Thursday, 25 November 2010

Magian, magian and more magian

So I finally realized finishing Armageddon anytime soon is not practical for me. Unless I can solo Carabosse by next update, I estimate I need at least another 2+ year to finish it, assuming another 50 items are needed to upgrade it to lv 90. Generally anything that needs organizing a pt, finding ppl etc always take longer than I expected. So instead of waiting I decided to get another gun to replace my Martial gun while waiting for a chance to get help to kill Carabosse.

I really don't want to do anymore Magian weapon, so at first I aim for some NM drops so I can get the item instantly. The first item that interested me is Exequy Gun which drops from T3 VNM in Abyssea Vunkerl, DMG 52(pretty high), and it has relic WS(cool!). Sadly pretty soon I realized getting this item is probably even more impractical than getting 50 gems.... getting pop item for this NM is just impossible. T2 VNM is NEVER_UP in Abyssea. No, I mean NEVER, not rarely, but NEVER. I have a T2 pop item forever, everytime when I farm seal/do quest/EXP I sometimes sit down and /heal, and the msg is always no monster in this area.

SE really need to change T2 VNM spawn time in Abyssea. Ok, I lied, once I found it was up when I /heal, but before I can ask ppl to come and help me kill it was no longer up again, in like 3 min - -.

So I guess I have no choice. Magian, accept the fate of Magian. Sad, SE should add more AH weapons for me to buy at least :/

Since the main reason why I'm going to make another Magian gun is because I want a weapon to use without asking people to help everytime, so getting an OAT gun or double dmg gun is out of question. Soloable trial onry!

I decided to do WS dmg+10% Anarchy+1 just looks easiest to obtain.

I still believe this gun is epeen only and not competitive against other none OAT none Empyrean gun. Especially if you shoot a lot. But I'm having elemental path Magian weapon phobia now after doing elemental path sword for my BLU. So elemental path guns are out of question for me also. Although I am still thinking about getting the AGI path gun someday....wind weather looks slightly easier than other weather especially fire.(Doing STR Shamshir is what gives me elemental path trial phobia)

I also thought about doing STP path Anarchy+1, which is better than WS dmg+10% for shooting. However, STP path needs to do more WS than WS dmg+ path. So I still ended up working on WS dmg+10% due to sheer laziness.

This gun at lv 85 is pretty much only good for Slug shot. I've read some math calculation somewhere that Martial still do more dmg for Detonator. So if I'm going to use this weapon for slug shot only, I need to rebuild my WS set for it and focus on racc a bit more instead of focusing on STR like my current WS set. I really hope by next update this gun can get more pimp a lot, something like WS dmg+20%. 8D

Monday, 22 November 2010

Job emotes!

SE just released a video about up coming job emote feature. I'd say most of them are pretty fun to watch and I like most of them.

WAR: Looks useful in various drama situations, or competing against other pt for ???....wait, I won't be GMed if I use this no?

MNK: Kinda boring to watch, but it does have MNK feel.

WHM: Pretty funny and certainly fits WHM.

BLM: Easily the coolest looking emote. BLM has best looking AF3 and coolest looking emote, they're the big winner in Dec. update!

RDM: Nice emote to use before/after their flower attack WS.

THF: This emote is so ninja!

PLD: What the hell is this - -

DRK: Feels more like a magician/vampire. Since DRK has blood weapon I guess Vampire style is ok.

BST: 30......Must.....get.....bunny.....ears......Sadly BST AF3 is not as cute as AF1&2, or else it'd fit the bunny ears even more.

BRD: Typical BRD.

RNG: Nature huh? Compare with other jobs doesn't really give strong impression.

SAM: Pretty funny. That SAM emote acutally has historical background and being used in many Japanese media including game/media/anime/T-shirt etc.

NIN: Again, another funny ninja reference. Ninja was associate with frogs in Japanese folktale Jiraiya Gōketsu Monogatari( and many Japanese pop culture including manga/anime/games also used them, the most popular one now is probably Naruto. Guess SE is going Naruto/Far east of Eden's way lol.


SMN: Reminds me of old FF7 Chocobo summon, just smaller. Still cute though.

BLU: Although it's pretty cute and funny, it totally lacks Immortal feel again.....Sometimes I wonder if the FFXI dev team now is different from ToAU era. BLU is supposed to be dark and soulless beast of Aht Urgan, white color scheme AF3 and funny job emote just isn't right :/

COR: New /random feature!?

PUP: See BLU. SE is totally making PUP more and more clown like....Puppetmaster is street performer right, but they perform with their puppet, which is different from clown......

DNC: DNC AF3 body is a bit disappointed on female least better than AF1&2. Other wise I like DNC emote a lot. New /cheer emote!

SCH: Ok now we see SCH AF3 on female char also, SE must did that on purpose! I see another useful emote to have.

According to SE, those job emotes can be used on any job after quests done, some of them are pretty useful to have when interacting with other players. So besides more seal farm now there's more quests to keep ppl busy!

Saturday, 20 November 2010


A few days ago I did Odin with Dynabus(Dynabus's first Odin fight btw), on BLU/THF. I usually don't get to use BLU for Odin fight, so it's something pretty new to me. I pulled out my rusty Cannonball set, which haven't been used for ages, to see how it works in Einherjar now.

I consider my Cannonball set above averge although not too godly @75. Although I'm missing a few new gears before and after the update. Need Heafoc mitts/AF3 legs/Rutter Saatons/Ire torque and a better weapon mostly. I'm still not sure if STR+2 earring is better than the Pagondas Earring I'm currently using. But I'm not too much of a perfectionist so I'm not too bother with that 0.00001% of gear difference.

With taco and Protect V but no BRD Minne, and my CASA Cannonball dmg was about 980ish on Odin. Efflux + QC easily did 1k or 1.1k with same set(too lazy to change). Considering the fact that I didn't use SA for QC, I'd say Cannonball's dmg is waaaay too low at this point. Besides the fact that Cannonball is ranged, it has no advantage in terms of dmg dealing.

Of course, Cannonball is ranged, so you can argue that it's still useful. But I have no problem run in and use QC, then run away on Odin fight. In fact, I believe most of the fight you don't NEED ranged. Run in, cast, run back. If you get hit then just cure. Most of the time you don't NEED a Cannonball set really. Yes, you can argue that "But curing needs MP!" Hmmm I haven't worry about MP for ages.

Prehaps the time that "Blue mage needs a Cannonball set and THF sub" is over? Just like Breath spell set and Eye on Me set, some serious BLUs used to build a gear set for those spells, but those spells totally lacks usefulness and can be replaced easily. Breath spell or Eyes on Me now can be replaced with Regurgitation and various new nuke spells, while Cannonball can be replaced with run in QC run away. I wonder if Cannonball set is still a must have for BLU now.

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Final Fantasy

I have to admit that I'm a Final Fantasy fan. I played pretty much all FFs(including FFX-2) in the main series except FF13(I have a copy of it, just no money for a console....). Some of the newer FF titles received negative feedback from some players, and I usually defend for them. A lot of ppl hate FF8, but I told everyone that FF8 is my favorite title in the series. Some ppl hate FF12, and I told everyone that FF12 is my second favorite in the series. That's what is cool about FF, everytime it's different from previous titles, some people hate it, some people like it. I usually like it, and accept it's flaws. That's why FF series still popular, and still remains as the most popular JRPG titles.

A few days ago SE announced another 30 days free trial for FFXIV. Combining with the fact that now there are less ppl on my server in FFXIV than FFXI, I'll say FFXIV is simply the_biggest_failure ever in this series.

FF8, a FF title hated by many FF fans, scored 9.5 out of 10 from GameSpot reviewers. FFIX is 8.5, FFX is 9.3, FFXI is 8.2 when it launched, FFXII is 9, FFXIII is 8.5. Most of the FF games are usually 8.0+, no matter how lame it is, I'd say Gamespot is generally friendly to FF games. But they only gave FFXIV 4.0. IGN, another FF-friendly website gave FFXIV 5.5/10, while other FF games are mostly 9+.

I can defend for FFXIV, like how I defended for FFVIII and FFXII, or how someone else defended for FFVI or FFIX or FFVII when I said it sucked. But I can't change the fact that no one else is defending for FFXIV now. Some ppl /rage quit FFXI after lv 85 update, and claimed that FFXIV is a better game because 1.There are more players 2.It's just Beta, now they no longer say a thing. I still haven't seen anyone that plays FFXIV tell me "Damn this is the best FF I've ever played".

SE is going to release 2 major updates soon, however, if they can fix everything in 2 updates after 2 months, why not just release the game 2 months later? If they can't fix it, what's the point to release the game this year? And even if they really fix the problem by next 2 update, they'd have to compete with Wow Cataclysm, GW2 and Star Wars The Old Republic soon, for a game that already got so many negative review, it's hard to get back up again.

What SE should do now, it's to close the server, and fix everything then re-release the game in the future. The market of MMORPG is more harsh than FFXI era, you can't come up with an incomplete game and expect ppl to play it for years.

A lot of FF fans hate FF8, or FF9, or FF10, or FF12, it's simply just personal taste, it's different from previous titles, so they don't like it. But FF14? The reason why ppl don't like it is more than personal preference. This game shouldn't be released, SE ruined it.

SE should learn more from Blizzard, that's all I'd have to say. Stop ruining the series even more, if you can't come up with a good FF game, then stop making anymore FF games. Just let it stay as it is.

I don't know how FFXV going to be like. But FF series is going downhill and they no longer sell a lot like it used to be(the entire JRPG market is going downhill in fact). I really hope SE stop making anymore FF games since the JRPG market is much smaller than it used to be, there are no rooms for games like FF, which cost a lot to make, to survive, especially if SE just keep ruining it. This series needs a new life, and the way SE is treating it, they're killing series. After the failure and the bad reputation of FF14, how many player that's not FF fan is going to buy FF15 in the future?

When people flame FFVIII for it's love story and junction system, or character design in FF8, FF10, FF12 and FF13, I defended for it and believed that those are just personal taste, not flaws. And now I got evil and just waiting for WoW Cataclysm, GW2 and SWTOR(another promising MMORPG I can't wait to play) to crash FFXIV so SE can learn their lesson, and stop using the name of "Final Fantasy" as a way to sell their lame games.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

AF3 body/hands

SE released pictures of full AF3 for every job. Ummm....

WAR:Looks good. It's not very different from AF1&AF2, but it's black and I like the color. Generally looks better than AF1&2.

MNK:Legs and body doesn't really match, but not too terrible.

THF:Body and head totally doesn't match.....damn THF head/legs looks good and body ruined it.

WHM:Although it's typical WHM look, AF3 set looks very good, better than AF1&2

BLM:Best looking AF3 set out of all jobs IMO.

PLD: I dont' like it, AF2 looks better.


RDM:Very cool design, I don't like it as much as some other jobs but overall it's very different from AF1 and 2 and cool.

BST:AF1&2 looks way better.

BRD:'s not very unique, something I'd already expect, but I like it.

RNG: Looks like a RANGER!

SAM:Some ppl complained it's pink and ugly, but I think it's ok.

NIN: I don't know why ppl like NIN AF3.....NIN AF3 body looks just like AF1 and nothing special. My favorite NIN af is still AF2>AF1>AF3

DRG: Ok I guess.....typical DRG look.

SMN: At first I like it, then starting to dislike it......doesn't really look right for SMN somehow.

BLU: Wtf! Totally doesn't look like an Immortal, lacks Aht Urgan feel, more like a random traveler. AF2>all.

SCH:Another body piece that doesn't match with legs and head.....AF1&2 looks more like a scholar IMO.

DNC:The website only shows male version. I'd say it looks way better than AF1&2 especially for male. Wonder how female ver. looks like. Overall it's black and it's better color than AF1&2. I hate DNC AF1 with a passion.

PUP:Actually fits pretty well with head and legs. Although I still like AF1&2 more, which has more Aht Urgan feel.

COR:AF3 on male char certainly looks better than AF1&2 on male char. But I'm more curious about the female version, I wonder if female ver. looks different like AF1&2. COR AF1&2 looks so-so on male modal, but on female char it's the best looking AF1&2, how I ended up lving COR.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

And.....more change of role.

Blue mage, in many ppl's mind it's consider a useless/non-important job back in lv 75 era, now get a role change.

Back in lv 75 era, BLU is usually used as a DD. However in most situations it's weaker than 2h DDs such as WAR or SAM. It's the natural weakness of BLU. BLU has limited MP, and blue magic gets limited benefit from BRD and COR buffs. Against higher lv NM with higher def and eva, unbuffed blue magic dmg and 1h weapon gets slight disadvantage compare with 2h DDs. Of course you can /THF to add spell dmg, but CA and SA has lonnnnng recast time. Of course BLU can nuke, can heal/buff/support, but there are other jobs that's better at it. Therefore most ppl see BLU as a versatile job that doesn't excel in anything. And in FFXI, jobs without specialty is useless and not important for most players, including myself in fact. That's why I often emphasis the importance of headbutt spam stun, because BLU is the only job capable to do so. I often believe that "dealing dmg" is job of WAR or SAM, but not BLU. If a job with such versatile ability is also top DD, there's gonna be job balance problem. Apparently, other players don't buy that. Headbutt spam alone doesn't make BLU any more important. I guess that's the reason why SE changed that by giving BLU higher DD power.

New spells and new JA makes BLU much stronger than it used to be. MP problem is solved in abyssea with refresh atma, and lv correction problem is solved with STR atma/curor buffs. Outside of abby, with new DW job trait, I'm able to /RDM in old events such as Einherjar, with the power of convert, and refresh, I'm still able to spam spell none-stop for at least 85%+ of time. Also, mobs no longer IT+ in old events, so the spell dmg is no longer lame. I'm able to land 1k+ QC on DL the other day on my averge/mediocre geared BLU, which is just impossible back @75.

And most important of all, BLU is one of the most efficient job for abby time farm. BLU is able to solo Ephemeral mob easy in abby, capping azure light easy. Of course BLM is also good for Ephemeral azure light farm, but BLU can also get pearl light from them, which is an advantage BLM doesn't have. Now pretty much all JP /shout for abby EXP/AF3/NM/TE farm are looking for BLU now.

Now I'm asked to come BLU for most events I do. When I asked what job for Einherjar in 75 era, I got the reply "You'll never come BLU for Einherjar". And now I was asked to come BLU for Ein everytime. And of course I should, since my AF3-less gimp BLU now parsed higher than at least 85%+ of other AF3 DDs in Ein, even get on top3 list for a couple of times.

So I guess all the dmg output increase and azure light really changed how ppl look at this job, makes it more important than it used to be. Although BLU gets dmg output increase, but not to a point to make SAM and WAR and BLM obsolete. Now I can safely say that this is a good change.

Ok incoming QQ

---------< QQ Warning >------------

< QQ >

COR, however, is now much less useful than it used to be. I rarely use COR now, ppl rarely told me to, and I rarely feel I need to. :<

COR is already not a very useful job back @75.
There are only a few situations I find this job really useful back @75, and other jobs are hard to replace, such as:

1.EXP/merit pt lv 10~75, to increase EXP gained per hr
2.Ultima fight for Magus roll
3.ACP last boss for Magus roll and ranged dmg
4.Salvage boss fight for MNK roll

And that's it.

Generally, BRD is a more useful support job than COR. COR only shines in few situations.

And after the update, things get worse, this job is now totally irrelevant.

Now that's look at No.1.(We don't look at No.2~4 because those old events are so easy now, no longer need a COR) Now ppl EXP in abby. EXP roll doesn't work in abby. And Chaos roll, COR's most powerful DD roll( and the only DD roll that's competitive against BRD) now totally irrelevant with 4820349852 atma/curor buffs. You no longer need a COR to have a good Abyssea pt, this job is so irrelevant for EXPing now. Wait, ppl still care about EXP/hr now? I thought now ppl have trouble to spend merit, not getting good EXP/hr.

In events when DDs need more firepower, Einherjar for example(Yes, my Ein LS still do BRD 2hr rotation and DRK zerging in Einherjar now) BRD is a better choice. They have powerful 2hr, they have (real)haste, they can do rotation effectively. DD with BRD buff> DD with COR buff. DD with COR buff pt only wins if COR's dmg output is high enough to compensate.

Of course, COR has some buffs BRD doesn't have. But none of them are important enough to make this job as important as BRD. COR has magic attack roll, but 3 BLM deals more magic dmg than 1COR 2BLM. Why not just replace COR with another BLM? COR has snapshot roll BRD doesn't. But RNG doesn't need more dmg, they need to avoid getting hate. They shoot faster, they get hate faster, mob goes to RNG, and that actually lowers RNG's dmg output because of close distance. There are only a few, really a few situations that snapshot roll is useful. COR has fast cast roll, I guess it's useful for tanks in an alliance with BRD(not again). I used it once in lowman situations to help tanks keep shadows up, but I think BRD with march and elegy could archive same result+ more dmg.

And speak of elegy, COR can't land para/slow alone, so it totally wasted a spot in lowman situations.

Once I had a BRD v.s COR arguement with Kasrkin, who insists that COR>BRD because COR can do dmg. So let's talk about dmg, one reason why ppl play COR instead of BRD and hate COR/WHM.

When SE announced that they're going to boost COR's dmg output in the future, entire COR community is happy, that COR no longer have to /WHM and play like a BRD. So COR gets True shot JT and QDTP this update. I haven't seen much huge dmg output difference with True shot, but getting TP after using QD certainly increase WS frequency a lot, and made a significant difference. So is COR a good DD now? No. My gimp BLU still deals 2~3 times more dmg than my COR, and DRG still deals more dmg on birds. Even gun Empyrean WS turned out to be weaker than other Empyrean WSs. COR's dmg output is higher than it used to be, but not to a point to be a competitive DD since other DD jobs are also stronger. So when we need more dmg, we'll most likely still find other DD jobs.

My point for all the COR v.s BRD is that do dmg is not always important when we use a COR. We use a COR when we need the buffs/support JAs. If we need dmg we can find one million better DDs out there. What SE needs to do is to give COR a GOOD buff or support JA, that's useful. And give COR some JAs to enhance the buffs. BRD keep getting higher tier of buffs, ballad III, tier II Carols. So why bother with magus roll when tier II Carols can nullify magic dmg, and why bother with averge 2~3MP/tic evokers for MP regeneration when ballad can recover more MP consistently.

There are just way too many situations that when I use COR, I wish I'm a BRD instead. Lowman Carabosse for example, some ppl trio this NM with MNK BRD/WHM RDM setup, since I don't have a BRD, I ended up having to do Carabosse with MNK COR/WHM RDM and find extra healer to reduce the chance of death. COR/WHM can't cure as effectively as BRD/WHM without cure potency gear and other mage gears. Some ppl use it as an excuse that COR shouldn't /WHM, I found it actually a weakness when lowmanning stuff. Also, not able to land slow alone means I need to find extra RDM or BRD to land slow.

Ok, I know some ppl gonna say "if you want to make COR and BRD all the same, why don't you lv BRD". I wish the job I'm stuck on using is the job I like, not the job that's more useful.

Unless SE boost COR's dmg ability to a point like they did to BLU, MNK and DRG, it's not going to be more useful than it is now. This job can only be more useful if SE gives more potent and useful buffs/useful JAs. Not keep adding lol buffs like fake haste(blitzers).

So when is the last time I use COR and find it useful and unreplaceable?? Hmmm Assault for movement speed+ roll/gear I guess! What? BRD also has movement speed+ gear now? Ohhh nvm. I'm seriously considering lving DNC and make it my main anyways. DNC is damn useful to have and fun to play with!

< /QQ >

Mog Bonanza 2011

Hmmm ok, SE just released the info about Mog Bonanza for next year. This time they added Empyrean weapons and relic accessories as a prize. So which item would I choose if I win one? Hmmmm daydream time!

I already decided, if I win a rank 1 item, it's either gil or Empyrean gun for me. If I already finish stage 1 Empyrean by Feb 3, which is the winning number announce day, then I'd take gil to fund my mythic. If I'm still far from finishing stage 1 Empyrean, then I'd choose Armageddon to save time to farm gems and 50 lanterns.

Since I don't have an endgame LS supporting my gem farm, finishing Armageddon is a painful process of bugging and draging friends everyday to kill Carabosse for me ._.

Stealthkiller, who already spent lots of time farming Carabosse pop and killing Carabosse with me asked how many more gems I need to finish my trial yesterday. And I replied 43, and need another 50 item after all the gems. I think he almost faint when he heard the number ._.

Not to mention getting 50 lantern sucked, although killing big fish isn't too hard, one of the pop item required to pop it is an overcamped time spawn NM, which is just lame. Not to mention all the process of bugging and dragging ppl to kill it 30+ times again ._.

Although choosing Armageddon sounds like I wasted all the previous NM camping and gem farming time if I win rank1, but it certainly makes me and my friend's life whole lot easier. Not a bad choice.

Yes, I know getting Armageddon is actually easier than some other Rank1 items for me, some items on rank1 list is just impossible for me to obtain, at least I can finish Armageddon if I bug friends everyday. But save everyone's time>all.

Other rank1 items I'm interested includes Novio earring, Ninurta's Sash and Defending ring. Novio earring's market price is now 5M~6.5M, if rank1 gil is more than 5M then getting Novio is a waste. Ninurta's sash is god like in 75 era, now with Goading belt and Bullwhip belt, it's no longer god like. And god knows whether SE is going to make another 8% haste, 9% haste or 10% haste belt at lv99. So better don't take risk on Nin sash. Defending ring is one of the "oh damn there is no fking way to get this" item for me, I'd take it if I'm a career PLD, but I'm not. So I get limited benefit from this item.

If I win a rank2, it's most likely I'd pick a Loki's Kaftan or Velocious Belt. I need a decent ranged attack piece atm, unless COR AF3 body is something even better, This is very good for /ra spam. Vbelt is also very nice, so it's really hard to decide which one. Have to wait until next update for new items and see. Another item I'm interested is COR relic accessory. Now this piece can be replaced with Impulse belt for /ra spam, and Crudelis belt for WS. Unless you want to use Impulse belt before /ra, and macro in Commodore belt before bullets fire, it's not a must have piece besides getting 6/6 AF2.

Rank3....I don't have anything I really want from rank3 ._. Maybe Gnadbhod's Helm for BLU physical magic, or White Tathlum for money._.

Rank4: PCA all the way.

Rank5: Hmmm kinda want A.Angel HM Statue, or Alexander statue. I'm a Taru lover so maybe I should pick A.Angel TT Statue? But for some reason I like hume Ark angel more than Taru ._.

Ok, time to stop dreaming. I've never even win a rank4 or higher, so most likely it's gonna be dreams only. If I ever have enough luck to win something big, I'd rather win real lottery and get real money XD

Saturday, 13 November 2010

A change of role

After the lv cap increase, it's getting more and more clear that SAM is no longer the best DD compare with other jobs. (Assuming the definition of "best DD" is based on parse result). It has something to do with how DD mechanics changed after the update.

Some of the reason why SAM parse high @ 75 cap is because the way this game calculates dmg just favors SAM @75, based on other ppl's opinion:

In 75 era:

1. Tachi:Gekko hits harder on IT+ mobs compare with other job's main WS.

2. Tachi:Gekko is 1 hit, which produces full dmg when mob almost die, while other DD's main WS are multi-hit and doesn't produce full dmg if mob almost die.

3. Hagun is a broken weapon which makes Tachi:Gekko broken. Other jobs has no broken weapon.

And obviously, things changed now. Now with the power of RR atma(which most DD has them now), 1h DD, h2h DD and DD with crit WS all gets stronger. NIN BLU MNK all MUCH stronger than it used to be, even THF is able to do some crazy dmg with RR atma. Crit rate+ also favors crit WS user, such as DRG. And those job used to be lolDDs in 75 era.

Outside of abby in old events, due to the lv difference, crit hit also proc more, so those jobs still gets the advantage. Also, Tachi:Gekko no longer gets bouns outside of abby event because mobs are no longer IT+. All the crit hit+ inside and outside of abby, and lv correction change certainly smash 2h DD and none-crit WS user hard.

Sadly, DRK doesn't get power up in this lv cap without crit WS(or to be precise, a useful one, according to Vodevil), even Apoc is no longer so godly due to getting to haste cap easier. Not to mention all the procing !!! in abby kills DRK zerging.

WAR is still top DD, DRG certainly has power up, I've seen some insane dmg of Drakesbane.

New lv cap update also favors BLU, which not just gets new spells, but also gets unlimited MP in abby, outside of abby all mobs are no longer IT+, and we all know that BLU hits hard on mobs that's VT or lower.

Melee DoT jobs like NIN MNK are all very powerful now, especially if they use crit WS.

SAM is dead. Goodbye, you've been top DD for a long time already.


I log on to FFXIV, saw only 800ish ppl online, then I log on to FFXI and saw about 1000 ppl on my server. First time I see more ppl in FFXI than FFXIV.

When FFXIV was released, there are like 1.8k ppl online on NA prime time, when FFXI only had 1000 on my server, now things changed.

I also noticed many ppl I know who left FFXI for FFXIV now all back to FFXI again. lol

Sunday, 7 November 2010


My friend invited me to a dyna-xarc run, and lucky enough, COR hat dropped! I'm unable to find a dyna LS that fits my schedule, especially most of the dyna LS requires full attendance. Therefore I was very happy to get my last(and most useful) piece of AF2 for COR.

COR AF2 5/5 finally!

This set looks cool, gonna be my new town gear :>

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Let's talk more about subjob

After all the pting and abby/SMN burn leeching, I finally got my WAR to lv 42, so this subjob is finished...for now. That's one more subjob I can use now, gonna play with it a bit more from now on!

Ummm so how do I feel about WAR sub?

Epeen+100% of course!
Btw, I have no WS dmg +10% gun nor WS gorget(gimp), and was eating squid sushi, fighting abby IT bats. Using Atma of Stout arms as DD atma, the other one was magic attack atma. And yes, bats are weak against piercing.

If I don't receive attk down from bats, and have berserk/warcry/abby temp item on I have like 830 attk with Chaos roll, joytoy melee dmg is 60~110 each hit, and WS dmg averge 2.2~2.7k on bats, 3.1k max. With attack down it drops to 1.2k~1.6k. It's just a very powerful subjob in terms of dmg output, although also a huge MP sponge, mages probably hate this a lot.

I wonder if Wildfire on Armageddon beats Slug shot /WAR in terms of pure WS dmg. /WAR gets Aggressor and Fencer at lv 90, so it's likely to be the subjob of choice at 90 for melee TP pirates, main reason why I'm lving it now.

I also wanted to try BLU/WAR, BLU certainly benefits from aggressor/berserk/warcry/DA/attk bouns also, plus /WAR has high STR which never hurts spell dmg.

Now I get all my subjob lv42+, except SCH which stopped at lv 40. I lv SCH sub for BLU, which was a very useful subjob BLU can use in 75 era, however, I found myself no longer use SCH sub anymore. I no longer do campaign, if I want to support/heal I just /WHM which has haste, so I don't see much point to lv SCH to 42....wait.....

From 41~49, SCH gets Sandstorm/Rainstorm/Windstorm/Firestorm/Hailstorm, which gives weather effect and triggers elemental obi latent to increase QD dmg. Plus all the useful cure/erase/-na spells....SOUNDS LIKE A VERY GOOD SUB FOR COR! It's like the combination of /WHM and /RDM for COR :O Hmmm gonna work on /SCH now.

Hey and there's also /DNC I need to work on, and by the time I finish all those next update come and that's more lving D;