Saturday, 30 July 2011

Not again

It seems battle system in FFXIV isn't the only thing SE learned from WoW.....

Now story missions gives a fuck tones of SP, so I pretty much just completed my previous missions before the update for nothing......

Why SE always has the ability to make ppl feel they do stuff for nothing, when it can be done a lot easier/quicker/get more reward after a while ._.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

A big change

After 2 days of updating, and waiting for maintenance, I finally have a chance to log into FFXIV and play with new auto-attack battle system for a bit.

This patch 1.18 is by far possibly the most game changing patch so far. Some of the biggest change including:

1.Auto-attack, LOL
2.MP cost of curing spells increase.
3.Some abilities now needs MP to use.
4.Leve quest change, now players gain less SP after defeating the mob and gain bonus SP after leve completed.

I admit before I log in, I was worried after seeing the update notes and forum That means the battle system in FFXI, which is slow and boring as fuck, is back? No more fast paced action RPG FFXIV? ;;

MP cost of curing spells increase, that means I will have harder time to solo 4 stars leve on my pugilist? ;;

Some abilities now needs MP to use, that means I can no longer spam light strikes and pummel like no tomorrow? ;;

Less SP gained after mobs die, and only award SP after leve complete? That means if I d/c during the quest I will lose a fuck tones of SP(I d/c a lot btw)? ;;

However, after I log on I can safely say all my worries are gone, this patch is by far, the best patch ever released, and makes FFXIV one step closer to an awesome MMORPG ^^;

After I log on, first thing I noticed is new music.....oh well, I care about the game balance more than music anyways(I still think music is important, just that FFXIV's music is pretty good and don't really need to improve). So I started a leve, and engaged and enemy....


I never imagine I can play a SE MMORPG battle system works so well, that's all I can say.

New auto-attack battle system is more like WoW, but not FFXI(which just suck balls compare with WoW). Engage/disengage no longer has any delay, you can move while engage/disengage. You no longer have to spam basic attack move, but that doesn't make the battle slower than previous battle system, it's still pretty fast, and you'll be busy clicking the abilitie bottons. In old battle system every time when I engage/disengage/use abilities, or even spam basic attack move, I always feel like I'm stucked. Once someone mentioned old system allows player to time your attack like a fighting game, and avoid enemies WS to solo even tougher mobs. But it just makes the control very akward. Now with new battle system it's intuitive and easy to use, no longer feel akward, and still pretty fast paced. Now I feel FFXI is akward to play with ._.

SE also added the time bar for each JA recast, makes it even more WoW like. I guess they just all went to play WoW and decided they want to follow the path of other sucessful MMORPGs, LOL.

Now on to Cure spell MP cost increase.

Months ago I complained about how melee classes, in fact almost all classes, are cure spell highly dependant if you want to solo and no healer in pt. That makes Conjurer class abilities way more dominate compare with other classes, and that's just not fair.

Well, FFXI is kinda like that too, until DNC was introduced and every melee /DNC for solo. But its still kinda wrong to play a melee DD job, and most of the time I've been spamming Cure II on myself and rely on shock spikes to keep myself alive. I'm a fking h2h weapon user damn it, not a PLD or CON with h2h weapon or something. Now with such high MP cost of cure II is literally impossible to spam cure II like no tomorrow.

Of course I worried about whether I can solo higher difficulty leve or not without Cure II spam. So I started my first leve and selected 3 starts only. I ended up pwning through all the mob(whether that's because they adjusted leve difficulties or not is unknown), killing really fast because they're all very weak, and still gains decent amount of SP after leve completed as a reward.

This new leve adjustment allows me to solo weaker mobs and kill faster, and still gets SP reward in the end. That allows faster kill and less time spent to get each leve done. Since mobs are weaker, I no longer need to spam Cure II and able to straight DD all the way and kill as fast as possible.

To sum up:
Old FFXIV leve solo process:
Pick a difficulty level that's much higher lv than me so I don't get shitty SP after I kill the mob.
Buff myself with protect/SS/Shock spikes/eva+ JA/rampart JA
Engage a mob and try to save 3000 TP.
Turtle mode when I'm dying, cure II spam.
Find a chance to deal dmg during turtle mode.
Zerg the mob down when it almost died before it pwned me with it's TP move.
Rest a bit after fight to recover MP so I can turtle more.

New FFXIV leve solo process:
Pick a difficulty level that's same lv as me, since I can get SP after leve done anyways, so shitty SP after a mob is killed doesn't matter that much if I can kill fast and do as many leve as possible.
Buff myself with same spell/JA as above.
Engage a mob and try to save 3000 TP for zerging later.
No longer need to enter turtle mode, since mobs are much weaker, just straight DD.
No longer need to rest for MP after kill.

After this update I solo leve much faster, DD more, turtle less. I finally feel like I'm playing a melee class instead of mage class.

I feel the increased MP cost of cure spell is needed to adjust game balance, to make each job to be played as how it's supposed to.

After this patch I somehow feel SE really wanted to save this game. Although I still don think using WoW battle system makes this game not as unique, but if it's a battle system that works the best on the market, may as well just borrow it.

I haven't get a chance to try new instance yet. I hope I can try them soon.


Been doing some VWNM recently, tried to work on my VWNM pop, and did first Hahava fight after Ager got his T4 VWNM pop.

I've heard WF worked very well on this before, so I decided to give it a try.

If all the game content after lv 95 are like this, then this job will revive XD

Although I also have to admit, it doesn't always do 2k on this NM. Sometimes it dropped to 1k(1k still higher than most other WSs out there). Whether it's because of resist or because this NM sometimes take half dmg is unknown.

Other notes on this NM, this NM has extremly high eva, making /ra TP kinda a waste.
I admit I didnt use highest racc gears in this fight, but I still popped squid sushi, and replaced Gules leggings+1 with Praeda feet, but the result is still missing triple shot 3 times in a roll.

That makes recent new No.11 update worked extremly well, instead of sitting there TP with bullets with bad acc and waste money, may as well just wait for 100 TP with regain and QD, then keep trying to roll No.11 while waiting.

Tbh I really liked the DD/Buffing ratio atm, I used to dislike the fact that if I spend more time buffing, then dmg gonna be bad. If I spend more time DDing, then not a lot of time to do perfect rolls. Now it's easier to get both done nicely since this job no longer need to TP on the mob to get TP. The only down side is getting empyrean WS for this to work nicely is a must....there's no way slug can work effectively on this NM. Although I don't want to admit it, but I'm feeling this WS is somewhat game changing for this job, probably one of the few empyrean weapon that's very effective and game changing atm.

Another empyrean WS with decent performance against VWNM is JR(Bow empyrean WS), which can keep up, or even surpass WF depending on the mob. From what I've seen it's stronger than most other WS, often getting high number. RNG can TP out of AoE range, and do blitz zerg with high dmg WS. Enmity problem doesn't seem THAT bad, although sometimes shit still happens.

VWNM is really something SE made to revive RNG and COR maybe ._.

Sadly, out of those VWNM I've done, I only got one gear dropped. Most of the time it's shit drop even with capped proc, which can be very frustrating, especially now ppl all get used to easy and high drop rate gears from abyssea.

SE mentioned VWNM will be main focus of game content(at least that's what I think), I somewhat like this event, since it has no drama over items, and proc + blitz system is pretty fun to play with. This proc system is million times better than abyssea, and blitz system makes DD with good gear can still enjoy zerging fun and don't have to sit around being a proc whore.

However the drop rate of items are, just shit, and frustrating.

Fix how items gonna drop, and this event may become as popular as abyssea.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

More THF, and enmity

My previous post mentioned that I don't really enjoy THF.....and part of the reason is probably because how bad SA/TA(the main feature of this job besides TH whore and feint whore) JA is and not really practical nowadays.

One of the JP job guide I used describes THF as enmity control DD, so it's supposed to be an enmity control DD to get hate on the tank by dealing big WS dmg with TA.

But pt today works like this:

WAR 10k Ukko==>enmity capped
MNK 5k VS===>Enmity capped, mobs turned around
WAR 8k Ukko====> enmity capped, mobs turned around again
(5 sec passed)
WAR 9k Ukko====>enmity capped again

TA recast time 1 min, with DDs getting hate every 5 sec after WS and mobs spinning around like a fan makes this JA mostly useless as an enmity control JA.

Not to mention tanks nowaday shouldn't have enmity problem, and if they do, TA isn't gonna change it. Low enmity from Cure V also makes enmity not that big of a problem for mages.

Even outside of abyssea on VWNMs with PLD tank, Ager has no problem keeping hate on him as a PLD while everyone else trying for proc, unless it's an NM that resets hate.

As a DD JA, 1 min recast time for both JAs makes it unrealistic to rely on to boost dmg output as well, not to mention it requires way too much effort for THF and other pt members to adjust their pos and losing DPS. WAR can literally spam same lv of Ukko dmg as SATAed RS, without waiting for SA/TA or adjust pos, every few sec. Also one mistake(say if someone moved) will result lose of JA, or TAed wrong person.

SE also mentioned they're gonna do something about enmity for RNG as well, so who still needs SA/TA nowadays?

If THF is just an average geared THF and no empyrean WS, fat chances are hate still gonna be on WAR after THF SA/TAed the PLD, LOL.

Collaborator/Accomplice is also a poorly designed enmity control JA and not really game changing. It can be a lot more useful if it's a 10 sec recast JA and works on alliances member.

Outside of Abyssea THF also has slightly lower dmg output compare with other DDs, to a point that no one cares about it. Even inside it's not on the top either.

This makes me wonder if SE really needs to rework on enmity....if real tank job like PLD is a no one love job, and enmity control DD like THF won't make a damn difference in pt, then there's something wrong.

I feel some of the game mechanics designed 8 years ago no longer worked nowadays. The death of SC/MB, SATA, PLD and ranged attack are some examples... well, ppl still SC, but only do it with 5k empyrean WS or self SC. And enmity mechanic + ranged attack are certainly something needs to be rework on.

Funny thing is there are always THF defenders who jump out whenever I pointed out the problems of THF. Using old excuses such as "because your THF sucked" "Because all the THFs you pt with sucked". Just like how Conn /raged when I pointed out that RDM can be played fine without a melee set, and the first comment he made to defend for melee RDM isn't showing the real practical use of RDM meleeing, but instead he flamed my RDM melee set sucked without a swift belt(which I NPCed long time ago and not planning to get another).

So basically if you don't have the job well geared, you're not allowed to talk about the impractical side of the job in this game, lol. So before I pointed out RDM meleeing isn't practical, I need to do an almace or excalibur first, and before I pointed out how THF is only a TH whore job I need to have capped gear on THF first before I can talk, lol.

2 years of playing this game, I've yet to seen anyone did anything game changing and gives new value of a job by having good gears or skill. Most of the good gears never makes a omgwtf difference and change things. But job defenders always, always like to use gear as an excuse. FFXI is such a game that only ppl with good gears can talk loud, ppl without good gear has no right to talk ._. Ppl only respect players with good gears in this game, and look down on players without good gear in every way, probably the main reason why I have such a love/hate relationship with this game.

Out of 4 completed maat cap jobs so far, I still like SAM the most XD.

THF 75

Finally leeched my THF to 75, so that's 4th Maat cap job done(done levelling, but not fighing him)

I don't enjoy playing this job at all, so it will be a TH whore job only and only be played if TH is really needed and no one else has a THF, atm it has no gear except TH knife/TH hands =D

Ok I have some items from BLU and COR my THF can still use if it's lv 75 or lower.

Next job to work on is probably MNK or WAR, since I need to work on both SJ to 50 for upcoming lv cap increase.

After MNK and WAR probably SMN, mainly for Perfect of the few game breaking abilities in this game....kinda frustrated that every Sun is a painful process of finding SMN to PD for AV run XDDD

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Haters will hate

After recent update SE implemented new No.11 bonus they've been talking about for 1 year+ XD And the result:

Community whined and bitched about how bad it is and wanted old double duration back.

Seriously I have no idea why w/e SE release new change (especally about this job) the first thing ppl do is to whined and wanted SE to change without even trying to use it, or understand how it works.

I tried a bit of new XI bonus during usual sunday JOL-->AV run, I got a No.11 on bolters while moving, so I decided to try a bit of this new feature, since killing JOL has lots of down time in between, that's plenty of time to redo rolls.

In the end I rolled 12 No.11 straight, with double 11 on me full time during the entire JOL killing process. I'd say this No.11 is way better than double duration 1 year ago. Now COR can literally keep rolling No.11 after getting first No.11, makes the roll much powerful than it used to be. And no one even bother to think of pratical use of it on SE forums.

This new feature can totally keep roll rotation on just fine. Either by redoing rolls until No.11 for next roll, or just run away from pt member and bust then redo next roll. In fact with No.11 effect on it's possible to cycle through rolls much faster.

The result is to make the process of rolling and buffing much more fun than it used to be. Rolling and buffing used to be pretty boring and not much variety, but now require a bit of thinking and planning. Are you going just stop at a lucky number and move on to next roll after rolling first No.11? Or are you gonna aim for another No.11 and spend more time to work on it? It depends on the situation, and that's what makes the game fun to play, make decisions, make choices.

Compare with double duration 1 year ago which doesn't give players freedom to make decisions(If you rolled a NO.11 on rolls you don't want, you gonna carry that roll for at least 5 min+ and unable to overwrite), this new update is superb and a very smart design. Way to go SE.

Also makes COR a bit more accessable for everyone to play, even for players with no $$ to spam bullets/cards or no time to build an empy, they can still sit and roll and still contribute to the pt quite a lot.

It reminds me when SE gave COR regain roll last year community whined and bitched as well, about how bad regain is and wanted haste etc etc, and it turned out regain roll is one of the most useful roll COR can use.

Had enough of ppl's first reaction without thinking when one update just released ;<

Anyways, Novio earring obtained during the run! I guess that made me feel a bit better and happier, LOL.

This new update + new earring made me enjoy this job a bit more and ended up using in it a lot more often recently, and it scared Zeig the hell out because it seems to be a miracle for him to see me play this job - -

Saturday, 16 July 2011

FINAL FANTASY XI Job Adjustment Manifesto

So I guess that's the direction of each job's heading in the

There are a lot of jobs I don't play, so my opinion can seem a bit shallow XD But opinion is opinion.

Looks like SE wanted to make WAR a versatile DD class. When this game was out, it was designed to be half tanking class(I still remember one of the 2003 FFXI guide said WAR is more like a proector than attaker, lol), and now known as cannonglass DD with best dmg output. Making it a versatile DD class may make this job more fun and diverse to play with.

But that also means SE doesn't want WAR to be top DD anymore??

Sounds like SE is nerfing MNKs dmg output and doesn't want it to be best DD/tanking class at all XD(MNK is not that good outside of abby for pure dmg output anyways)

Remain as the most useful and unreplaceable mage in a pt setup it seems.
I bet pretty soonish every EGLS gonna require members to have WHM leveled.

Nuke, more nuke, and MOAR.

RDMs have been Q.Q a lot recently about not getting Cure V, it looks like SE want to continue to make RDM specilized in buff/debuff and forget about being the healer.(They didn't mention anything about enhancing RDM's healing ability)

This job was intended to be Jack of all trade class, then it ended up as a mage class as a healer/buff/debuff class in pt, and now it looks like SE wanted to make RDM more specilized as buff/debuff only.

I like this direction tbh, if there's another mage class that needs Cure V, it will be SCH, but I personally don't think making RDM back to old RDM to cure/buff/debuff the entire pt is good(it's just way to broken to have mage job that is such good healer AND debuffer). Just the new buff/debuff needs to make a HUGE difference to revive RDM once again.

Long time ago when I said THF was just a TH whore(or maybe feint whore) class Memchii and Nicci(probably Casey too) /rage. There are always THF defenders /rage when ppl mention TH whore. ;DDDDD

Anyways back to the topic.

THF is supposed to be enmity control DD, I think. But it's enmity control ability just suck balls. Glad that SE want to fix that part. If it's done nicely, maybe I will no longer call THF a TH whore and Feint whore class, and no more THF defenders /rage, world peace. \o/ \o/

< SE > I don't know how to fix PLD ;(

Ok, I guess the way to make PLD back to best tanking class again is to protect other DDs so other DDs can go emo(therefore more dmg output) without dying?

Sounds like SE want to make DRK best DD again? They didn't mention anything about buffing WAR or MNK's dmg output, but they're making DRK stronger(and easier to die too). I guess all the DRK Q.Q on the forum finally works.

I like the idea of giving BST support abilities so they fit in a pt setup more....Actually that kinda already been done, sometimes ppl want to come BST for TH in a seal farm pt if no one has THF.

New songs for BRD getting more and more CORish?

Also new debuff songs as well XD, so back to most useful mage job(that no one wants to play) in EG events?

So SE tries to solve the enmity problem of RNG.....

It's actually a pretty good direction. Also that means Gandiva may ended up as best weapon for RNG even outside of abyssea, and beats relic gun/bow.

Every RNG go build a Gandiva now! =D

WS WS WS. Nothing special.

< SE > We don't know what to do with NIN and it's role in pt since we created this job.

Well, SE never know what to do with NIN, never. If it wasn't because of red proc and Migawari NIN won't be so popular nowaday. And besides red proc, SE still have no idea what to do with NIN.

Doesn't seem to be that big of a change for DRG, I may be wrong though, still haven't start DRG for maat cap quest ;<.

Ppl only care about getting 2 new summons, but SE isn't fixing the problem that ppl only need SMN when doing Arch DL/AV zerg these days.....Ok maybe some NM fight and pet burn it is convinent....but that's not necessary at all really.

Once again, SE have no idea what direction and pt role SMN is going.

Pretty much the same as now and what I expected from BLU. Real jack of all trade class in this game, most versatile class, able to fit in any pt role. New HNM spells....nothing new.

So making COR a better buffer than it is.(But they make zero mention about it's DD ability, I guess SE feel COR's DD ability no longer need to be buffed)

Tbh I'm happy with COR's current unique role as an unique ranged magical DD/gun mage.....this game only needs one best buffer that is BRD. If COR getting better buff BRD may Q.Q kinda....

And 3 rolls..... ;( /ragequit (Empyrean BRD should rage quit too XD)

Yes, after spend my my 85% of time in FFXI trying to get best DD gear for COR, and realized that this job just frustrating to play with, I'm not happy to see SE knows nothing about the direction COR is going.

So....3 buffs, stronger rolls, SE making another BRD? Is that what they want for this job, BRD version 2.

I know next to nothing about PUP besides they're good at kited fight, and I have no intention to lv it since it's not good SJ, nor a maat cap job, and too expensive. So I'll just leave it blank.

DNC is supposed to be team player and support DD that supports pt member already ;(

Abilities that benefits entire pt(besides haste samba), < Yes please >

Give SCH Cure V and haste plz.

Give SCH Cure V and haste plz.

Give SCH Cure V and haste plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, SCH will never replace RDM(which is a debuffer no?) and WHM(WHM is unbeatable with new abilities), you won't break the game balance with Cure V and haste.

To do or not to do

Recently I've been seriously considering doing an Almace for my BLU, but still can't make up my mind.

Reasons to do Almace:

1. All Stealthkiller's fault, he made it sound like fking easy to complete it.

2. A nice change. Recently I've been doing nothing except working on Mythic and Maat cap, since those stuff doesn't require to play 5hrs a day, can just slowly working on it. And after a while it got extremely boring to do same thing over and over and see no progress or w/e. I either log on to grind $$, or do nyzul/einherjar/assault, or leech a Maat cap job. And that's getting very repetitive.

3. The fact that everyone and their mother having an empy is scaring me. I bet 3 months later I'm not allowed to play none-empy jobs anymore.

4. Not like I have anything else to do besides Mythic, which is gonna be easier to obtain in the future anyways.

Reasons not to do Almace:

1. Takes too much time and effort for someone with 1hr play time during weekday, and weekend it's impossible to claim Guk.....

2. Will slow down Mythic/Maat cap progress a hell lot(I'm already doing it very, very slowly....Any player that plays long enough would have completed all Maat cap jobs already by leeching)

3. BLU's dmg output isn't that bad without CDC if fighting EP mobs with spell spam, not to mention CDC can't self-SC(I rarely WS unless doing self-SC if I'm spell spamming on EP mobs). Making CDC kinda not worth all the effort to obtain unless you really love BLU and full time this job. Which is unlike Fudo to SAM, Tor to DRK, Hi to NIN and WF to COR....those WSs makes huge difference.

4. Most important of all, having went through all the BS for Arma, I fking hate empy trials from beginning to the end. Hate it hate it hate it. I still remember spending 18 hr of my life just to get one kill count for one NM, and stressed out to get myself into JP alliance for VNM kills.(When I started high dmg magian trials no NAs ever bother to do it, only JPs bother to camp NMs for hrs and team up to kill VNM which isn't as easy as today). Then it's that notorious Carabosse, which was also a pain at 85 when most ppl don't have right atma to kill fast and safely(again, I wonder why I started Carabosse trial that early when it can be done much faster nowadays)

I feel like I should go do an Almace, even just for the sake of something new to do, but don't really want to do it. I guess my obsession towards Death Penalty is stopping me, to a point that other gears can be ignored ._.

Besides randomly go help LS and friends when they're in Abyssea, there are other stuffs I tried to do while getting bored of repeating mythic/maat cap grind:

1.'s pretty fun, and sometimes nice income and gear with luck, sadly it's extremly hard to get ppl intererested in doing VWNM atm, so I'm stuck ;(

2. Complete all quests and maps.....I just realized some of the quests are pretty interesting, and a nice break from gear grind hell.....just finished "An Undying Pledge" yesterday, and I almost cried while I read the story Q.Q

3. Play FFXIV...wut? :p

So Almace or no Almace, what to do?

Monday, 11 July 2011


So I haven't been talking about my adventure in FFXIV a lot, so prehaps I'll talk a bit more about it.

If I happened to have time to play MMORPG, I still spend most of my time in FFXI, therefore I rarely have time to play FFXIV. Sometimes I log on to FFXIV for 30 min to do a quick leve, but I almost never log on during NA prime time(if I play games during NA prime time, I'd be in FFXI) and it's impossible to get a pt in such a short time and weird play time(I often log on at 5am in the morning or something, lol).

Therefore I can only solo.

I have to admit, at one point of time, solo was a pain on my main class h2h, after getting it to lv 25. Anything I can solo it won't give me good EXP/SP, anything that gives me good SP/EXP I die easily while solo. Even though LSmates warned me "don't solo, don't solo, don't solo", I just don't see a way to get SP any faster.(I don't even bother to make EXP pt in XI nowadays due to lack of patience)

After that I decided to work on my Conjury and get my Cure II, just to make solo easier.

During the lving process I found Conjurer with a shield actually has higher surviability and solo ability than h2h, which made me almost want to switch main job to Conjurer ;<

Then I took advantage of having full anima(again, since I rarely play, having full anima is very easy) and spam teleport to all cities to hunt for leve with pugilist's guildmark, and unlocked pummel. For some reason, unlocking pummel makes my pugilist entirely different level. With faster TP gain, I can easily spam Concussive blowII and gain higher surviability. Paired with some skill I've learned from Gladiator class, now I can solo 4 stars leve on h2h, whoohoo!

I have to admit although a lot of ppl complained about current FFXIV battle system and forced SE to implement auto-attack, I still liked current battle system quite a lot, it's faster than FFXI(I HATE the combat speed of XI), and it allows players to choose right skill to use in right time with right order with quick reaction.

By the time auto-attack comes to XIV it better not be as terrible as FFXI ;<

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Leeching business

So I decided to leech THF up to 75 next, so I can equip TH4 hands and TH whore.....err....I mean to help my friends or LS by doing TH service >;O

While I was in abyssea EXP pt leeching, one person had rude attitude towards leechers in EXP pt after the pt disband, because he thinks leechers are not contributing and fked up the alliance.

What he didn't understand is the fundamental of Abyssea EXP pt.

At least 85% of the abyssea EXP pt are made because of leechers. Its either

1. The pt leader who started the pt and /shout in Jeuno wanted to leech his job.

2. The pt leader who started the pt and /shout in Jeuno wanted to help his friends or lsmates to leech their job.

3. The pt leader who started the pt and /shout in Jeuno wanted to sell leech spot for $$.

Making an abyssea EXP pt is very time consuming to get enough ppl with right jobs, often involves /shout in Jeuno for at least 30min~1hr, and lots of asking friend+LS member. But getting into an abyssea EXP pt is very easy as long as you're lv 75+. I see no reason to make a pt, if someone want to EXP on lv 75+ jobs he can just get into one pt easily by turning on the pt flag. If anyone is making a pt, 85% of chance is because it involves leecher(s).

Therefore, most of the Abyssea EXP pt won't even exist without leechers, Abyssea pt IS leeching business.

Also, a lot of the good DDs in EXP alliance nowadays are just there to get their friend a leech spot. I mean, most of the well geared, skill capped DDs don't even need an EXP pt. If you want to get those good DDs to help kill, invite their friend to leech their job.

1 good DD + 1 leecher> 2 gimp DD in terms of killing speed.

Also, a good Abyssea EXP pt should have pullers keep pulling mobs, and DDs killing, they shouldn't have time to key box if done right, so without leechers who's gonna key box?

Having an alliance of 15 DDs killing mobs for EXP is a waste anyways. 1~2 well geared DD can kill equally fast. And more ppl doesn't mean it's faster since there are limited amount of mob you can pull. The most efficient way to do leech pt is still BLU CW burn, which doesn't involve 15 DDs in alliance as well.

Abyssea EXP pt involves leechers, leechers are what makes Abyssea EXP pt. Abyssea EXP pt won't work like Abyssea EXP pt nowadays if there are no leechers, period.

So after 1.5 years

After 1.5 years of getting my job to lv 75+, I still play it like a fail n00b.

Dyna-xarc(yes, again) run, an THF type NM with very high eva popped. I entered happy Wildfire mode and haven't realized the pt needs acc roll until NM HP 3%.

No lv 90 empyrean nor AF3+2 can make a player good, if the player plays like a fail n00b.

/rage ;(