Saturday, 24 September 2011

Heavy metal

Although it's probably none of my business that I already took a fact even after I go back I probably won't be COR main anymore and shouldn't care about it until Almace 90(which only has 3% of chance happening), I still want to make comment on heavy metals ._.

Inc everyone all starting to make 5 mules for new T3 VWNM to farm that 1500 heavy metal.

Much faster to farm 1500 of them with a lot of mules.

The story of Final mule fantasy XI continues.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Last day

Last day before version update, last day before I take a break from FFXI.

I put down what I was working on and went home early for assault static. This should be our last run for everyone to reach Captain. So before I take a break I get to witness this little static I made 7 months ago finishes Captain, pretty nice no? Sadly we didn't go since everyone would rather do something else in Dyna and Ein....

I didn't bail you guys, you guys bailed me >:(

Anyways at least I don't have to "went home early for FFXI" for a couple of months, in a way I actually feel relieved. I admit I was a bit pissed that I sacrificed my precious working time(when I'm falling behind the schedule and kinda stressed over it)and went home early for nothing.

Then I go do rest of the stuff I've planned for this Sun....pop NQ Behemoth(no HQ trigger again with TH10 proc), then do an AR run to get Tavera and Crazyalex clear.

I have to admit I was a little bit happier to found out my Salvage leading skill improved a bit.....before I never managed to clear AR while aiming for max alex drop. I always run out of time even after skipping ghost/flayer NM. Last AR clear with all NM dead was lead by Foxx but not me.

Well technically this run isn't 100% perfect, I skipped last BLM rat on top floor because I was afraid I'm gonna run out of time. And in fact we still had plenty of time after boss killed, so that BLM rat could have died. But anyways, over all it's much better than my first AR run(which I had no clue how to deal with BLM rat, and how to farm cell right etc)

After this clear I actually feel that sense of accomplishment that's been missing for ages, it's not getting clear that's giving me a sense of accomplishment, it's more like the feeling of being a parent, guiding a group of ppl through AR and got clear. I was so excited after I finally lead my group did a good run that doesn't fail, and this sense of accomplishment almost made me don't want to take a break...almost.(But I'm pretty determined this time since I realized I will never get stuff done if I don't take a break)

Then I realized I actually enjoy the process of making Mythic, although it takes much longer than empy, but all the events that involved making Mythic are much more fun than empy......Making an empy is a boring process of dragging ppl to come, farming KI, kill NM, farm KI, kill NM again. Most of the ppl won't get any benefit in the process. At least not when I did lv 80(it didn't drop +2 when I did it). In fact I lost a friend in the process of making it.

On the other hand the process of making Mythic, everyone more or less can get some benefit from it. Ppl got Nyzul weapon/armor from Nyzul, ichor and gear from Einherjar(Ein itself is fun too), gears and clear from Salvage, and captain rank from assault. Yes I admit drama occurred once in this little static, but I also got a friend back in the process of doing Salvage. The process of leading a Salvage/Nyzul/Assault group also gave more sense of achievement than farm KI kill NM farm KI kill NM repeat. 7 months ago when I started Nyzul static to farm token, I didn't even know how to lead Nyzul properly(since I got Nyzul clear with someone else leading it), now I can lead a group of players with no Nyzul experience and still won't have problem with lamp floor(which is usually what fails a Nyzul run for groups with no Nyzul experience).

Same with Salvage, my first AR run was pretty bad, but now I more or less learned when to remind ppl do sneak/invis to save time, which mob to skip/avoid while farming cells, get TP before BLM rats etc. I just need better time management >.>

IMO, the most memorable experience in FFXI should't be the moment you get your godly gear, but it should be the time you get stuff done together with your friends/static.
Now that I look back to my past, my most memorable experience in FFXI is probably doing CoP with static, or doing dunes pt killing crabs slowly while chating in very relaxing way. 10 years later if I ever manage to finish this Mythic, the most memorable experience probably won't be how this weapon outperform other weapon too, instead it will probably all about this little static, which contributed quite a lot of progress.

I met a lot of new ppl, I get to play with a lot of different player, made a lot of new friends/old friends while doing Mythic, and that's all that matter.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Lets see......

Planning to take a break in FFXI after this weekend's KS99 and assault static(last event planned for this week)

Let's see how long I can stay away from FFXI =D

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


So yesterday I logged on to FFXI for a BR run, I've been try to do as many salvage run as possible recently, since my 2nd mythic quest only has token and alex left. After /shout in WG for a bit, Tavera(I secretly unblist him at some point of time earlier without telling anyone, because I'm just that type of person that can't easily hate others) sent a /tell that he wanted to do salvage if I don't hate him. Although I was quite happy that one more ppl express interested in Salvage so I can farm alex, in face, happier that I didn't really lose an old long time friend, I still hesitated to accept his friend request.....I know history repeats itself. And I know what type of person we both are, and the fact that I didn't change at all.

So yeah, although I didn't got many alex yesterday, I was still fairly happy. Although it probably won't be the same as it once were, and I probably will just ignore the friend request as it doesn't exist.

I decided to play COR once more for the run just to buff(regain whore I mean) a pt of pimp empy WAR DRK MNK, and that kinda made me realized the fact that I no longer enjoy playing the job is, indeed, real. More real than I though it is.

Basically, 3 empy DDs just rape and pwn shit in BR, while I regain whore nekkid.....they're the center of the attention, while the regain whore is barely noticeable.

So if I want to make a couple of suggestion to mythic's not really a "guide", since I'm pretty sure many ppl can build mythic way more efficient than me, and I can't really teach anyone anything. But if you're interested in hopping on the mythic building bandwagon, maybe this post will help you know how it's like for a bit.

Suggestion No.1 of making mythic:
Don't make Mythic for the sake of show off or just because it's all rare and you want a rare weapon and not empy bandwagon. Unless you're hardcore to a way that even mythic is a piece of cake that doesn't require any effort at all, and you can finish in 3 months etc.


Because the value of an item changes, and in case of FFXI, the value decrease over time for most of the items. You may regret in the future if mythic ended up becoming as common item as empys are today.

1 year ago at this point of time, if you own a lv 85 empy, you're fking pimp. Because only most hardcore players had a lv 85, or even lv 80 empy 1 year ago. Now if you own a lv 85 empy, it doesn't even worth mentioning because it's lv 85 not 90, plus everyone and their mother has at least one empy.

2 years ago if you're a relic owner, you're an elite tier player who is probably a LS leader/rich ass crafter/gil buyer. Nowadays relic owner doesn't even get that much respect. Not just because relic is weaker than it used to be, but also because relic is much easily obtainable nowadays, even if you're not a LS leader or rich ass. It's still not as bandwagon as empy atm, and requires some time to do. But if a BST can solo 800k~1M worth of currency a dyna run, why can't a small group of friends complete a relic in months?

SE already mentioned they will make mythic easier, you never know if all your effort will be wasted 10 years later. And you never know of mythic still has as much value as it is today. So don't start a mythic if you just want to be an unique snowflake.

Suggestion No.2:
Don't make the weapon if you like the job. Don't make the weapon if you love the job. Only make the weapon if you're really really really really sure you will be this job, no matter how SE change it or nerf it.

Mythic atm requires at least 1 year+ to finish even if you're the most hardcore player in the world. And you never know if you will change your taste in 1 year.

Average players maybe need 3~5 years. Ppl changes all the time, 3~5 year can change you. Your favorite/most dedicated job 3~5 years ago doesn't mean it's your favorite job now. I changed, and I considered myself a very, very stubborn player.

Suggestion No.3:
Make friends, don't be an ass to newer ppl. Connections are way to important for Mythic building, and newer ppl are may be your main source of assault/token/alex gain. Connections are important, the more ppl you know, the easier it will be. This applies to every other gear grind in FFXI too.

So you started it. Basically all titles are a joke nowadays since NMs so weak. Assault is best be done with a static aiming for captain. Once I saw a mythic builder /shouting in Jeuno for assault, IMO that's just a waste of time. Get two statics, one for captain one for relog, set a day and time so no waiting no /shouting, that's the most efficient way to get 100 assault done.

The most efficient way to get ppl wanting F100 weapons to sponsor, you get 1.9k token per run with armband. If your pt is good enough, you can climb more floors for 3k+ token a tag. Nyzul is very fast if you done right.

Another way is to make a Nyzul climb static. It's slower this way because not a lot of token gain at lower lv, but after you help your static finish climb you get more sense of achievement than just getting a token static and spamming F100.

Einherjar is fairly straight forward....join an Einherjar group/LS and do Ein for 1 year.....unless you can find enough ppl to get in ._.

Haven't start ZNM stage so idk how's it like, but I assume it will be very easy after update with 100% drop.

Alex is the only real hard part, and real test to your dedication. If you're rich, you may still find it hard to collect 30k alex due to the competition on the market. Any alex in bazaar that's 10k or lower will be gone in a few min, since everyone all making a mythic atm. Not even currency sells that fast. If you only rely on buying, it will take very long time to complete with that many ppl buying them.
Your best bet is probably to farm alex yourself. If you have 5 mules, you can do 5 salvage run a day, getting 300~500 alex a day.

If you want to make a pt for Salvage, the best pt size is 3~4 ppl. Pt that's too big requires too long gather time, and not really worth it. It is probably more efficient to have 2 pt of 3 ppl if you get 6 ppl. If you're having a lowman pt, fire power is really important. Since you would want to kill every NM and every gear in that zone plus the boss for max alex drops. Which isn't easy if you don't have enough DD power.

Empy MNK SAM WAR DRK pwn shit in salvage, MNK is especially good(it's not because everyone said MNK is good in salvage so I said MNK is good....they're just that good and makes a big differece). They're good DDs on normal mobs, and certainly best job on the boss with high survive-ability and just rapes bosses with power. If you can get an empy MNK for salvage, get it, you will be very happy.

DRK and WAR also has top firepower in salvage, with WAR a little bit stronger than DRK but DRK has access to some magics. But both jobs are just glass cannons. SAM is also pretty good in salvage with DD power and survive-ability. But none of them is as good as a MNK for boss if equally geared/skilled.

THF is good to have for TH purpose. Since you want pouch from boss and some pt member may need 35. But it also lowers the overall pt dmg output(especially if you're small pts). IMO if it takes too long to find a THF, may as well just skip it and do SSR.

For healers, RDM is better than WHM due to access to refresh without SJ. Although WHM can still work fine if you give them SJ cell from the start.

Other unusual jobs I've used for Salvage includes BLU BST COR NIN. BLU has ok dmg on weak mobs, just it's dmg isn't as good as the above 4 DDs with limited MP. But AoE sleep can be useful if you wanna farm alex in SSR 4th floor. BST is fairly decent when shit happened, and pet can tank NM/boss easily. You got TH too. Plus having a pet can speed up the kill on SSR boss fight. But once again, you can farm alex efficiently with just MNK THF RDM, so you don't really need to replace anyone with a BST. They also requires more cell and dmg output not as good. COR is nothing but a regain whore/puller, works the best if you have larger pt size. But it'd probably limited to puller/buffer only. Also, WF dmg sucked* without AGI cell, it seems to lost more dmg than other WSs without stat unlocked. Makes this job fairly weak to deal dmg overall. NIN is weak in terms of dmg too, I think Migawari may have it's use in ZR, and that's probably it.

There are 3 areas that's most common for alex farm, I never try to farm ZR because I heard it sucked. So the other choices are BR, SSR, and AR.

This area is very luck dependent, so I personally don't like it. Alex gain all rely on whether the ramp part spawns NM or not, and most of the time they don't ;/

Due to limited amount of time, you probably only have enough time to try 1~2 ramparts. First one is 1st floor, since you only need to kill one mob for it to spawn, so it's pretty fast. There's a rumor that if the rampart didn't spawn NM after 50%, then it won't spawn, so you can just wait until 50% and get out and try second rampart if it didn't spawn. I personally don't like 2nd floor rampart, since flans takes a while to kill due to PDT-, and I usually only allow only one DD WS to avoid SC, making it takes even longer to kill. I never try to farm 3rd floor rampart, but I think it's decent choice since you can kill gears. Rest of the alex come from boss and 4th floor gears. IMO BR is suitable for all sorts of pt setup cuz you don't really rely on TH or DD power to farm alex.

A LOT of NMs here, all has 1/4 drop rate on pouch(Archaic chariot has 100%). If you want to farm alex here, you need THF with max TH. Also need decent DD power to kill all NMs+boss since it can be kinda time consuming. IMO best place to farm alex, just need TH.

You can kill 4 NMs with 100% drop rate on pouch. Lots of gears to kill in this zone too. Since pouch drop rate is 100%, IMO it's a good place to farm when I can't get a THF. Again, SSR requires a lot of firepower if you want to kill them all, but the good thing is it also rains cell, so you can make a bigger pt to kill fast.

Sunday, 11 September 2011


Finally cleared it before it turn into Abyssea next update.

Kinda glad that I got all dyna clear before it changed.

But a scene like this still pretty scary sometimes even at lv 90....

It was at least 20~30 mobs link(there were more mobs than SS showed, since after I took SS more mobs just kept coming), this kind of stuff probably won't happen again after dreamworld turn into dyna abyssea.

Good bye old Dyna-Tav, only did old Tav 3 times in my life, but you will be missed.

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Seeing even more changes in FFXIV, I believe FFXIV won't die. It will slowly turning into FFXI+1/JP style WoW -1 and live on.

They will slowly add more contents, following old and successful MMORPG formulas. Instance raids, ex/rare gears. More ex/rare gears, lv cap increase, new jobs and AF, and MOAR instance raids + ex/rare gears from events. That's how FFXI/WoW worked for years, no?

They will add enough epic ex/rare gears for players to grind(enough game content to charge a monthly fee I mean). Then they will start to charge monthly fee.

Those who already been playing FFXIV for ages won't leave after they start charging. Since they already made progress and gained advantage in game. They will be the core players that made FFXIV keep running.

FFXIV won't surpass WoW I believe, it will only become JRPG style WoW -1. I've know SE for years and what kind of company they are. They no longer come up with anything ground breaking, since they have no ambition. But FFXIV can still attract new players. There are not a lot of JP companies making large scale MMORPGs, FFXIV literally has no competition. Those who liked JRPG and MMOs will come to FFXIV.

Will, technically PSO2 and DQ10 is coming, but those are very different. PSO series has been a diablo style game, it probably won't change in PSO2. And I doubt DQ10, a Wii only online game will be something like WoW/FF11. It will probably just be online version of DQ9. Also none-JP players usually like FF series more than DQ, so FFXIV will still be No.1 choice for none-JP JRPG lovers that wants to play MMORPG.

Unless FFXI release a new full expansion(not just add-ons), FFXIV may ended up having a little larger player base than FFXI, since FFXI now has nothing new. Abyssea release one year go somehow revived the game with entirely new game rules on old map. With super high dmg output/HP and easily obtainable epic weapons. But it won't last forever, ppl eventually will grow tire of it and immune to any more new stuff that's not ground breaking enough. FFXI need to release something even more ground breaking to attract ppl's attention now.

Will WoW/FFXI formula become successful for new MMORPGs nowadays? No. Video games has becoming more and more causal friendly+easier iin past 10~20 years. Just look at the difficulties of video games 10~20 years ago, the look at games(especially facebook games)today. Games that requires 5~8hrs of playtime a day will just change slowly. WoW/FFXI both changed and more causal friendly now.

FFXIV probably won't be free2play like SW galaxies and LOTR online. Once again I've known SE for years, and what kind of company they are XD. Plus FFXIV still has it's market since other JP companies don't really make MMORPG.

IMO now it's a pretty good time to join FFXIV if you intend to play a JP MMORPG for a very long time and refuse to touch other more promising MMORPGs. Since FFXIV is free now and you can grind a couple of jobs to R50 while it's free, then get into endgame madness after they add even more epic gears and start charging. Although haters will hate, but I still believe SW:TOR and GW2 will be more successful than FFXIV in NA, both games are way more ambitious than FFXIV. Not sure about Asia, Asian players usually not interested in western style MMORPGs besides WoW, but there are also large amount of competition in Asia....Chinese and Korean companies make MMOs, they make a fuck tone.

Still, I have to admit that FFXIV still don't get my attention THAT much. I'm already seeing how this game will become, and kinda don't want to play another game that's not much different from FFXI time sink.

Still would rather to play PSO2/SW:TOR/GW2 really ;<

OO and I forgot about Diablo 3, but I hate Diablo 2, would rather play PSO2 if I want to play Diablo style game ;<

Saturday, 3 September 2011

DRG next.

Decided, lving DRG to Maat cap level next....(while doing RNG if I get a chance to leech in Abyssea)

Brown belt quest looks like a pain, kinda want to avoid MNK atm. Although I can just buy it and resell it after Maat beaten.

Light shot/Dark shot stuff.....and more mythic stuff

Since no one posted this on the forum yet(cuz no one cares....who the fk uses dark shot nowadays....FIRE SHOT AND WF ONRY HOHOHOHOHO), I decided to drag Beelol to test light shot/dark shot stuff to find an answer that's been in my mind for ages(again).

My question was: Does dark shot increase dark elemental WS like Leaden Salute? Does light shot increase holy dmg or light SC dmg?

2 months ago when I tested Leaden Salute, dark shot didn't seem to add any dmg. At first I though light/dark shot just works differently, then I realized that dark shot didn't "land" at all when I used it and displayed no effect, since the mob has nothing to dispel.

After tested it with Bee's holy, I got the conclusion that light/dark shot should be able to increase dmg, if it lands. If it displays no effect, then it won't increase dmg. One of the light shot I used displayed "no effect" because mob already slept, and that light shot didn't increase dmg. Rest of the light shot all increase dmg just fine.

Therefore in order to boost Leaden Salute dmg, the mob probably need to have a dispel-able effect on first. Which can put DP slight disadvantage when comparing against Arma.

Oh btw, Mythic is going to receive major buff next update, 300 TP now gives attack 2~3 times(although ranged weapon still deal 2x~3x dmg instead). Which may make 2h Mythic weapons godly.

A bit....regret I didn't do Tizona....just a bit......Just trioed CoP Bahamut fight on BLU to help Beelol get clear, pretty much tanked the entire fight and did most of the dmg, I can probably duo this BC nowadays with a healer, was a lot of fun(Again, this kind of fun I really can't get if I play Corsair or other jobs). Attack2~3 times after using mythic WS may be somewhat awesome if you're tanking/soloing straight tank. You get the MP back after you hit stuff, and you can gain TP really fast to spam Sanguine to get HP back. You can offhand multi-hit Khanda to get TP even faster....epic.

Too bad I still feel I have no talent to play BLU to equip it with god uber gears XD

Friday, 2 September 2011

So, next update......

Since I haven't play COR for ages, I decided to bring it to Nyzul run while I grind some tokens, and I made up some excuses like "I'm already on COR, too lazy to job change and regear." ect.

Then I realized something....rather horrifying while I play this job in Nyzul.

That is, atm, I have no fun at all while playing the job, really.

No fun at all.

And I don't see how this gonna change after next update.

I have to admit, that I used be quite proud that I main this job, and nearly full time it, which was pretty rare. You can find one million Arma COR on the street, but probably not a lot of them dedicate themselves to main it, and full time it. I was quite proud with my AGI 8/8 merit which is pretty rare(Not a lot of players do AGI merit even if they have a very well geared COR, this includes certain Death Penalty owner). And the fact that I played this job for every situations helped me learned many ways to try my best to improve my performance even if it's not optimal job in that situation.

I used to use this job for nearly every lv 75 content events even if it's not optimal, Salvage, Einherjar, Dyna, NM zerging etc.....even after the advent of Abyssea era, which makes this job pretty useless, I still some how lived through it even before I got WF. I "invented"(?) a way to farm azure light on this job by subbing SCH and use QD to add dmg before nuke. I offered to Aeolian edge AoE burn gold chest when Memchii worked on his empy dagger by farming gold chests. I brewed Rani with Aeolian edge before WF complete, and still able to deal more dmg than other ppl's magical WS. I /DNC with an Evi set/atma to help with stun/haste samba for NMs that needs stun. Of course most of the time it's not optimal....why farm azure with FireII when I have BLU? Why cleave gold chests with Aeolian edge when I can BLU CW burn it? Why bother to /DNC for stun when BLU is a even better stunner?

I also use this job for NM zerging, which obviously isn't optimal. But I tried my best, by either do roll rotation for every pt then disband, or just spam WS for multiple times in very short time by repeatedly using QD and other JAs then reset it.

I used to had fun with it's versatile play style, have nearly every SJ leveled for it(besides BLM)just to play with different play style, and had more fun to research which style is the most optimal in given situations. /SAM WS spam times with vulcan's staff, /WAR with melee set for epeen slug shot dmg, /WHM or /SCH for support, /RDM for both support and WF epeen dmg, /DNC with daggers to play as a fake DNC with stun, cures and haste samba. I enjoyed the way that I can play however I want on this job, and there are one million different ways to gear it, which is unlike other jobs "You must use this Haste gear when you TP and that STR gear when you WS or else you're gearing it wrong!" The nature of COR allows me to change the ratio of DD and support however I want, and there are really no right/wrong way to do it. For example you can shoot stuff in more rattk gear, shoot 4 times for 100 TP and aim for more /ra DPS or shoot stuff in more STP gear, shoot only once or twice and make up the rest of the TP with regain, while doing other supportive moves like casting white magic from SJ or keep doing rolls for No.11. Most of the jobs in this game already has a default SJ and play style that you must follow, COR is one of the few jobs that allows me to make decisions based on situation and experiment with the result.

I enjoy to play this job as a fake DNC, fake BRD, fake BLM(with QD/WF, this job is pretty BLM like with lots of ranged magical dmg), fake RNG, and fake melee DD, and still keep the main aspect of the job(rolls and QD) nicely. The only aspect I don't enjoy on this job is QD solo and thats it.

I loved this process of trying something new and doing experiment, it gave me a fake illusion that I can create new value of this job, if I continuously trying.

However, good things eventually come to an end.

I started to realized that no matter how I play it, if it's not optimal, then it can be frustrating. Especially nowadays every player all has 10 jobs levelled and all geared with +2 5/5 and an empy, and job change easily.

Especially nowadays this job is pretty much categorized into WF only job, with every other aspect no longer makes a difference. And eventually they got old and boring.

I can reach 3k~3.8k slug WS in Nyzul on birds/imps if I have berserk/warcry up, and one shot them. By the time I engage next mob, TP full again with regain+QD. But doing epeen WS dmg isn't the main reason why I leveled COR....I'd go lv WAR if I want epeen WS dmg with a melee weapon. And COR buffs are rather irrelevant in Nyzul....except once I pt with a BLU that doesn't know how to conserve MP, I ended up giving him Evokers. But under any normal circumstances buffs rarely makes a difference in Nyzul, it's just a downtime regain whore.

I don't lv this job to WS. I really hate the fact that this job is categorized into a WF only job, that every COR I run into all using a vulcan's staff and an Arma(or Arma trial weapon), and only use one SJ everytime they play it. And every player that suddenly want to lv COR because "Wildfire is so cool","Wildfire is so awesome". No joke, I ran into countless players wanted to lv COR just for WF.

I thought this job is more useful in VWNM, but IMO it's overrated in VWNM. Magic def roll barely makes a difference and it can't save anyone's butt. If you need defensive buffs, CarolI/II and Scherzo is way better than anything COR can offer. Mages doesn't need evokers at all if your pt is big enough(which you should for VWNM, the nature of VWNM is "more the merrier", unlike Abyssea "less the better"). RefreshII, double ballad, refresh gears, /SCH...., with an Ochain PLD tanking WHM hardly need evokers. The only roll that's useful in VWNM is just regain, so DDs can proc faster without eating AOE.

I don't lv this job to be a regain whore either.

Most of the time if I do VWNM, all I do was just watch ppl proc, while everyone avoid killing it too fast. Keep doing rolls that doesn't make a damn difference, spam cure/help raise/spam -na or erase, and occasionally do WF when someone proced for blitz, if I'm rdy. And really, this can be done on other jobs.

I used to be quite proud of having 15 sets of gears on it and bunch of SJ for this job ready for every situation. Only to find that most of them are not really needed, and I'm somewhat tired after trying to find new value of the job over and over again , but only ended up as failure.

Perhaps I'm taking this job way too seriously, that I no longer find it fun to play with. The only reason for me to play it is only because I have better gears on COR and that's it, and for some reason, ppl tend to play jobs that's more well geared in this game, I'm no exception.

Perhaps time to take a break on this job.

By next update BLU will receive a bunch of new spells that looks pretty fun to play with, including a spell with incredible dmg output, rumor says it works very well on high def high lv mobs, this may change the way BLU is played entirely. (Inc acc sword more useful again?)

And new defensive/buff spells too.

This is really exciting. I can't wait to try it out, it is indeed something new. It may offer new value of the job blue mage, like every update in the past.

COR gets 2 new rolls next update.....two shit rolls that doesn't have much use atm. And I'm not going out to drag my sheep taru BST friends to some weird places for a BST pt just to find a new value of the new pet roll. I would do that a couple of months ago, but not now, not when I having no fun to play COR anymore. Not when I no longer play FFXI as much as I used to be either.

The fact that I don't take BLU that seriously allows me to play it causally and try my best with pure skill, and having more fun to play with the job. My BLU doesn't really outperform other BLUs with average gear, and I don't really have much talent in playing BLU....I do believe "talent" is important to master a job in FFXI, not just gears(that's why you see shit players in top gears all the time, they have no talent in playing that particular job). Most of the time I can get the job done on BLU, even though it's just an average BLU. I never try to create any sorts of new value either....if I can't get it done, I just let it go.

By next update, I probably will take a break on COR for a bit, leaving it at lv 90 for a while. And play with BLU and it's new spells. I still plan to do one more test on COR, and maybe will occasionally play it before next update, but I probably won't be running on COR 95 for a while.

I'd still work on Mythic, since it's gonna take another 3~5 years to finish anyways, long enough for a break ;)

If anyone helped through the process of building Empy/Mythic, your effort is not wasted, I will still use it if the situation really really needs it and if it actually helps, although I doubt that situation even exist.....really, BLU has no problem for VWNM at all, I've tried it, it's not better nor worse than COR, both jobs are highly replaceable for this event anyways.

I already have almost every SJ leveled for next update, besides BLM and MNK. So I plan to get BLU to 95 first, then play with new spells, grind old/new gears while playing with new spells, until I'm tired of it. Then maybe I will feel like playing with COR and revive it again.

I used to took many breaks on COR in the past as well, I still remember I used to told everyone in Moghat that I retired COR because I don't feel I'm good enough with it long time ago. I also took a short break after Arma was done due to frustration of making an empy and did't really want to equip it at that time(And Connavarr ended up not knowing I have an empy COR at all because I didn't play it at that time). So this isn't the first time, nor the last time that I'm taking a break from it.

I guess in the battle of dark side v.s light side, my dark side wins....for now.