Monday, 29 August 2011

Practice practice

There's one player on SE forum here

who's been doing signature for other player's character. I want one of the signature as well, but his waiting list is ass long ;(

Since I'm impatient to wait, perhaps I should try it myself.

I'm obviously not as pro as him. I'm never good at making character poses, and I SUCK BALLS at doing coloring. If I color it'll look weird and color never match. But practice makes perfect, so practice practice time!

Step 1.

Since I can't draw properly without looking at something, I need source images.

Using my BLU idle gear. (Once again, I'm a blue mage at heart, and feel most comfortable in BLU gears, plus BLU gear looks cooler, so I only want to draw my char as a BLU)

Step 2.

Sketch it and scan it.

I try to capture the feeling of loneliness of being an Immortal by adding a background, not sure if I got the essence of it.

Step 3.

Adjust the color, making it darker and blueish.... once again, I'm not good at coloring stuff, so if I do any sorts of fan art, I usually just scan and adjust the color ._.

My world is colorless ._.

Step 4.

Then I decided to try to color it this time, looks more pro with colors ._.

This time I tried my newly learned color overlay technic, it actually worked pretty well if I didn't do this on a pencil sketch, all the pencil line is making it look weird kinda. But at least with this technic, it's easier to control the colors and overall feeling. Although my color blindness still makes the purple hands/feet not looking purple at all.

After adding colors, added a bit of light.

Step 4.

A bunch of adjustments and done!

I didn't really make it into a signature, since I'm kinda embarrassed to use it and I'm not pro enough ._. Hopefully in 3 years I will be confident enough to use my own signature on the forum.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

So, DRG or MNK next?

So, what job should I lv next for Maat cap? DRG or MNK?

DRG = Always been the job I wanted to play with before I got my first job 75. I even unlocked it before I got my first job 75. At one point of time lving BLU was very frustrating with all the spell hunt, so I decided to give up BLU and lv DRG as first job 75 instead. DRG was actually the second job I really started playing as, although I gave up before I got out of the dunes.

But now it's my chance again! With V.fork(and other good lv 75 stuff like askar body/homam pants) sitting in MH, and project Maat cap going on, a legit reason to lv it and play with it just to have fun!

MNK = My BLU needs it for SJ, so need to get it to lv 50 eventually. But this job is sooo boring to play as D:(worse than WAR and THF D;)

So far I already got WHM THF WAR to 75 and hating to play with it. I'm really not interested in lving another job I don't enjoy for a while.

Useful v.s have fun. Which way should I go? D;

Friday, 26 August 2011


Having hard time trying to find ppl to do lv 25 dungeon to complete the quest. Tried /shout, tried to ask LS, no reply.

Most of the time there are no one /shouting to do any group event, and only 12 ppl in LS that was on, they're usually not doing any group event, just crafting all day.

I feel like playing single player game in FFXIV.


Haven't play COR for like, forever. I miss it.

But my daily life in FFXI = Do nyzul, do assault, do salvage, lv Maat cap job, farm gil, sometimes do dyna.

Don't see much reason to play it ;(

WAR 75

Finally, after some leeching, and days of GoVing in sandy underground tunnel, 5th Maat cap job done lving.

Tbh I don't enjoy WAR at all, it's just about as boring as WHM for me._., so I pretty much just borrowed my all my gears ._.

This time when I lv the job, instead of just leech all the way then skill up later, I spent large amount of time doing GoV for skill ups....I ended up actually enjoying it if I don't do it for 1hr straight, doing GoV 1hr straight is boring as hell. But if I do it causally, only do 1~2 pages when I have a little bit of free time, it's not as taxing. Then I realized GoV is perfect way to make progress causally, as long as I log out in the dungeon I get to keep the EXP bonus. Log on, 1 page, log off, only takes 10 min, then I can go do other stuff =D

And the best part of all, it's a very good way to grind KS, so I can still dream to one day obtain a KB pop and get that W.head ;>

Monday, 22 August 2011

100% drop rate of ZNM trophy

Inc 100% drop rate of alex pouch in Salvage areas too? =D Time to farm those zeni, I guess.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Let it go

Joined the AV zerg on BLU/WAR, since I'm too lazy to change job and I'm tired of how useless COR is for AV zerg(gimp in both dmg and buff aspect)

Apparently my BLU is no better, only Efflux+CA QC can hit 900ish, every other spell barely break 200.

Then I helped the pt did an Einherjar run, Einherjar favors BLU as DD no?

But the fact is, there's just no way I can compete with 2.7~3.9k Tor on BLU in Einherjar. Efflux+QC was only 2.5k average, and Efflux has ass long recast time.....other spell only average 1.5k without JA or Efflux, and costs shit load of MP. MP saver Delta thrust barely break 1k, and the recast time is long enough to prevent me to use it twice on same mob. While other empy DDs can spam 2.5k empy WS over and over again.

Yesterday I also had crap dmg output in AR compare with empy DRK.

Short story, my BLU's dmg output is on the bottom of the DD list in almost every single event atm ;(

Still wondering if I should do an empy for BLU so my dmg stop being so gimp. But even camping outside NMs gives me headache, let alone camping Guk D;

Maybe I should do WoE version, looks like SE is gonna make it easier by next update, can make some $$ while doing WoE too.

But lower base dmg and DEX-15 suck balls D;

Or perhaps, I should learn to let it go......

Let it go.....

Let it go......

Let it go..............

SE forum

Because I can't really stand how ppl on SE forums kept posting misleading wrong information, I finally decided to register and started using it.....I mean, someone has to log on and tell them they're wrong so other players won't be misguided no? ;/ I've been sending PM through Alla and to other users everytime when I see a misleading wrong info on SE forum to provide correct info, may as well just start using the SE forum ;<

So first step: Setup characters.......D; I have to pick 3 jobs, but I only have 2 jobs 90 D;, and it won't let me cancel one D;

Ok, BLU 90 COR 90 SAM 75(lol?) bah, kinda feel weird to tell ppl I have SAM, I'm not used to it D;

This game always made me feel guilty for having 2 jobs only D;

D; I can't change my main job display D; I want it to display Main job: BLU 90, why is it displaying COR 90 D;

SE forum so hard to use D;

Even worse, with wrong and misleading info everywhere D;

Q.Q stupid forum Q.Q

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I knew it

Neo-dream world dyna..................................

Ok, at least my dream of having 6/6 AF2 finally got a chance to come true......always wanted AF2 belt(still one of the best ranged TP belt at this lv), but unable to afford 500k entrance fee to grind it ;<

Should I be happy?

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tizona v.s Almace

Due to some JP(I think) BLU has been showing off his lv 90 Tizona + lv 90 Almace recently while afking in Jeuno, there were some debate about Tizona v.s Almace in LS going on.

Basically, some ppl flamed(you know there are always players who flamed other ppls gear for everything, especially if they're relic/empyrean/mythic owners and geared differently) the JP BLU for mainhanding Tizona and offhanding Almace, which is a waste of best DD sword. While the other side claim Tizona/Almace is best combo outside of abyssea, since Tizona can drain MP and Almace has high DPS as an offhand weapon. And it's an even bigger waste to offhand Tizona since it's harder to obtain than Almace.

So a quick analyze of Tizona/Almace combo v.s Almace/STR shamshir+2 combo.

Note that I don't have any of the sword, and not really a passionate BLU gear grind fan(never really /jelly about other BLUs owning Tizona or Almace), so I believe my opinion should be more objective than ppl who has those weapons since I'm not emotionally attached to anything XD. One problem often occurred in "which gear is better" debate is some ppl already own the weapon will be biased toward their own weapon, or the weapon they spent more effort to obtain. You may think ppl who own the weapon will know it better, but it's often not true.

Yes I admit I don't have concrete info about the MP drain rate of lv 90 Tizona, the only info I had is based on lv 75 version(which has shit MP drain rate of 10% at 75 btw). But even at lv 90 I doubt the MP drain rate will be higher than 60%

Basically, if you're in Abyssea, there's no way Tizona can compete with 6k dmg CDC, especially when you can get unlimited MP in abyssea. So the debate is really outside of Abyssea only.

Some ppl in LS claimed Tizona/Almace combo is better because BLU is supposed to spam spells, if you need melee/WS dmg from Almace/STR shamshir+2 to DD on NM you may as well just job change to a real melee job that can do way more.

So the real question is, in what situation that a BLU needs a Tizona to maintain MP, while sacrificing tones of DPS/WS dmg from Almace?

Here is a list of possible situations to use BLU outside of abyssea.

1.Killing EP mobs in Ein/Nyzul/dyna, since BLU kills fast.

If you're killing EP mobs in old game content with spell spam, you may run out of MP fast if you only spam big spells, however with the TP/WS dmg from Almace, you actually saved MP to deal dmg. Plus MP efficent low recast time spells like Delta thrust allows BLU to spam it forever and never run out of MP. So if you're DDing in Einherjar/Nyzul/Dyna, MP drain from Tizona doesn't really have slight advantage in terms of dmg output, especially when you're casting a lot, you can't really drain much MP to use for more dmg anyways.

2.Headbutt spam whore
If you're headbutt spam stun whore on BLU, you shouldn't run out of MP as well. BLU is able to reach 7MP/tick refresh with capped haste, headbutt recast time is about 5~6 sec, so you will never run out of MP and you can headbutt forever. MP drain not needed. Although macc does help headbutt spam.

If you're nuking, you're nuking with a staff. Plus the only nuke that's useful outside of abyssea is Regurgitation for bind. And if you're binding the mob you won't melee it. So Tizona has zero advantage on this.

4.Healing other pt members
Similar to nuking, if you're main healing the pt, you're using a staff. However there are exceptions. If main healing the pt with a light staff allows better cures but less cure used, then main healing the pt with a Tizona MP drain allows more cure being used from more MP, but doesn't cure as much as light staff. The result may actually pretty similar in terms of total HP healed. Except meleeing while curing the pt allows more DPS than staying back line and cure with a staff. IMO, it's one situation that Tizona may has an advantage, although entirely not needed since BLU is usually not main heal anyways.

5.Tanking while survive-ability is an issue
This is, IMO, one of the few situations Tizona may be more useful than Almace. Most of the BLU defensive spells are such huge MP sponge. Occultation 138 MP, Saline Coat 66 MP(and only last 1 min), Magic barrier, Auroral Drape, Feather Barrier, Actinic burst, headbutt and cocoon cost less, but if you're casting all of them it can be pretty taxing outside of abyssea. Also if survive-ability is a problem the main WS will probably be Sanguine for HP drain, further favoring Tizona since you won't get the ODD dmg aftermath bonus from Almace.

Still, since the main reason why Tizona team is against almace is because you can job change, so you may as well job change to PLD or MNK if survive-ability is an issue while you tank. Unless it's emergency tanking when main tank died or d/c.

Also I wouldn't offhand an Almace if I'm having trouble keep myself alive, I'd offhand a PDT- shamshir or something.

6.Soloing stronger mobs
This is probably only use for Tizona that doesn't involve job change. Similar to tanking, defensive and cure spells are MP sponge, and you'd need all the MP to keep yourself alive if you're soloing stronger NMs.

Another question is which mob outside of abyssea that requires a Tizona to solo?

I have no problem soloing Fenrir, and pretty much every mob in Nyzul, (haven't try floor boss NM solo, but other NMs or Dahak can easily be soloed) without a Tizona. There are other solo videos about BLU soloing TOAU 44, Alexander prime, ACP and MKE last boss without Tizona as well.

No really, I still think w/e BLU can solo with a Tizona, it can be soloed with an Almace+either/elixir spam too, and kill it in 5 min instead of 10 min.

No matter how I look at it, Tizona really isn't as game changing to BLU as Almace....

The only situation that it may be needed is really just emergency tanking while shit happened and main tank died.(that's what BLU's best at, able to change role quickly and fit in the situation)

MP problem you can get away with it in many ways. Play smarter to save MP, get a RDM or BRD in pt, or use items. But natural weakness of weak DPS/WS dmg, there are really no other way to get around with it without an Almace.

If your BLU is only a CW burn/yellow proc whore, then big chance you won't need any of the sword. If you use BLU a lot more than just CW burn/yellow proc, you'd still get more benefit from increased DPS/WS dmg from Almace most of the time.

So I guess Tizona is really completely not needed and doesn't really help a lot unless you're a really dedicated BLU main.

Almace>Tizona =D


IMO, here is a list of empy weapon ratings for it's respective jobs.

Rank 1- Weapons that are game changing, that gives new value for it's respective jobs...if you don't have this weapon on this job, there are something you can't do, and no one will want you to play this job if you don't have it:

Ochain for PLD(Makes PLD able to tank with very little support, and beast solo machine. No.1 empy in my mind.)

Armageddon for COR(Ok, I admit, may* be biased here since I have one and may not be as objective. But come on, every COR I run into has an Arma or Arma path weapon equipped for a reason. Plus low enmity ranged magical dmg that has higher dmg than BLM T5 nuke and recharges faster is really hard to replace no?)

Rank 2- Weapons that are great and worked very well, but those jobs can get the job done without empy weapon just fine, and ppl will still want you to play this job if you don't have it:

Kannagi for NIN in Abyssea(Helps KI grind process faster, but NIN can get the job done without it just fine)

Verethragna for MNK(Same for NIN, MNK can get the job done without it, but it makes it faster)

Ukonvasara for WAR(if you need dmg, you get the best dmg)

Daurdabla for BRD(3 songs are nice, but if you want a BRD, 2 songs are enough)

Almace for PLD(PLD needs more dmg)

Gandiva for RNG(If you need ranged physical dmg, you got ranged physical dmg.)

Twashtar for THF and maybe DNC (Tbh I personally don't think Twashtar is on par with the above weapons, but TH has irreplaceable value in this game since forever, I guess it more or less can fit in right here)

Rank3- Weapons that are also great and worked very well, and certainly a huge improvement compare with other weapons, but the jobs that uses it is completely replaceable by other jobs with better performance in given circumstances if you click the magical job change button.

Masamune for SAM(I've read the argument that Masa SAM>Ukko WAR outside of Abyssea, but personally I'd rather to have a weapon that's both good inside and outside....)

Caladbolg for DRK(I see Zeig Q.Q =D)

Almace for BLU(Job change if you need melee/WS DD lah!)

Rank4- You can skip those weapons and you'll be just fine.

Everything else that's not listed, especially if you're a mage job.

So I guess everyone all very rich now.....

After weeks of looking for buyer, I finally found someone selling W.head from KB.

I offered 2M to buy it, 2M is the best I can offer after NPCing all my cruor and squeezed every single penny from my pocket. 1 day later he told me someone else offered 3M. And no fking way I can outbid him atm(Even LS rich daddy Grom can't lend me more than 1M), so I can only watch and Q.Q (Plus hating myself for being such a broke ass)

Tbh I was surprised that W.head actually went to 3M......

It's nothing but a regen piece that doesn't have much use, so the only job that gets benefit from it is really just COR for QD recast timer- augment. And considering COR is one of the least played job atm, I was pretty shocked it sells so well.

But he also sold lolPixie earring for 1M(Jupiter's earring is only 400k~800k, don't know why ppl bother to pay 1M for a pixie earring), I guess everyone all very rich now that ppl are just willing to spend that much amount of money on gears don't worth that much.....

A few days ago I run into Dragonxdvz, he is a pretty causal player, but he still has 5M on him(and he've been laughing at me for having way less gil than him)

10k~12k per alex, other gears cost millions and millions, even some tatters cost more than 150k.(Even if I spend 3.5M on a W.head, I don't know how much it'll cost on tatters to get perfect augment on it) Why is everything so expensive now ;<

No money to play this game lah! D;

I guess time to wait until next update to see if there's any new gear that's easy and cheap to obtain that can replace W.head lah D;

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Let it end already

So SE's been talking about upgrading AF2+1 through synergy or some sort of magian stuff.....

So that means I passed all the -1 stuff for nothing.

And that also means I need to go back to Dyna and grind all that -1 all over again, when I thought I can finally end this Dyna nightmare D;

Seriously, why won't SE just let all the old content die already. We need something new, NEW. New area, new zone, new game play, new rules. After years of doing dyna, all they do is add more gears to in dyna, and add more bosses that's exactly the same as old ones(DL and Arch DL is exactly the same, no really)

Endgame content 2 years ago: Dyna Limbus sky sea Einherjar Salvage

Endgame content 2 years later: Neo Dyna Neo Limbus Neo sky/sea Neo Einherjar Neo Salvage

I can understand that keeping old content alive, such as Salvage, is important for mythic builders. But adding synergy augment isn't the best way to solve the alex problem, why not at least add new zones that also drops alex?

They can keep fixing old game content, but really, we need something new. Doing same shit over and over again for years isn't fun in anyway.

No seriously, let dyna die already.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

First Odin drop obtained

Spent 1 point on this(which is obviously obsolete and no one wants nowadays)

after Odin fight in Einherjar just so I can at least get ONE item from Odin after 1.5 year of doing W body/head/Hofud again.

Err, I mean so I can fight Maat with a V.fork, legit reason no?

Monday, 8 August 2011

New avatar.....for now

Getting sick of the taru pic, so changed to the bat pic for a bit.

I feel the nightmare is one step getting toward the end

I feel the nightmare is one step getting toward the end.

One more Odin probably.

3 more assault nights probably.

Still need a fk tones of Nyzul, but it should be easier once assault is done with more tags.

Now how do I convince someone without "I only do stuff in Abyssea, and Abyssea only" mindset to help me farm that retard amount of Alex.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

More WF test, MAB v.s AGI

So after a debate between gearing for AGI(use Loki for WS) v.s gearing for MAB(use QD Mirke with MAB augment) on forum, I decided do some test myself, and finally get a bit of clear idea on how it works. This is a question I've been asking myself, and unable to find answers everywhere since everyone on the forums give different answer. Why ppl said /BLU deals more dmg than /RDM, but when I tested it /RDM wins? Why some ppl suggested using Loki and some ppl suggested using MAB Mirke? How exactly does this work?

The main debate about gear set is whether AGI heavy set(Loki/AF3+2 or Ambusher) is better than MAB heavy set (Mirke/Desultors with MAB augment) or not, in terms of pure dmg output(not counting STP etc) Most ppl seems to believe 2AGI=1MAB, therefore Mirke/Desultors with MAB augment wins. However, in reality AGI and MAB ratio changes all the time and it's not really static 2AGI=1MAB.

Anyways, here's how I test it, I used 2 sets, one set is AGI set with Loki/AF3+2 legs, this is also the standard set I've been using all the time.

Another set is MAB set with ACP/ASA pants with MAB augment. Mirke has MAB+4 and AGI+5, Desultor has MAB+4 AGI+2

Note that I do not have Sveltesse Gouriz, since I don't like inv-1 on one WS gear that I'm not even 100% sure if it's better than Aquiline or not.

General rule for WF gear is, if you're already having certain amount of AGI, gearing for more AGI will be less effective than gearing for MAB, and vice versa. If you're fighting enemies with high INT, then AGI will have greater effect than MAB.

If I test in Abyssea, my atma would be Ultimate/Smoldering sky/Lone wolf. First I tested in Abyssea La Theine, with /SAM. No firestorm/weather bonus, no temps no wizards roll, used fire shot before all WS. Since WF dmg is incredibly stable, I only WS 2~3 times on those, the dmg is mostly the same anyways.

AGI heavy set:

MAB heavy set(ACP/ASA with MAB augment):

Then I popped an Ascetic's Tonic, and did a No.11 wizards roll.

AGI heavy set:

MAB heavy set:

At least in Visions zone and /SAM, MAB>AGI without MAB buff, with MAB buff AGI>MAB. This pointed out that WF CORs may actually gear differently depending on which SJ he/she's using and whether you're using temp items and wizards roll or not.

What about in Heroes zone? Where you'll get way more AGI from cruor buffs visions zone.

Tried Abyssea U.range with /SAM, on my beloved Buffalos.

Once again, without MAB temp items and roll:

AGI set:

MAB set:

And if I pop MAB temp/MAB roll:

AGI set:

MAB set:

And if I go change to /RDM, getting 24 MAB from SJ:

AGI set with MAB temp/roll:

MAB set with MAB temp/roll:

It seems that the AGI buff in heroes zone(or maybe it's just because buffalos has extremly low INT) is so high, to a point that if you /SAM, MAB set will always win, with or without MAB temp/rolls. But if you change to /RDM, with MAB temp/rolls, it will push the ratio of MAB higher and the dmg will favor AGI set again.

This also means I've been gearing wrong the ENTIRE time when I duo/solo Audumbla on COR/SAM with Wildfire zerg. I should have been using MAB set even with MAB temps/rolls.

/sadface, gimp noob gearing it wrong! Q.Q

Anyways, I also tested both sets outside of Abyssea, on VWNM. I don't get to WS a whole lot, so it may not be 100% accurate, but the result is pretty similar, with wizards roll AGI set wins, without wizards roll MAB set wins if I /RDM.

On T1 Worm, /RDM, no food, no weather bonus, no wizards roll:

AGI set:

MAB set:

On Peist NM, /RDM, no food, no firesday weather bonus, with No.11 wizards roll on:

AGI set:

MAB set:

On Slime NM, /RDM, no MAB buff, no food/firesday bonus:

AGI set:

MAB set:

With No.11 wizards roll, still /RDM on same NM:

AGI set:

MAB set:

However, there are still exception to this rule, after slime NM I changed my SJ to /WHM just to make my life and other pt member's life easier, then we go pop T3 vampire.

This NM seems to have some weird magic resist/magic def, or just having high INT. WF dmg is slightly lower than other VWNMs(But not as bad as windy T4 iron giant ones, that's one VWNM slug actually do more dmg than WF)

/WHM on this NM, no wizards roll:

AGI set:

MAB set:

I have no idea why AGI set wins even without /RDM and no MAB buff. My guess is either:

1. Luck, when I WS with MAB set on it just happen to resist, or that NM's Magic def just kicked in or something.

2. That NM has extremly high INT, making AGI set stronger.

After all those tests that kinda answered some of the questions I had in mind for ages, why /RDM(24 MAB) beats /BLU(20 MAB 9 AGI) when I tested it last time? Prehaps in heroes zone with that much AGI from cruor buff and with squid sushi popped, it just favors /RDM more since it has more MAB. I didn't even think I used wizards roll when I tested it, to avoid getting different numbers. And all that varibles made /RDM with more MAB superior SJ for this WS than /BLU when I tested it.

Time to make 2 WS macros for this WS ;<

Merit capped

I never really try to grind merit points after recent merit cap increase, I just let merit point comes by naturally. So it took me a while to finally cap my merit on those new stats.

Anyways, here's the review of how I merit my char.

HP 12/12

Tbh I'd do MP if triggering the latent effect of Uggly pendant isn't that much of a pain if I'm on COR/DD

If SE release any neck piece that has higher MAB than Uggly pendant in the future and I get it, then I'd do MP 12/12.

AGI 8/8

When merit cap increase I tried to put 2~3 merit into STR, since my BLU's dmg output is wayyy behind other DDs and having 8 STR lower instead of 5 STR can really hurt a lot. Plus with events outside of abyssea coming I may need slug shot more on COR as well. Then in the end I decided I'll still stuck with AGI, lowered all my STR merit to 0 and get that AGI to 8/8. I never regret it since then. AGI 8/8 is so awesome.
I just have to figure out the damn MAB v.s AGI ratio for WF, which I've been testing extensively recently.

Combat skills:
Sword 8/8
Dagger 8/8
Marksmanship 8/8
Evasion 4/4
Parry 4/4

Obvious enough, fully merited all the main combat skill for my BLU and COR, putting the rest of the merit into evasion and parry for tanking/survive-ability

Magic skills:
Blue magic skill 8/8

I may put enfeebling magic to 8/8 for RDM due to the fact that RDM maat fight is very challenging and having the merit helps. I'll do it if I fail to win XD

Crit-hit rate 5/5
Spell interruption rate 5/5

Since I'm not tank job/healer job main, there are no other choice.

I think enemy crit-hit rate may be useful for tanking on BLU/solo/survive-ability, but so does spell interruption rate.

Physical potency 5/5
Magic accuracy 5/5

Tbh I think CA recast is way more beneficial than magic acc, at least for me. If you only use BLU for CW burn and yellow proc whore then magic acc would be better choice, but I used BLU for everything, it's my only DD job atm, and I use it as a DD job way more than other ppl who has other DD jobs. And I rarely do CW burn XD

Prehaps I should change to CA recast some other time if I get merit, but let me see how's lv 85 EG event going first.

Convergence 1/5
Diffusion 1/5
Enchainment 3/5
Assimilation 5/5

5/5 for Assimilation which is a must have, 1 for Convergence and Diffusion just to have this JA in case I need it, rest goes to Enchainment, Pretty standard no?

PR recast 3/5
QD recast 5/5
QD acc 2/5

I admit the way I merit COR is very weird and very different from rest of the player base. Most of the COR players do QD recast and acc 5/5, and totally freak out about QD acc if it's not 5/5. However I didn't have G1 complete until Abyssea pt introduced, did quite a lot of lv 75 group events without any QD acc merit, and most of the time it won't bother me. I have no problem landing light shot in merit pt/einherjar/dyna without a light staff and QD acc merit, and QD is just too inefficient as a way to deal dmg due to it's long recast time unless you're soloing and only use QD to do dmg. (I don't really notice QD dmg drop without 5/5 merit anyways). In the end I put 3 merit to PR recast time and get the recast time lower to 49 sec with ASA pants augment, and keep that 2 acc merit just to be safe.

I never regret not having QD acc 5/5, if I want to change anything I'd lower it to 0 and get PR recast to 5/5(especially with new No.11 bonus update, the more often you roll, the more chance you can get to No.11 and started a series of glorious No.11 chain). However, every time I ended up having to face that "you're doing it wrong without QD acc 5/5" voice and having to defend for it, which is pretty annoying >.>

Snake eye 5/5
Fold 1/5
Winning Streak 3/5
Loaded Deck 1/5

This is the exact same way to merit COR as JP job guide suggested. The main advantage of meriting this way is you get to keep DD buffs(or other buffs that's beneficial to yourself) a bit longer if you're doing roll rotations. And you generally have to roll less and DD more. Once again, most(but not all) of the player base think Snake eye 5/5 Fold 4/5 Loaded Deck 1/5 is superior, once I even have to face the insult from another player in LS since he thinks Winning Streak is entirely useless.

However since recent No.11 update most of the player base is beginning to believe Winning Streak is superior, glad I don't have to redo the merit(and defend for it) now.

Monday, 1 August 2011

First PW fight

So this week is not just AV......
My first PW fight!

This NM is, IMO, currently the hardest NM in this game(since no other NM has such annoying adds), I personally haven't encounter any other NM as BS as this one I'd have to say. Not even AV, which can be dealt with SMN 2hr perfect defense. Unless someone can come up with an easier strat to deal with those adds, it's quite possibly currently the most challenging NM in this game.

For those who never encounter PW, let me explain a bit about how bad it is XD

PW has 10 different forms, each represents one ToAU area NM. And everytime when he changes form, he'll pop 8 adds, and some of those adds are ass strong(although jobs like NIN or DNC should be able to solo them), often wonder around the map and kill any player they encounter, personally I don't think any job besides very well geared PLD can survive the attack of 8 adds and main NM and won't die in 5 sec. This NM shares alliance hate, so it requires very good pt organization.

On it's final form, it's adds will cast T4 and various -ga spells to anyone that gets close, and use 9 avatar 2hr at once when HP reached certain point and blow up any player that comes close

Seeing THAT many avatar 2hr being used at once is probably one of my scarest experience in FFXI ;|

Further more, those adds won't depop after avatar 2hr used.

Also, PW pop area has many mobs that aggro and keep repopping after it's killed, although those mobs are no where near as strong as PW adds, it can still be a bit dangerous.

This fight probably requires jobs like proper tank pt, like PLD BRD COR, with DDs like SMN or RNG, and also need jobs like NIN or DNC to handle adds.

Also there's time limit, so if you don't kill it fast enough it's gonna depop.

In the end the pt run out of time, there were just way too many deaths and that makes the fight last longer than it should be.

Still, quite an invalueable experience. Seeing 9 Astral flow being used at once just epic.

New No.1

It seems SCH now finally beats COR and became the least played job in this game.

SE should totally give SCH spells that cures Amnesia and charm, not WHM ;<