Sunday, 17 January 2016

Gun hierarchy 2016

Decided to do a gun comparison in 2016 to figure out which gun is the best: For leaden salute, with my current WS set, WS at 3000 TP: DP: (106+4540)x1.33x2.7x1.05x1.3=22773 Molybdosis: (156+4790)x1.33x3x1.05 20721 Doomsday: (126+4640)x1.33x2.97x1.12= 21085 Looks like DP> Doomsday > Molybdosis that is! Doomsday also beats everything else WS dmg wise, including skill 269 Arma WITH 40 AGI and magic dmg+ 155. Time to toss gil to augment it :<