as cheap as me.

Ppl as cheap as me can't really be put into hardcore/elite category no? Can only be put on BG gimp thread ;)

I used to describe myself as "Career COR", however considering my favorite job changes every 3 weeks, and not really a COR at heart, this description somewhat made me uncomfortable.

I found COR fanatic fits the category more. Fanatics are blind, do none-sense stuff that no one really understands. Fanatics are dumb. I do none-sense stuff all the time, such as insist to do every event on COR and never job change or lv another job, tried to farm azure light on this job, play with evasion set and evasion solo NMs in abby, QQ about not having TH or QD debuff, play with swords and build sets for sword WS when it's not even the best way to deal dmg, play with mage mode and QQ about not having enough cure potency in gears, merit everything for it when it doesn't really offer much for the job, or try to get all relic+2 augment done when some effect ppl don't even know.......

When most ppl with right mind would just job change, lv another job, and play it normally. I like to try out new stuff no one bother to try, test stuff no one bother to test, even though it's something no one really cares.   When most ppl only try to get "important gears"  like ambusher/stat +7 rings/AGI grip, I spend time on pointless gears like 2hr and fold augment. When most ppl would build a more useful relic like Aegis, I spend my money on Death Penalty, another gun that doesn't offer much improvement over Armageddon.

Fanatic, I guess I am. Blind, dumb, and do pointless stuff. But that doesn't really make me play better than others, just better at being pointless.

No wonder Tavera often call me insane/crazy. I guess that's what he really means, I don't play the same way as majority of players in FFXI ._.

MKE hat

Now that Slug shot is replaced by Last Stand completely, I see very little reason to keep my current augment on MKE hat.

I have STR+4 WS acc+15, racc+10 rattk+5 augment for 2 years.

2 years ago I finished MKE, I made this helm my ranged attack and Slug shot piece for COR. I changed ASA and ACP reward augment as time progress, but MKE augment never change.

This is a very pimp slug shot head piece when racc is needed. It stays with me through the age of meripo.

At one point of time there are many ppl who augment this head piece for WF, but I insist that this piece should be slug shot racc piece, just because a head gear with +25 total acc for WS is hard to find, and I don't want to gimp my only good physical WS.

Now that I mostly use Last Stand if I need a physical WS, and Last Stand doesn't have racc penalty, there are very little reason to WS in this head.

The only use for WS acc+25 head is just landing Marksmanship proc in VW. Which shouldn't be THAT hard to land if I just swap every other slot into racc piece when I try to land it. In fact AF3+2 head has 21 racc itself, kinda close to 25.

Time to change it, maybe.

I plan to change it to Cure potency+3% MND+4 Waltz ability delay-2.

That way both jobs of mine benefit from it....I /DNC and spam Curing waltz alot on both jobs, and COR/mage doesn't have a lot of cure potency gear. In fact considering I still cure in teal hat, it's actually a better hat than Teal for magic fruit.

Speaking of which, I recently just finished sword WS merit 5/5.

Time to work on dagger, I guess. Last WS I want for this job...and probably a hell lot more useful than lolRequiescat.

Taming the beast

Although I already 5/5 Last Stand for a while, it seems that I still in the process of learning how to use it properly.

I often noticed I don't always shoot in sweet spot, which is something I have to get used to, considering COR has true shot JA to increase the dmg.

Of course, in VW shooting in sweet spot is kinda suicide, unless I have fanatic up.

I've also been debating about ideal Last Stand gear set. Vulcan's + Uther's grip v.s Nguul dagger for /WAR.

Nguul dagger obviously do more WS dmg, but Vulcan's combo gives extra 15% QD dmg plus no racc penalty.

Hmmm so hard to decide, not sure if extra WS dmg can make up the lose of 15% QD dmg or not....I'm more leaning towards Vulcan's combo atm tbh, also no racc penalty with vulcan's.

However once I finish elemental Obi grinding, I should gain another 13% QD dmg while sacrificing 3 MAB on specific day. This should somewhat catch up the QD lose without vulcan's.

So probably vulcan's on fire/light/darks day, and every other day use dagger?

If I'm meleeing for TP, I'm also debating between Nguul and multi-hit.............

Tbh, an ideal TP set with /WAR should have 29% DA and 6% TA, alone with regain roll + save TP roll, and TP gain from QD, it should somewhat close the gap between Nguul vs Joy.

However Joy still TP faster, and has higher DPS.

Another option is Striker sword, it has similar DPS to joy, a bit slower TP gain, but AGI+7 to boost WS dmg.

I think atm I'd probably stick with joy though.

That also means I pretty much just got Nguul for nothing D;

But for the purpose of epeen SS, Last Stand with this dagger sure is very good for epeen SS.

The average WF dmg I've seen when I pt with other COR(I never WF on Qilin, this is my first time fighting Qilin on COR) was about 700~800. So Last Stand is about 2~3 times more dmg.

I also don't think I WSd at right spot most of the time, that's why I often get subpar WS dmg. I also fought this Qilin with only one atmacite since I forgot to use the save TP one, so I didn't parse very well for sure(not like I can parse higher than MNK WAR double march anyways)

Do I like this WS? I have to admit I have a semi love/hate relationship with it, so many things I don't know about it that I'm not sure how to make it work properly. And yet I love the epeen spike dmg it produces. I don't use this WS on Jeuno T6s because I'm afraid that I can't make it work as well as WF on T6s. But anything T6 or lower I'm slowly learning how to tame the beast.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Art of Gambling

Ever since I finished relic+2 pants augment, I noticed how I do Phantom Roll changed....slightly.

The process of doing Phantom Roll is all about gambling. And the essence of gambling is to take risks and make decisions.

I have to admit that I'm a very conservative roller and have pretty much 0 courage of taking risk. If I got a No.6, I stop, unless Fold is up.

If I rolled an unlucky No.8, most likely I won't double up, unless snake eye is up.

Although long time ago I mentioned No.8 on Chaos roll should double-up because it's so not effective, that getting DDs better buff is more important than risking losing dmg on COR.

I guess I more or less changed......starting to become more and more selfish and don't want to bust and gimp myself.

Or rather, I don't know if gimping COR's dmg and double up on No.8 chaos is worth it anymore, considering the dmg output of this job has been up a lot these days....I rarely play COR as DD in endgame scene(pink bird merit pt doesn't count) at 75 since I found pure support COR is more useful for endgame, so carrying a bust effect and gimping myself isn't a big deal.

Nowadays COR is one of the main dmg dealer in VW depending on the NM. Carrying  a bust effect for 5 min for a chance to get out of unlucky No.8 doesn't seems worth it IMO. Again, doing support and doing dmg just won't match and so on.

So the process of doing PR is getting less and less of a gamble, and not a lot of decision making, due to my selfish nature of aiming for getting myself buffed too, and don't like take risk of sacrificing my own dmg.

Double-up or not on a No.6 or unlucky No, is pretty much the only decision CORs made at 75 era.

Then SE added No.11 update, allows new decision making. Keep rolling/busting for No.11 after first No.11? Or stop at lucky number? However, due to the intense nature of dyna/VW(pretty much only 2 events I do nowadays) and I'm almost always busy doing dmg + killing stuff, there are not much decision making after rolling a first No.11 also. I almost always just settle with a good or above average number so I have more time to kill stuff.

Then relic+2 pants came.

This pants actually allows a new way of making decision, without sacrificing a lot of dmg output for better number.

This pans has a chance to make Snake eye recast to 0 after using it, I'd say the activation rate is about 1/3 or maybe 1/4, but certainly lower than 1/2.

There are more than once that I rolled an unlucky No.8, used snake-eye(since using snake-eye on an unlucky is almost a must do for every COR) and made it No.9, then pants effect kicked in and now I have another snake eye.

So now I'm facing a decision, should I use snake eye again, or not?

If I don't use snake eye, this roll will stay at No.9, a mediocre number, but not to shabby. However I can keep my snake eye for next roll. But if I use snake eye, it will be a No.10, and if pants effect kick in again(and yes, this pants can activate multiple times in a roll if you're lucky enough), I can snake-eye again to make it a No.11.

So rolled an unlucky number, after a bit of gambling, it ended up being No.11, not bad huh?

Of course there's a risk in it. If I snake-eye on a No.9, but pants didn't activate, I'd just waste a precious snake-eye on it(that means my next roll may be screwed without snake-eye up), since No.9 and No.10 is exactly the same, at least for regain roll that is.

But if it does activate again, then everyone will gain 2 extra tick regain.

I found this decision making and gambling extremely fun to play with and worth the risk. The punishment of failing is really small, at least not as bad as busted and gimping for 5 min....I only lost snake-eye on next roll, and my next roll may not even need it. But if it does work, the reward is pretty great. I found myself kept using snake eye at No.9, just to hope that I can get a free snake eye at No.10 to make it a No.11. It worked a couple of time, and there's a sense of accomplishment of getting a No.11 from a No.8 just by using snake-eye ._.

I guess time to memorized the exact value of most useful roll too, so not just No.8 or 9 can take risk for better number, some average number like No.6 is worth using as well, if using snake-eye on it makes it a bit more potent.....for example, a No.6 evokers gives 2 tick refresh, No.7 also gives 2, so there are no reason to use use snake-eye on 6 without pants.

However with pants on, if lucky enough to get a double snake-eye, the number can be pushed to No.8, that's extra tick of refresh and may* be worth trying.

Also, if rolled a No.7, ppl usually won't spend precious snake-eye on least I didn't. Since I may need snake-eye for next roll ( I followed the golden rule of only use snake-eye on unlucky or lucky -1, or No.10), now that with pants on, even if I use snake-eye on this roll, it may still be up for next roll, so it seems perfectly fine to snake-eye on a No.7 no?

Of course, there's also a chance of losing the gamble...maybe pants won't activate, and next roll happened to  rolled an unlucky or No.10.

Then more decision making kicks in, am I in a situation that may get a huge benefit from a No.11? That saving a snake-eye chance for No.11 on next roll is more important?

In the end, it's all about decision making, and the art of gambling.

This pants, IMO, not just give extra snake-eye for ppl to use for next roll, it also offers entirely new way to do PR and gamble subtly. Before everyone pretty much have to follow certain golden rule to do least I did. Now I feel I have more freedom to make different decisions.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

VW pt

Since my cruor finally dropped to 1.8k due to spending on random things ( ;; ), I decided to make a Pil pt........yeah I still have my little hope up to get a Toci, but I kinda gave up.....I swear I only made Pil pt for Cruor!

Anyways, when I made easier VW pt like Jeuno/Zilart T3 ( Jeuno T6 doesn't count, since it's slightly harder and works differently especially on flan), there's a specific setup I follow, but sadly there are always ppl questioning it and have no clue and suggested me otherwise......

Generally, the efficient way to zerg VW works as followed:

1.DD pt must have BRD+COR and 4 of your pimpest DDs, someone suggested me to put BRD in another pt and WHM in DD pt, because "DDs need WHM to stay alive" "DDs doesn't need double march with regain+miser roll" That's just completely false. Most of the DDs won't cap haste without march, and haste will increase killing speed a lot. A good WHM can keep DDs alive outside of DD pt just fine, plus a good pt should keep getting HQ proc to recharge fana.

2.COR should be using Chaos+misers. Chaos increased DD dmg way higher than regain with double march. Again, clueless ppl telling me they don't need chaos because attack is capped - -

Attack goes over 999, in VW it won't be capped.

Attack, attack, attack is never enough in VW =)

3.Depending on NM, COR should be subbing WAR and using Last Stand to take full advantage of Chaos. Also COR should ask double Minuet from BRD. Unless fight somehow lasted too long that Chaos wears.

With berserk/warcry+chaos+Minuet+attack food, Last Stand should bump up some nice dmg that's slightly better than WF.

Oh and btw, that crazy 4.4k Last Stand dmg is done by a pimp relic gun RNG, COR doesn't have enough attack(lower skill, no velocity shot and related gears, no rattk on gun and so on, plus lower AGI) and requires too much racc in gear to land stuff(that means less rattk/AGI when geared for racc), so it's very hard to do this kind of dmg.

For CORs used to have regain+save TP roll, losing regain kinda need time to get used to since so many ppl don't shoot nowadays, just wait for regain to tick it up. However after each WS, shoot once still gets 100 TP with regain+save TP atmacite. If both QDs are up, I just QD twice to get 100 TP again too.

Therefore racc TP set and snapshot macro set is very important. I also try to get as much racc in gear as possible to ensure every hit lands.

All fights should end in less than 2~3 min. So berserk should be up full time.

Note that some ppl asked if doing Chaos roll instead of regain is worth it, because COR losing dmg and so on. Although I have to admit that not using regain does makes WS frequency dropped a bit, but it does increase the killing speed of entire pt greatly.

Entire pt's killing speed > COR parse No.1

If COR parse No.1 in a zerg pt, then you're doing wrong. A WAR MNK SAM DRK getting double march and chaos roll should parse higher easily.

The first time when I made a Pil pt, it was a disaster...My friend Zapxthebest is the victim of it after dying over and over because of a noob leader named Afania ._. That also made me started the idea of starting a new LS for VW with Returner. After doing research with pt setup and stalking JPs to learn from them(since JPs kill VW in extremely efficient way), I'm hoping to slowly getting away from making land mine VW pts ._.

Last Pil x4 run every kill all done in 2 min with this setup, this leads me to believe that it's the best setup for any TP zerg NM. I just got Nguul dagger the other day too, so slowly finishing Last Stand set.....Now on to farming elemental Obi ._.

Of course, B.rex is another story, since it requires BLM burn setup instead of TP zerg.......I've heard TP zerg worked, but not really brave enough to try it.

Hopefully I can get away from making land mine B.rex pt too .____.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

So it seems

Final trial for relic/empy/mythic

Empyrean 99 (afterglow) = 3000 Riftdross or Riftcinder (depending on weapon) from Jeuno Tier 6 Voidwatch NM Ig-Alima or Botulus Rex

Relic 99 (afterglow) = 1000 vials of Umbral Marrow from Arch Dynamis Lord

Mythic 99 (afterglow) = 500 chunks of Mulcibar's Scoria from Pandemonium Warden

It seems not just SE lowered the amount of items required, but they take it even further that empy requires 3k instead of 1k just when every player suspect they'd lower it....they actually increase the requirement.


I'm going to put my money on the table that SE will probably make Mythic/relic/empy base weapon equally easy to obtain(that means the Mythic weapon will be alot easier after a couple more months), but weapon with afterglow will be the truely holy grail item, like Mythic/relic at lv 75.

That only 1 after glow weapon per server, while everyone and their mother has an empy/relic/mythic without afterglow.

Since I'm not hardcore, I will probably never get a damn glow on me, ever.

Note that I do believe certain rich ass JP can finish it, and I meant it. There are just ppl with too much gil in this game to a point that they don't know what to buy.

And 3k riftdross is a nice option for them to spend the damn gil.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Into the Dark

1 day before XIV starts charging, I joined a pt and cleared the quest Into the dark.

 I know it's a bit late, but this is my first Darkhold run(yes, I'm a noob). Although we wiped at Batraal then time out, for me this is still a cool "raid" experience that I haven't get to experience in FFXI for a long life in XI nowadays is pretty much VW and dyna currency farm only.

 Then I realized, I actually liked XIV alot, to a point that I named my new LS in XI "Immortal Flames".

 I expect I got tired of XI soonish, if nothing new comes out. Log on, do a dyna run, join a VW pt kill Qilin or Pil for 10000 time, it gets old. Time to either try out SW:TOR, or revive my account in XIV.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Set/Merit stuff

I realized since I /RDM a lot in VW, I often face the situation of needing MP to help raise when things go wrong, but just don't have enough MP to cast raise if I'm weakened.

Maybe time to revive my max MP set again.

Tbh I hardly ever use max MP set nowadays, main reason is because there's no way I'd have enough inv to carry another set, it's such a huge pain.

So instead of carrying a set with every slot full of MP+, may as well just carry 1~2 high MP+ item and equip it + use ether if I happened to need MP for emergency.

Amanita Hairpin(which is never on AH) seems like a good item, MP+99 in one slot, which will give me enough MP to cast 1 raise while weakened.

Another good choice is probably Bifrost Ring, +70 in one slot too. Rest can just be filled with items I already carry around on this job, like Phrenic Torque or Zodiac ring.

Inv-2 still hurts, maybe can just reduce to inv-1 if possible ._.

Also been thinking about adjusting merits....

My current merit setup is as follows:

HP 12/15

Since I no longer need to take care of my MP in neck slot for Uggy pendant latent, time to lower HP merit to 0 and cap MP merits for /mage support mode....

Sadly that also means my BLU is going to rot in hell without HP merit, White wind breath spell QQ.

Attribute: AGI 12/12

Once again, BLU is going to rot in hell with 0 STR merit.

Blue magic 8/8....not like I have anything else.

Combat skill:
Gun/sword/dagger 8/8
evasion/parry 4/4

Haven't change this for ages.

Gun 5/5 sword 4/5 dagger 0/5
Working on making Gun/sword/dagger 5/5 atm......exactly same choice as combat skill.

Crit-hit rate 5/5
Spell interruption- 5/5

I admit, I'm very tempted to lower my spell interruption- to 0 and cap enmity- for VW, since I need at least 4/5 enmity- merit to cap enmity- in VW with WF enmity- set, unless I drop forban for another enmity- piece in this set.

very tempted.........

But that means BLU tanking/soloing bye bye(which is my favorite aspect of playing BLU), and it will rot in hell until the end of the time ;;

I guess I'll keep it as it is for now, and do enmity- if I happened to have surplus of merit and going to do VW, then change it back after VW run.

More math

Since I had several debate about Armageddon v.s Death Penalty on several forums(funny thing is I'm always on the side of Armageddon despite I'm the one building DP), I decided to do some math to truly figure out which gun is superior in terms of dmg.

Copy and paste on stuff I posted on Alla....I may calculate something wrong in the process though, waiting for someone to correct me and kick my ass ;<

Following the QD formula:

(2 * (Gun base DMG + bullet base DMG + Corsair's Tricorne bonus)) * (1 + (MAB / 100)) * (Elemental Staff bonus) * (Day/Weather Bonus)

Assuming I have both guns 95 and QD in my max dmg set which has 32 MAB in gears(you can get 8 more MAB from ring/legs if you're really pimp though), no tricorne for recast-5 on head, and using QD bullet which is MAB+20.

And assuming using Zodiac ring+elemental Obi to match specific day instead of Aquiline, so dmg+13% but MAB-3 on that specific day.

Also assuming I use Pluto's staff for DP to boost LS dmg, and vulcan's for Arma.

DP's QD dmg on none-dark/lights day with correct obi but using pluto's staff for WS:(2*59+89)*1.52*1.13=508
Since DP has 50% dmg boost, it's QD dmg is 762 on none-dark/lights day

On light/darks day:296*1.55*1=458
687 with dmg boost.

Arma's QD dmg on none firesday:318*1.55*1.15=566

On firesday:318*1.52*1.15*1.13=628

Therefore on Firesday DP will do 134 more QD dmg, 196 more QD dmg on earth/water/ice/lightning day, and 121 more QD dmg on darksday.

In VW my QD/WS ratio is about 1:3, in outside of VW like dyna is about 1:2 with 2 TP rolls, therefore in VW arma only needs to do 40~70 more WS dmg than DP to win, and outside of VW Arma needs to do 65~100 more dmg.

Considering WF average 1.8k~2k unless mob resists, and fire shot gives extra 300~400 dmg, it's very easy for Arma to catch up with extra WS dmg unless the mob has a dispel-able effect for dark shot to land(which is rarely)

If both weapons using Last Stand, following the physical WS formula,
Arma using last stand has around 112 more WS base dmg, so it still wins.

This actually cleared things up a little. In order for DP to catch up to Arma, several condition needs to be met:

1.DP is generally strongest on ice/water/earth/lightning day.

2.The dmg difference is smaller if both guns using Last Stand.

3.Dmg will favor DP more if QD/WS ratio is 1:1 or at least close to it(that means fighting mobs with invincible/perfect dodge, or long down time, or not using 2x TP roll.

Regardless, I decided to keep doing DP anyways even if it sucked. Just hope 3 years later ppl still spam VW to supply my plates when I want to do Arma 95.

Friday, 6 January 2012

/SAM v.s /RDM

So I got a chance to test /SAM in a Kaggen pt, after pt disband I tested more with /RDM solo.

First Kaggen fight with /SAM, did 16 WS total, 2nd fight did 18 WS total. Both fights are pure zerg fight and ends in less than 2~3 min, so there are not much other shitty moment to stop it. Only used 2hr in last fight. My atmacite setup is regain+save TP, since I'm still not done with Slayers.

The WF dmg without fire shot bonus and firesday bonus is 1666 with my current /SAM WS set. After QD the dmg is 1999. I did 6 QD total, so the total WS dmg before factoring resist or QD boost got eaten, is 28654.

If I /RDM with same buff, WS dmg is 1898 without fire shot and 2278 with it. Assuming I lost 2 WS without Meditate and Sek, I'd do 14 WS total, total WS dmg would be 28852.

And this doesn't even factor in the QD dmg boost from /RDM. /SAM fire shot dmg is 369 with my QD TP set(didn't macro in ex/rare bullet for it because I'm afraid I'd shoot it), 420 with /RDM in same set, that's extra 306 dmg from 6 QDs....although not a lot.

In the end /SAM still wins if I factor darkness SC dmg from the start, but if there's someone messing up SC, or if I just want to look good on parse result, /RDM wins, at least on Kaggen. STPII job trait doesn't matter, I got way too much TP overflow in VW with 2 TP atmacite no joke.

Also if I use 2hr, /SAM would pull ahead with extra Med/Sek/darkness and so on.

If you ask me, both SJ is pretty much on the same lv for WF with different advantage IMO.

Note that the pt kinda messed up on 3rd fight, and it became a bit of a drag+some death. I ended up parsed No.1 in that fight despite I died once and amnesiaed for 1/3 of fight. This leads me to believe if the VW fight starting to drag, it'd benefit COR in terms of dmg a bit more, while a pt going well with melee full time zerging melee jobs would win(only parsed No.2~3 in other fights with no messy moment).

Personally I'd stick with /RDM with current atmacite setup, just because I <3 epeen dmg and shiny parse result ;D

And MDB+other spells is more useful anyways.

But after finish upgrading slayer, probably need to redo the test again.

Special thanks to Ganukay parsing on his alt character for the test!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012


Since I got COR to lv 99, I've been doing quite a lot of VW....well, that's one of the main reason why I leveled it in the first place right?

This VW style of play(2 hit WS spam) is still kinda new to me, and I'm still in the process of trying to find out best atmacite/gear/SJ setup.

At the moment I'm using lv 15 atmacite of coercion(regain+3) and atmacite of displine(save TP+20), this setup allow me 2 hit to 100 TP and spam WS like no tomorrow. I also tend to /RDM, since /SAM only gives 2 extra WS in a 3~4 min zerg fight, plus 2 extra TP which doesn't seems to matter. With temps and wings often fill up and pt proc really fast, it seems higher WS dmg from QD/WS has a bit more advantage as TP speed isn't really an issue. Extra MDB and SS is also life saver when got hate.

However, the parse result also shows that this atmacite setup isn't as good as using atmacite of slayer if enmity is an issue when players only WS with Gnostic's drink up. In fact, it may not be as good as Slayer in pure zerg fight situations.

I may drop one of the TP atmacite and use Slayers instead, so the question is really which one to drop?

If I drop save TP atmacite, I will lose 2 hit, unable to do back to back WS with QD up, IMO the best bet is to drop regain+3 atmacite.

It takes 7 tick and 21 sec for regain+3 atma to give as much TP as save TP+20 after WS, it seems Save TP is superior option especially if wings fill up fast. 21 sec is really unbearable for fast paced WS spamming event like VW.

In fact, even some discussion on BG forum already suggesting dropping regain roll for chaos if melee full time on NM, that means regain isn't as good as save TP maybe?

And that also means in order to make up the lose of regain+3, I need to have other source to gain TP.

Regain roll with AF3+2 body average about 2~3 tick, I'm 8k EXP away from relic +2 snake eye augment, which reported to have 40%~50% of chance to activate with 5/5 merit. If it's really 50% or close to 50%, then it's extremely powerful, that may push average regain from regain roll to 3+(you may ended up getting a No.11 after landing an unlucky number if you're lucky enough to have it activate 3 times in a roll)

So the priority is to finish relic+2 augment first, to push the regain from roll even higher.

Also I may start looking at QD STP set again, I doubt STP set can give me extra 10 TP after each QD. And that with this setup also means I have to shoot if QD recast isn't up, can't just wait for regain to tick me up.

The goal is to lose total of 1~2 WS only, losing anymore Save TP/Regain will pull ahead again.

I average about 11~14 WS per fight with save TP/regain if the fight ends in 3~5 min, in a fight when WF do 2k dmg with regain/save TP atmacite and 2 hit to 100 TP, it will do about 28k WS dmg total, if I can do 12 WS with slayers, it will do around 28200 WS dmg total. The longer the fight last(assuming I keep WSing and never hold TP), the more slayers will pull ahead. In situations when I hold TP due to hate/proc and so on, slayers also wins. If the pt gets HQ proc very often, that will also benefit slayers due to recharged wings.

However if I only do 10 WS that fight with save TP/regain, then it will beat slayers if I ended up only WS 8 times with slayers. Although I rarely do less than 10 WS a fight unless shit happened, or spent too much time rolling.

Also in a fight when WF is doing less than 2k, save TP/regain seems to pull ahead again. Although it's easy to learn which NM I can do 2k which NM I can't after fighting it once. Just change around depending on the NM.

The next question is the optimal SJ....if I /SAM I can make up the TP lose with 2 extra WSs and store TP2, but also losing 24 MAB and kinda defeat the purpose of aiming for high WS dmg in the first place.

My guess is in a situations when WF hits 2k+, slayers may*(not sure about this, gonna test it out)make up the 24 MAB loss.

However this question also applies on /RDM v.s /SAM, or losing 2 extra WS v.s 24 MAB etc.

I feel like playing a new job D;

So many new things to learn, and to figure out DDDDDD;

New event, new play style, new rules to follow. Although I've been playing this job for more than 2 years, I'm still like a noob and knows nothing about it.

Zeig's right, maybe I need to get a parser, probably much easier to figure out the optimal setup instead of just doing math on paper or guessing blindly.

But 3rd pt tool, meh ;<

I'll just record the dmg from chat log ;<

Project chat log record in VW go!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Futures Perfect

Because I've yet to decide whether to pay for FFXIV after it starts charging due to lack of ppl on each server, so I quickly pushed and finished Futures Perfect, according to wiki, this is the last main story quest currently available...I'm pretty sure there's more to come, considering the story isn't done and seems only half way through.

I have to admit, I'm fairly disappointed with the story in FFXIV. Despite FFXIV has one of the best CS quality as a MMORPG, the story just isn't as well written as FFXI. I'm not comparing with expansions which obviously has better written story. I'm comparing with original FFXI, rank1~6 story line where it ends when you beat Shadow Lord.

The process of finishing FFXI rank1~6 storyline gave similar FF experience in the fight BC battles with other players, you gain access to Airship. I still remember how I made a pt of 6 ppl and travel to North Land together to beat the Rank5 BC, then made another pt to travel to Shadow Lord's castle and beat the final boss, it was a fulfilling journey, with different adventurers fight by your side.

In FFXIV I soloed every main story quest, the only companion I have is just NPC....which feels more like playing single player game than MMORPG, and it's single player game playing with 1~2 characters, instead of balanced party of 4.

And considering FFXIV only has 500 ppl online per server, it's probably better that way. Or else finding people to do stuff would be truly a pain(it already is if you wanna do some unpopular stuff...even making EXP pt is a pain sometimes)

I may just stay inactive in FFXIV for a while, then start paying next update or something I guess.