Wednesday, 30 April 2014

10 reasons why PUG fails

I've been doing quite a lot of delve PUG, unfortunately, majority of PUG sucked so much that every time I want to bump my head to the wall when I joined a fail pt D:

(On the same time I need to rely on them to get plasm D:)

Below are 10 most ridiculous thing PUG can do in a delve run that I've experienced.

1. On Dakuwaqa, DD pop HF RIGHT after Mayhem.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? It's usually mayhem >low HP > spiked to death like this.

2. On Aberrant Urganite, DD run away from doom aura with red to opposite direction of WHM, WITH RED HP.


3. No DT-/HP set for lahar. IN FACT NO DT- SET AT ALL.

And it's easy to tell who has DT- sets who has no DT- sets.

4. Gimp dmg.

This is less of an issue in delve1 now, almost anyone wearing full ILV119 can do enough dmg in delve1 even if they never gear swap or gear wrong.  It's just the matter of doing a delve 1 run in less than 20 min, or doing a run in 40 min.

That's why when a Morimar pt kill 5 NM with 5 min left, it made me want to bump my head into the wall D:

5. BRD full time JSE harp.

Ever since last update BRD can get 3 songs with little to no work, the result is bandwagon 3 song BRDs from PUG that full time it for every fucking songs.

Further more, not only they full time JSE harp they can't control the range of it and have songs hitting wrong people.

6. DDs made NM with breath attack face the mage.


7. PUG can't win, fail, go in again and still can't win.


8. Pt can't deal with add.


9. SCH won't regen V.

This is the worst when combo with "No.3: DDs has no DT- set".

10. The job slot with highest chance fail from PUG= BRD, mostly gimp songs with JSE and the lack of support. But fail SCH(won't regen) and fail DD(no DT- sets, gimp dmg) still exist.


Acc build and more yorcia note

Although it's not exactly easy to get ppl to come to yorcia(apparently this zone is cursed that everyone has to stay away), I've been trying to get a 6 men full yorcia clear instead of 7 men for a while now, just to see if 6 men work better.

As stated in previous post, in order for DDx2 COR BRD WHM SCH setup to work well, COR must do dmg too, and it's buff boost must > 3rd DD. Fortunately, one of the NM T4 mandy has very high evasion, that hunter's roll may make this job worth a slot.

Unfortunately, this zone isn't easy to DD.

I've been trying to get better gears for better DD performance in this zone. Below are some of the tips and tricks I discovered so far. It's not complete yet, not until I get a 6 man clear and parse result from it. And I probably won't complete for a while cuz nobody want to Yorcia D:

I /DNC for this zone, as always. Food: Sushi, chaos fighter until T4.


Easiest to DD, just TP last stand TP last stand. A LS set with low acc works. I used Pulfanxa R15 path A for this. LS was around 4k.

T2 tree + T3

Same, TP + LS. I missed LS twice on tree with same set as T1, maybe acc was a bit low. LS was around 6~7k on tree when DT down.

T4: The fun part, this NM needs a full evasion build and 1150 accuracy. Which is really, really hard to get.

This is the acc build I'm working on COR atm:

Dagger is IL119 path B, hand and mani is also acc path. Unless I miss anything, this should be the highest acc gear COR can get. (Can probably replace 1 of the earring for acc and screw DW)

Note that legs/head can be replaced with path B Qaaxo, body can be replaced with Lanun Frac+1. Those replacement has a bit lower acc but higher PDT- for more survive-ability.

I also noticed WF worked better than last stand on this NM. Because....well, if you get madrigal you can't get prelude, if you get madrigal you can't get min, and the list goes on.

My WF hit for 2.4k without prepare....didn't bring all my WF gear nor getting right buff for WF. If I knew WF hits that high I'd bring my obi and use WF buff for even higher dmg. My LS don't avg as high cuz all the misses.

Another issue I noticed in Yorcia is how hard it is to land light/dark shot, which is often required. Although it's partially my fault that I didn't carry a macc set for last yorcia run due to the lack of space, I only had macc earring, AGI ring and AF119 head/feet for macc swap, didn't bring shark rings and so on.I guess next time I can carry them.

Ideally the head should be blood mask for more shots. But if the shots won't land then I may as well use reforge AF. This should be the last slot to swap out.

R15 x4(and PDT path R15), macc gears. There's tons to work on if I want to be useful in Yorcia besides roll and afk lol.

Monday, 28 April 2014


Finally Yorcia 6NM clear. My first delve2 clear without cheating(beading) D:

Since it's the only melee strat delve2 zone, I wish I can just spam this zone for plasm and never go back to shitty delve1 again D:

Saturday, 26 April 2014

5080 WHM and the JP

Recently 5080 WHM subject was brought up in NA community, so I decided to take a look at it.

5080 is a basic JP WHM delve requirement, which means 50 cure potency and 80 casting speed. However, without 3rd party tool in like Ashita, it is not possible to use traditional precast/midcast set for this, as the cures will fire off before the player swap in midcast set if the player uses windower or default macro.

As we all know that JP does not like to use tool, they basically just make 1 5080 set and full time it. Something like this:

Further more, they also often rely on /RDM to reach 80 FC cap, since /RDM has 5 more casting speed than /SCH. 

That being said, it IS possible to make a 5080 hybrid with /SCH. But from what I've seen, majority of the JP WHM still prefer /RDM and save the extra slot on MP HP items or refresh. If you do search delve zones on JP time, almost every WHM sub RDM instead of SCH.

This is quite different from NA, since in NA community /SCH is considered the best. I honestly don't understand the logic behind /RDM too,  accession iz too gooood D: Even with Yagrush, accession cure IV SS always help in delve AoE spam hell. Let alone WHM without Yagrush. IMO, trading /SCH for 5% more casting speed and refresh isn't worth it.

I guess this is just the cultural difference thing. Maybe their COR BRD are too good with -na that they don't need /SCH, lol.

Or maybe it's just the fact that WHM is a job that you don't need to play absolutely perfect to have a fast run, unlike DD jobs that you must squeeze out every extra dmg to kill fast.

Speaking of which, I need a FC set for my COR/WHM too :X I can't always cast THAT much slower than a WHM right? 

Friday, 25 April 2014

Current goal

1 month an update means I need to update my goal list every month >.>

Played with spreadsheet and this is the best I got...idk why head path C got highest DPS.

Obviously the acc is quite low in this set, so some gear may need to make acc version. Qaaxo is generally quite good for melee.

Pulfanxa R15 path A is only 1 DPS behind WSD+10% D123 Hgafircian +2, may as well save the time and make a Pulfanxa R15 Path A!

Kizaru freaked out another day because I said I want a Yagrush, so he accused me for "wasting all the helper's time to build a Mythic". So I decided to pulled up spreadsheet to see if I'm really wasting every helper's time and effort or not.

With my current gear, on Tojil level of target, double dagger, /DNC and sushi:

Pulfanxa R15 A DPS: 180 QD 1079  

DP DPS:176 QD 1572  

Even with unresist QD and QD exactly every 40 sec, DP is 9 DPS higher. With QD resist and light shot and such, they're probably pretty equal most of the time, but Pulfanxa is better for melee.

So yeah, which gear I upgrade totally depend on which will give best improvement in shortest amount of time. Pulfanxa first, I suppose!

Speaking of which, my gear is sooooooo behind D: I feel embarrassed every time ppl /c me D:

Delve, delve and more delve!(And stop failing delve pt 10 times in a row Afania, you're becoming the notorious /shouter on Rag D:<)

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

I need /DRG......

Pulled hate and died in AA EV D before even reaching 50%, and pulled hate again after I got up, although PLD got it back this time.

Still kinda pissed that "COR pulling hate" is the main reason why COR can't DD, even in a situation that they can.

I have enmity- merit, but I don't have capped enmity- build for last stand, because the WS won't land at all if I swap out racc gear lol. WF sucked bad in AA so oh well. Best I can do is go make a deathlocke for enmity-, hoping I pull hate slower than usual lol.

I decided to rant on lolOF again, hopefully COR can get some decoy shot or WF fix in the future.

Meanwhile, I need /DRG.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

More delve notes

Ceizak 6 man: Namas SAM COR/DNC MNK(ideally it should be a DRG or another piercing) WHM BRD SCH. The only zone I can sit in a 6 man pt as a DD spot, love it :) Craft material worth 2M too, plenty of room for error, best zone to spam for gil/plasm IMO. COR/DNC shines as usual, I can't outparse namas SAM though.

Marjami: Probably the easiest delve 2 zone, with bead it's nearly 100% win rate. Without it is the matter of kill speed and don't waste time on pulls.

Yorcia: I hate this zone, without a team spending some time to practice it's probably going to be a while until PUG can clear all 6 NM in one run. /WHM is the best for this zone. Piercing dmg sucked on tree, COR swords are ILV 113 + 117, it wouldn't work well in a ILV 128 content. Need quite a bit of -na too.

Lion: Haven't done.

Tojil 6 man: Haven't done 6 man. Everyone spams it for plasm, but I can't get a spot on COR D:(Not like I ever get a spot on COR in delve anymore, no one ever /shout for it)

Foret: Haven't done!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Cailimh note

Had racc issue on Cailimh with /WAR(no GEO, SV prelude), even though my gear is only missing HQ ring/neck and vanir feet and racc path delve 2 gun.

Guess I probably need different sub for this NM until I fix the gears.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Unemployed pirate again

Since I have a bit more free time irl recently, I decided to play a bit more FFXI.

And nobody want my COR for delve 2 again D:

There's a reason for it though.

Delve 2 thunder bird run:

PLD RNG x2 WHM SCH COR BRD, I did 40% of relic RNG D:

DM2 hard mode:(everyone on the list is RNG except me)

Even against uncapped acc relic RNG, I still only did 40% of relic RNG D:

Now the gap is getting depressing, since my buff has to make up 60%(or more, if I pt with really good RNGs) of dmg. In a pt with 2 RNG setup, my buff has to give 30% increase per RNG to worth a spot. On COR/WHM my buff has to give 50% increase that's probably another reason why nobody want a COR anymore. As far as I know of, most COR sub WHM and I fail to see how rolls can give 50% dmg increase, therefore, nobody /shout for COR in lowman setup.

No wonder I'm an unemployed pirate again!

Time to try other setup to get myself delve clears >.>

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Afania's crazy dream

Because I need money so much irl, kinda want to sell account.

Hmmmmm a character with a Mythic, must worth a fortune!

Oh wait, nobody gives shit about DP and a character with no craft and only BLU COR lv 99.

D; crazy dream busted.