Wednesday, 30 November 2011

New WSs

So, a bit of info about new WSs are out.

Everyone can only get 3 max if you max them out. I can use 4 new WSs.

I'm certainly gonna get gun, I heard it's better than slug, and yes my COR needs a good WS that's upgrade from slug. So rest is deciding between club/sword/dagger.

I'm very temped to get dagger too, for my COR. Looks decent enough and you all know that I love melee CORs to play with a good melee WS.

I heard club WS is absolutely amazing. But BLU kinda lacking good club to to use atm, and I'm already doing Almace, in the end Almace CDC+ODD may still beat perdu wand BLU spamming club WS, may as well just skip it for the sword.

I haven't seen much testing about sword WS, it may ended up being a situational WS instead of pure raw power sword WS like CDC, and I may not need it as much after almace done, however it's a WS usable by COR, and since I love sword CORs more than Vulcan or even dagger COR maybe it's a good idea to unlock it so I can play with sword for a bit. I just hope it has some use and not completely suck.

And maybe I can finally un-retire my COR then >.> I think COR's nowadays are vulcan's only are one of the main reason that I don't enjoy the job anymore ><

So dagger/gun/sword I guess. Or dagger/gun/club if sword suck too much and forced me to drop the idea of sword COR.

Kinda lame that I may miss the club, since needing a strong WS for VW is the main reason why I started Almace, and club WS completely filled the gap if it works nicely on VWNM too.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Back to FFXIV....for a bit

I have't log into FFXIV for ages, not since I went back to XI. Since I only have enough time to play one game.

Recently I felt a bit burned out in XI so decided to go back to XIV for a bit. I haven't really played since last update.

Man, this game changes A LOT.

I realized I don't really know anything about XIV anymore.

So time to read some forums ;/

And of course, I'm most curious about up coming class/job system, so I decided to take a look......






I really don't understand FFXIV anymore. I mean, ppl complained about Conjurer--->WHM(instead of BLM), but it's still understandable since Conjurer gets Cures. But Archer---->Bard this is just totally not understandable.

According to the forum discussion:

Bards in many MMORPG settings uses bow, therefore Archer---->Bard.

I feel this is the typical example of adding something new without planned before hand. For me it looks more like they want a Bard job, but they can't find any class that fits this job, so they have to do Archer--->Bard.

But really, a heavy DD class to a support role job, doesn't make any fking sense.

I guess in FFXIV Bard will be a more DD/buff hybrid class, like COR in FFXI, instead of weak sauce BRD in FFXI.

I don't know if FFXIV still plan to release Musketeer, but if they do it's probably not gonna be a DD/buff hybrid like in FFXI since Archer already taken that role.

I mentioned that I was interested in playing Bard in FFXIV long time ago, does that means I need to lv Archer now? ;( So sad. I don't like bow and arrow ;(

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Been thinking

I'm kinda temped to apply for another LS after talking to one of their sacks. And that means leaving my current LS Cynosure and become a nearly full time member(besides DP event on weekends) of another LS. I've been in Axiom/Cynosure since a lv 25 noob, and besides a few core member/sacks I'm probably one of the oldest member that still stays in LS and still plays, many other none sack members that's as old as me pretty much either quit or left LS.

I finally understand why many hardcore players dislike Abyssea and love old style HNMLS more. Thanks to the lowman nature of Abyssea, ppl in one LS no longer work together to help each other achieve their goal. New ppl keep coming(and since Cynosure is a help new ppl LS, it's very natural to keep recruiting new ppl), old ppl leave because they can't make progress unless they leave, those who already own 10+ AF3+2 jobs plus multiple empys lives in Abyssea all day long with mule/close friends. The result is the entire LS ended up consisting two type of ppl, new ppl without one job 90, or with 90 jobs but no AF3+2/missions done etc, and couldn't get help to gear their jobs properly. Older ppl is either core member like sacks, or members with close friends(so they can still make progress without LS help, and doesn't need to help LS)

This make me wonder what's the point of LS at all if ppl don't do LS event together. A glorified chat channel? When Grom made this LS, the core value of the LS is to be a LS that's “Casual, with ambition”. That means although it's a causal LS, we still do LS events. Events that requires team work.

But when you can make progress with just close friends/mules, no one would want to do anymore group event that requires more than 6 ppl.

IMO, LS events is more than just doing things together and help each other to achieve their goals. It also provides a chance to play with other ppl(instead of your mule) and learn different play style to improve your job accordingly. Once I saw someone on other forums describes his experience in HNMLS, how ppl learn from each other and become better at their jobs. It's a friendly competition, but it's more than just getting gears and achieve goals, but also by watching others play you can learn new insight of the job too.

Back in the past there are a lot of ppl I learned from when I play with other ppl. I learned a lot about COR from ppl like Tigerfury and Rezeak, I learned a lot about BLU from Agerknux and Foxx, by watching ppl that's better than me I eventually learned the new possibility of my jobs.

That's why I still stay in LS, with ppl come and go in LS, there needs to be someone showing the rope to the newer ppl in LS, since most of the more dedicated members either do their own stuff, or leave LS when they need to make progress. If someone is needing help with an NM or cleave burn feet farm I'm often the first one to jump out and help if I'm free, or offered help on the forum if anyone needs any abby NM killed. But my motivation is more than just helping them, but more like to show other ppl how I play my jobs so hopefully it can inspire them some how. I'm not that type of person that will call someone gimp right away when I see ppl not playing properly. So I'd rather just do it in action and hopefully they learn a thing or two. When ppl asking for help to do cleave burn feet farm I offered help, but mostly just to show him how to CW faster without getting plenty of ppl to help so he can do it himself next time. I take my chance to pt with other newer BLU for Abyssea NMs often, just to show them how to DD on BLU properly(since most ppl just loves to spam QC on skeletons over and over and waste MP + never gear swap). I gave up my chance to leech a job in LS EXP pt and change to my lv 95 BLU just because I see some LS member(you probably know who I'm talking about if you're in LS) only doing 1.6k~3k Blade:Hi average on Altepa dolls......which is same average dmg as my vorpal blade on my average joe BLU. I job change to BLU and started vorpal spam, hopefully he'd realized that he is doing it wrong when he compare his numbers with other ppl(you're doing it very wrong if your Hi is as bad as vorpal). And even Zeig said nobody would care.

But really, if you don't care(when someone else actually change to another job while leeching to show you that you're doing it wrong), how'd you ever improve?

Yes, that's exactly what happened when you only play with close friends or mules, you never get a chance to play with different ppl besides the ppl you already know, you never get to see different styles of playing, and how different ppl solve their problems. You will spam that gimp Hi over and over and never realized it's gimp. Or become a BLU that spams Gob rush and QC over and over and never realized it's less MP efficient than spamming HS and delta thrust. I even post a bit of opinions and experience share on LS forum just give newer BLUs an idea how this job is like and how to do it properly, but yes, it seems no one would care. What do they care instead? Build an empy, or even Mythic. Fight PW, kill Kirin, before even having proper atmas and AF3+2s, plus not even know how to gear/play it right.

Being a causal player myself, I always believe a causal player can get something meaningful done too, and always try to encourage other ppl to do the same. But really, playing with a mule/close friend and refuse to learn and help others won't get you anywhere, even if you have 1338 empys.

And kinda a shame now that this game is so easy nowadays that even a player who doesn't bother to learn how to play/gear properly can still make legendary gears like relic/empy/mythic without LS help.

I guess that's why I liked VW a lot, I get to pt with more good players on this server from different LS, compare my performance with others, learn from other ppl by watching other ppl perform. Eventually I realized I need to make progress myself too. I was hoping other ppl in LS can be better at their job, then eventually inspire me and help me get better too, just like how Tigerfury inspired me on COR and I ended up came up with new ideas that he admires.....but ever since Agerknux and Tigerfury left the game I don't really know a lot of dedicated player who really loves their job and good enough to inspire me in something anymore.

Eventually I realized I need to walk out, if I want to get better at my own job(s). Since most of the older/more dedicated players in LS all left, or refuse to play with other LSmates, and I haven't play with anyone good at their jobs for ages except VW pt.

But if I leave, where should I go?

And yes, I usually don't turn on my elitist mode because I don't think I'm an elite tier player and really have no right to turn on elitist mode towards other ppl. I guess I changed, somehow.


I found more and more alex on sell ever since SE announce they're gonna increase the drop rate after update. Alex used to be 15~20k each, now 15k is considering too expensive and there are more and more alex costs less than 15k.

On the other hand heavy metal is getting harder and harder to find, and harder to find them for 100k too.

I found the price of currency also dropped a bit, with large amount of currency flooding to the market.

I wonder which item will be the easiest to make by next update? Empy's been easier to make than relic for nearly 1 year, then suddenly relic easier than empy. Mythic was near impossible months ago, suddenly all seems possible now with more alex on the market.

I wonder when will I ever finish ._.

Monday, 21 November 2011

More eva.............

According to the test server, it seems new spell Barbed Crescent offers additional -30 accuracy, and stack with auroral drape.

Did a bit of quick math, found out.............

If we're not counting stat(AGI) and gear difference, a BLU/DNC casting Auroral drape+Barbed Crescent+warm-up now has higher evasion than THF.

And the good news is Barbed Crescent lasts fairly long, so no need to spend such huge amount of time to keep recasting.

This makes me wonder if I just grinded all the evasion gear for nothing D;

With those spells, even in eva tank situations in Abby I can still go full DD, so evasion sets are pretty much pulling/holding mobs only ;(

Friday, 18 November 2011

Relic +2

Quickly looked at the relic +2 info floating around on the internet, it seems +2 relic isn't anything godly least for my jobs.

Some of the pieces that's worth upgrading are:



防59 MP+28 STR+5 DEX+5 命中+15 攻+15 リフレシュ (STR+5 DEX+5 acc+15 attack+15 refresh)

Heavy strike.....I guess....less dmg than Toci and Alcde. harness+1 though. Or maybe CDC body when acc needed or something. But just so-so overall.


防22 HP+17 MP+17 DEX+8 MND+8 回避+7 モクシャ+7 (DEX+8 MND+8 subtle blow+7 evasion +7)

Looks good for CDC, and evasion tank/solo setup.


防40 HP+21 MP+21 STR+5 AGI+5 命中+7 魔法命中率+7 (STR+5 AGI+5 acc+7 macc+7)

Heavy strike........


防21 MP+21 AGI+6 INT+6 MND+6 攻+7 青魔法スキル+3 (AGI+6 INT+6 MND+6 attack+7 blue magic skil+3)


防31 HP+21 STR+5 VIT+5 青魔法スキル+7 与ブレス効果アップ (STR+5 VIT+5 blue magic skill+7 breath effect up)

Not worth mentioning........maybe good for new breath spell and that's it.

Nothing amazing for BLU tbh. Mostly just sidegrade/small upgrade stuff.


防31 HP+17 STR+6 飛攻+12 ファントムロール性能アップ2 (STR+6 rattk+12 enhance phantom roll+2)

This is interesting. I wonder what enhance phantom roll does, maybe now it can enhance the effect of pre lv 75 rolls 100% when right jobs are not in pt? Probably on No.1 list to upgrade first.

STR+6 rattk+12 is also the best slug shot piece if racc not needed.

防59 STR+5 AGI+5 命中+12 飛攻+12 ランダムディール効果アップ2 (STR+5 AGI+5 acc+12 rattk+12 random deal effect up2)

Another second tier enhance JA piece.

防39 HP+31 STR+5 AGI+5 攻+9 飛命+5 飛攻+5 回避+9 (STR+5 AGI+5 attack+9 racc+5 rattk+5 evasion+9)


防21 HP+17 DEX+5 INT+5 命中+9 魔法攻撃力アップ+6 (DEX+5 INT+5 acc+9 mattk+6)

:o mattk on feet slot ;O

It doesn't beat AF3+2 feet for WF, but it's better for leaden salute I believe. Maybe also good to macro it in for second QD shot. (first shot in AF3+2 feet for dmg+20%, second shot macro in mattk+6 or something)

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Enmity- set

So I did some of the enmity math for WF set in VW while in math mode(usually not a math person here anyways)

I did some search on and managed to come up with an enmity- set. Note that enmity- from gears capped at 50, so I only add enough enmity- gears to reach 50 cap, which is enmity- 50%. I'm not really sure if enmity- from merit can break enmity- from gears or not, since I can't seems to find the info anywhere again(?) So I just assume I'm too lazy to change the merit and it stays the same.

I also tried my best to find enmity- gears that doesn't take away a lot of MAB slot, and offers some AGI at least. Praeda set has STP and enmity-, so I put them on the list. Lenore's hairpin/Mirador's trousers has high AGI and lots of enmity-, so I put both of them in the set as well. Rest of the gears are just usual AGI and MAB in that slot, plus vulcan's staff etc. The goal is to reach -50 enmity while keeping as much MAB and AGI as possible.

And when I compare, I compare with high dmg set like this, which is the current set I have:

Note: One of my ring isn't stat+7 ring, it's only +6....I still have my doubt about INT-, and 1 AGI makes very small difference anyways, so I use AGI+6 ring instead. But 95% of ppl would use 2x stat+7 rings, so when I calculate the total AGI, I'd calculate stat+7 rings x2. Oh and btw, I don't have AGI+ grip, so I used STP one(Rose strap).

My lv 90 COR/SAM has 90 AGI total, a lv 95 COR/SAM may have higher or lower depending on the race/merit I'll just use 90, the number wouldn't make a very big difference anyways.

According to wildfire dmg calculator, enmity- set losts about 500 WF dmg. I played with monster's INT at 80/100/120, only 100 dmg difference anyways. So I just use 80 INT.

The enmity- set has 134 AGI and 13 MAB total, should deal 1318 dmg on a monster with 80 INT before calculating monster's magic resist. Expected CE is about 1647 based on the enmity generating formula. WF has 25% enmity- if WS at 100 TP, so 1236 enmity generated after WF. With enmity- 50 from gear it generates 618 CE total.

CE cap at 10000, so I can do 17 WF before enmity reaches cap, resulting 22406 total dmg.

The high dmg set has 165 AGI total and 37 MAB, should deal 1834 dmg according to calculator, expected CE is about 2292, if WS at 100 TP it generates 1719 CE.

So 6 WF before reaching cap, 11004 dmg total.

Enmity- set deals twice as much total dmg as high dmg set if enmity is an issue. I believe it's probably a better WS set for ppl subbing SAM(since this SJ allows you to spam WS like no tomorrow). I haven't done the calculation when fighting mobs with higher magic resist and result WF dmg lower than 1k. But 1.2k~2k WF dmg is pretty average in VW, in that case enmity- set would probably win, unless mob almost die and you're zerging with fanatics.

I've been working on COR gears/atmacite upgrade for VW when I feel like playing it again, and been thinking about dropping snap shot precast set(which just doesn't seems to worth the inv in any way) to fit in MDT- set, but maybe I can drop MDT- set to fit an enmity- WS set too, and only switch to high dmg set when dmg is really needed like blitz zerg etc.

Or maybe drop melee haste set in VW to fit in both MDT- and enmity- set............melee set is only good at getting sword/dagger proc anyways, can just put acc gears in sack and take it out if needing to land a dagger WS or something.

Time for more gil grind I guess ;< ;< ;< Ever since I start playing FFXI again it seems like all I'm doing is farming gil and buying AH gears for x set and y set ;<

EDIT: Just realized that enmity- set I posted sucked......don't need to use Praeda set, and can use Cruedlis belt for both AGI and enmity-, with merits still can reach 50, but able to keep hand/feet slot for massive AGI.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Taking forever...........

Almace Progress: Helms 6/50, no skin, no NM killed yet.....If I push for a little maybe I can finish lv 80 during this Christmas holidays.

Armageddon 95 Progress: 11/1500 Heavy Metal Plates.....If I push for a little maybe I can finish lv 95 next Christmas holidays.

Death Penalty Alexandrite Progress: 3756/30000............If I push for a little maybe I can finish 30k alex during Christmas holidays in 2013..............

Those weapons just never finish, no?

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Changing merits

Considering I'm sitting at 20/20 unused merits for ages, I've been thinking about changing merits for my jobs based on what I do......for example, change QC acc merit to 5/5 if I'm doing VWNM(especially Pil) on COR, and change back to PR focused merit when I'm rolling more in other events. Do more CA recast merit when I'm DD on BLU in easier game content, and change back to magic oriented merit for VW and such.....

Merits are so easy to come by nowadays that there's really no point to stay in same merit setup all the time when one setup is clearly more beneficial than another in certain situation.

Monday, 7 November 2011


After playing a bit with evasion BLU, I decided to do some evasion math just to see the real rating of each evasion job....which mostly came from NIN v.s DNC debate long time ago.

It's basically the comparison between NIN DNC PUP BLU and THF, 5 of the top tier evasion jobs.

Note that I'm not 100% sure about whether evasion skill= evasion or not. Some say 1 evasion skill=0.5 evasion, some say 1 evasion skill=1 evasion, some say 1 evasion skill=0.9 evasion. Some say it depends on the amount of evasion you have. According to BG-wiki, 1 skill= 0.9 evasion when skill 200+, so I'll just use this formula.(Although I'm temped to use 1 skill=1 evasion, easier to calculate)

Also this is assuming everyone has same stat....I know every job doesn't, but your stats are depending on race, merits, jobs, what spells you set on BLU, and kinda difficult to measure. So I assume everyone has same amount of AGI to make it easier to math.

Also this is a naked comparison, so evasion from gear doesn't count as well. I also gonna do 2 version, one is no SJ another one is with SJ DNC(Only NIN and BLU gains evasion benefit from /DNC btw, THF PUP DNC doesn't). And assume no evasion merit is used.

Lets start from DNC:

DNC evasion skill is 376 at lv 95, which equal to 338.4 evasion, it can merit Closed position and that's evasion +15, and it has evasion bonus3 job trait which is +35. So total evasion= 338.4+15+35=388.4, I round it down to 388 to make it easier to calculate.

According to hit rate formula, Hit Rate = 75% + (Accuracy - Evasion)*0.5% + (Attacker's Level - Defender's Level)*2%. Assuming the mob you're fighting are same lv(to make it easier to calculate again), a lv 95 mob with 388 accuracy will have exact 75% hit rate on the DNC.

NIN's evasion skill is 389 which equal to 350 evasion, but doesn't have any native evasion bonus job trait, it has Kurayami which is acc-20. When fighting a mob with 388 accuracy: 75% + ((388-20)-350)x0.5%= 84%, the mob will have 84% hit rate on NIN.

You may think DNC wins over NIN, but I didn't calculate Yonin, since I can't find info about how much evasion bonus it got anywhere, the result may ended up being close to DNC. Also if NIN use DNC as SJ, it gains evasion bonusII, and ended up having 372 evasion, 368-372=-4, the mob will ended up having 73% hit rate on the NIN/DNC.

PUP's evasion skill is 370 which equal to 333 evasion, it has evasion bonus IV which is +48. So total evasion is 381.

75%+ (388-381)x0.5%= 78.5%

BLU's evasion skill is 340 which equals to 306 evasion. It can set evasion bonusI, which is +10. It also has access to auroral drape, which is acc-60 blind. It also has 2 evasion spells, one is feather barrier with evasion+20, but 30 sec down time with max recast time. Another is warm-up with evasion+10, but no down time.

BLU using feather barrier has 336 evasion total:
75%+ ((388-60)-336)x0.5%= 71%

BLU using warm-up has 326 evasion total:
75%+ ((388-60)-326)x0.5%= 74%

BLU subbing DNC(328 base evasion):

With feather barrier:
75%+ ((388-60)-348)x0.5%= 65%

With warm-up:
75%+ ((388-60)-338)x0.5%= 70%

As long as BLU is casting evasion + and acc- spells, it's actually a better evasion job than NIN and DNC.

Now compare with THF, the king of evasion jobs. THF has 396 evasion skills, which equal to 356 evasion, it also has evasion bonus job trait V, which is evasion+60. So the total evasion is 416

75%+ (388-416)x0.5%= 61%

I believe the result is THF > BLU/DNC > NIN/DNC > BLU > DNC > PUP > NIN unless I missed anything(unless Yonin actually boosts evasion a fk tone and give NIN 3%~8% more eva rate).

So yes, get your evasion set done all BLUs ._. It's an awesome set, seriously.

Sunday, 6 November 2011


IMO, VW is really an event to test of how to gear a job properly, and how much you care about the job.

Took me a lot of runs to find out my vorpal set and heavy strike set is completely garbage for VW, works in Abyssea but just not VW.

When HS is missing 70% of time, and vorpal is doing less than a joytoy PLD, then there's something wrong. After I re-examine my gear, I realized I'm missing a lot of items and need to readjust both sets completely for VW. Items like Loki shouldn't be used outside of abby when it's hard to crit, also need to buy Alcide+1 set for WS/HS. Acc is never enough for HS in VW, and how can I leave acc rings/back at home ;(

Gimp noob gearing wrong DDDD;

Anyways, the difference between gearing right and gearing wrong

Although 4.8k Ukko is pretty BS on Pil, but it's also more likely because he is gearing right. Since I haven't seen any other empyrean WS goes even close to that. Most of the empyrean/relic WS is just 1k~2k range.

I've been soloing a lot, so most of the gears I bought for BLU are solo friendly/defensive stuff, now need to focus on the DD aspect a bit more.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Interesting concept

So while I did VW, I saw one COR wearing enmity- set. Considering COR can reach 2 hit in VW and has retard WS spam rate and will face down after a few WS, this makes me wonder if enmity- build actually deal more damage than high damage build, if enmity- is enough to make you WS a few more time before capping hate.

And if it's possible to switch to high damage set during proc zerg and fanatics.

I guess time to do some enmity math research, including the amount of enmity generates when WS at 100 TP, and quite possible to change merit into enmity- merit too when I click that job change botton. Personally I have my doubt about sacrificing 500+ WS dmg for enmity- build, when this WS only did 1k~2k in VW from what I've seen. Unless this allow me to spam WS 3x more. But I haven't play COR in VW properly*(that means with regain/save TP atmacite fully upgrade and lv 95 for save TP roll) yet, so I'm not sure about how it feel like to 2 hit WF spam in VW and how fast I'd cap enmity. I'm pretty sure 2x WF will cap enmity in Abby instantly, but not sure about VW.

I just got my ex/rare QD bullets from Akvan, and bought pretty much every other AH gear I want except AGI belt(which is never oh AH). Save TP atmacite upgrade is progressing nicely as well, although still missing regain atmacite.

But time to lv it to 95 and play it properly I guess.....not just lol regain whore. Although I admit, I'm completely not on COR mode atm, can I even play it properly?


So I saw a Zilart T1 wyrm VW /shout.

Below are /tell mode:

Afania: I need clear
Leader: What job you have?
Afania: BLU
Leader: BLU is useless for this fight, this is a zerg fight, need Ukko WAR etc, come COR please.
Afania: ..........................

How the fk she knows that I have COR >.>

Afania: But its only lv 90, and it won't have top performance. It won't function properly in VW without save TP roll.
Leader: That's fine, you just need body +1 and regain us.

BS, anyone who've known me enough knows that I hate to gimp COR to an extreme point, and would rather not play it if it's not on top performance(top performance including knowing how to deal max damage in given situations, and this requires a lot of testing and research on the WS to use and timing of JA), and yet I'm forced to play my gimp COR for no reason. And roll regain then do nothing else is what I hate the most.

So I was forced to clicked that job change botton, for the first time in one month, I regear for another job. Another job I wasn't even sure how to play to deal damage properly in VW now.

In the end it turned out that this fight isn't zerg fight at all, it was a mess with bunch of empy melees dying, and I don't think lv 95 BLU isn't any inferior than lv 90 regain whore COR for this fight.

Sometimes it's just extremely hard to change the PoV of some ppl. "We just need COR for regain" "BLU is useless in VW" I have no idea where's this mindset's came from.

Next time I gonna tell them that I retired it and not playable in VW, until I finish regain and save TP atmacite upgrade, and lv it to lv 95 so I can equip new gears(already bought some AH gears ready), and be ready to deal most damage(yesterday's run I wasn't even sure how I can deal max dmg without preparation)

But regain whore, no thanks. Why ppl automatically knows that I have this job is something I never understand. And why ppl won't recognize my BLU is something I don't understand more. Just because I don't have an empy sword? Is my BLU really that bad? ;(

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Practice practice more

As previously mentioned, since my new in-game goal is to solo Shinryu, I need practice.

Because one of the BLU in LS named Shadowmonkey needs a BLU JSE ammo, I decided to try to solo the Ironclad NM for him to get this item. Mostly just want to practice my solo skill for Shinryu and to see how durable BLU can be when blooding tanking shit. Since Shinryu and ironclad all shared same property: AoE melee attacks that's TP move, can't be eva/counter/shadow tanked, my goal was to see how well BLU can be to blood tank stuff.

Note that I asked Foxx afterward, apparently he've eva tanked that NM before at lv 85 on THF. So maybe* eva tank is doable. But since my goal is to test blood tank ability when solo, so I decided not to try eva tank and do blood tank instead.

This NM is probably very easy soloable at this lv now. So it's not really any worthwhile achievement as any well geared BLUs can do it. However since it's my first time really start challenge myself soloing stuff, I'd like to start from the easy NM first, to build some confidence ;<

The SJ I used is /SCH. I've been debating between /RDM or /SCH, but decided to try /SCH. Since BLU itself can set fast castI already and self cast phalanx(barrier tusk), and this NM doesn't cast magic. MDB II and fast cast II are still two of the biggest advantage of /RDM.

So whats the advantage of /SCH? Generally it's Light Arts + Celerity, this makes casting Stoneskin incredibly fast. Light arts is -10%, Celerity is -50%, with fast cast gear macro and fast cast1 job trait I can put up SS easily between each hit.....if I'm not stunned. Aquaveil from /SCH is also must have, again, life saver.
That taru RDM/BLU rely on fast casting stoneskin and cocoon a lot to blood tank Shinryu, and in order to cast/recast SS as fast as a RDM, /SCH and set fast cast job trait is pretty much a must have IMO.

/SCH also has regen II and conserve MP, all very useful for solo.

My atma choices is completely going defensive: RR/MM/Mounted champion, again, first time better play safe, although I'm pretty sure if I do it again I can drop MM for another DD atma like Apoc, since MM is completely not needed(had nearly 95% HP entire time). I also used taco, again, play safe thing, although using DD food should be fine for skilled players.

Besides basic BLU job trait like auto-refresh and DW, I also set fast cast and triple attack.

My strategy is pretty simple, solo it near a wall so I won't get knock back, TP in PDT- gear(although I don't really have a PDT- set.....), cast Harden shell whenever JA recast up, cast cocoon if it's not up. Cast barrier tusk, and cast SS whenever I can, then rely on Mounted champion and regenII to recover MP since I expect I will got stunned lot and hard to do anything, so the less need to cast healing spell the better.

I haven't finish PDT- set, so my PDT- set is only twilight torque, dark steal harness and denali hands(PDT-10% only) and shadow mantle, no PDT- sword either. My "casting stoneskin" set is also nothing special....Loq earring+w legs with fast cast augment, and Seigel sash, rest all haste gears.....maybe I need to start collecting more fast cast and stoneskin+ gears. I also used Isador(it's my strongest DD sword atm anyways, so I pretty much full time it) for another 5% fast cast.

I thought it would be ass easy, but it's actually more annoying than I expected.....Amnesia and stun after each hit, although it isn't anything deadly, it slows down my DD speed a lot and made recast buffs much harder. Later on I learned the pattern of it's attack tempo and with A.bust+head butt, it gots a bit easier after I learned the tempo of popping spells.

Apparently my "PDT-" set isn't qualified w.

I still took 100+ dmg very often, especially if harden shell isn't up, and SS barely last more than 2 hits, although sometimes it can get lower than 50 dmg. And it's not easy to keep barrier tusk up as well with all the stun and such. In the end I spent quite a lot of time healing myself and unable to bother with buffs anymore, let alone doing dmg. Maybe a bit more practice I can do this a bit faster.

I guess if I want to lower the dmg to 100- and SS last 3 hits, I really need to work on my PDT- set, and possibly other SS enhance gears as well.

Anyways, after a while, finally killed it.

Note that although Shadowmonkey was in pt, I've told him not to interfere. No healing me, nor touching the NM. He was just there to lot the ammo(he has to be in the pt for ammo to drop, since I already have one), so it was still solo, indeed.

I guess that's a small step to bigger goal, solo Shinryu, no?

Note that I thought about it afterwards,I think this can be done with any SJ if PDT- set is good. But I still like the result of /SCH quit a lot. I may actually try to use this SJ if I want to blood tank any VW in the future.

Next solo practice target: WoTG sandy/basty missions, Turul, Carabosse, Bri, Omega.....all those are confirmed soloable stuff, but again, need practice!


Project Death Penalty:
Captain Rank 50/50 (Complete)
Runic Key (Complete)
Titles 8/8(Complete)
Balrahn's Eyepatch 100000/100000(Complete)
Wyrmseeker Areuhat 150000/150000(Complete)
Assault relog 50/50(Complete)
Alexandrite (3636/30,000)
T4 ZNM items (0/3)

Waiting for SE to increase the amount of alex drop so I can get that remaining 26k alex and finish this lonnnnnng quest.

New in game goal

New goal in FFXI: Solo Shinryu on BLU.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

An advice to all BLUs

As previous post mentioned, I've been focusing playing BLU a lot and got a lot deep enjoyment out of it. I was intended to write a guide(again, not a guide from a pro, since I know quite a lot of BLU that's more knowledgeable than me on this server that I often ask gear advice from them), and if there's any advice I'd give for anyone playing BLU, or intend to lv it, I'd do one suggestion, that I believe it's very important for every BLUs, more important than grinding x gear set y weapon for this job.

Try to solo all the spells and all the mission BCs. Try to solo or lowman tanking stuff as much as possible. Don't drag 1000 ppl if you want to do get something done. Always try a couple of times to solo or lowman tanking an NM/mission BC before getting help.

The main reason being it's a good practice of pushing the job's potential and it's limit, when to use defensive spells to help you survive, how to conserve MP, when to cast stun or flash, when to start running away and kite, when to recast shadows, and which job trait to set will help you survive the most or kill faster, and how to deal with links or adds. IMO soloing or lowmanning stuff is the best way to learn a job's true potential, because when you're in a difficult situation, that's when BLUs shine, it shines in solo/lowman, when you get variety(more versatile than every other job in this game) of different tools to help you get out of this difficult task.

1. Always tell yourself "I can do etttttt" even if it seems impossible to do. Why? Because you can only do it if you believe you can do it. That's why I found that JP RDM/BLU Shinryu solo vid or Draylo's solo vid inspiring. You will never know whether you can do it or not until you tried, and try hard. I believe a good player of a job should be inspiring, and created new value of the job, by doing the impossibles. I found a lot of players like to ask for unnecessary help nowadays, before even trying without help. And often bring extra bodies just to be safe when they can totally do it with less. There's no way a BLU can learn how to play the job and pushing it's limit when you do it with a bunch of ppl. Any player loving their job enough will always tell themself "I can do ettttt" and try to push the potential of this job further.

Long time ago when I told Ager that there's no way BLU can out DD a MNK, he said "I swear I will do anything I can to prove that is wrong". I don't believe BLU can mathmetically out DD a MNK in abyssea ever, but I have to admit it is that kind of attitude that's been pushing his BLU's DD aspect potential, to a point that I will never get close.

If you don't believe you can do it, then you won't be able to do it, enough said.

2. Always not afraid of taking risks, but be prepared before taking the risks, or else it'd be reckless. Many ppl seems to unwilling to try anything unless they feel it's safe. Although it's nice and efficient to do it safe, but that also means you will never create new value of the job. Ppl only grow while dealing with hard tasks, this applies in both RL and FFXI. And don't be afraid of losing anything. EXP is ass easy to get if you die, losing a pop set or KI is no big deal if you can farm it again(unless that pop set or KI is ass BS hard to get like a relic weapon, most of the KI/pop set in this game atm aren't).

Remember, this is just an MMO, you got nothing to lose for trying.

3. Ask questions, and more questions. The moment you feel you know everything about the job, that's when you stopped at where you're at, there's no way you'd know everything, just like you'd never complete a piece of perfect art work. You should never feel that you know everything. Always try to find an answer after question asked. No one can tell you how to play the job, and it is a question you must ask yourself and find the answer yourself.

The reason why I'm writing this, is because a lot of player attitude was rather disappointing. When they're facing difficulties, the first thing is to ask for help and bring more bodies, even for obviously easy things to do like CoP BC fights or learning spell from Wamoura. I can understand where it's came from, since I was like that as well, never believe I can do it without help. And that's the main reason why my BLU sucked so much. According to my experience, some of the better players always willing to take risks and challenges, and always believe it's possible to do it unless it's unreasonably ridiculous.

IMO, the best and respectful players should be inspiring, by offering the new ideas and insights of the job, and create new value in it, not spending all days to farm gears(gear means nothing if you don't have the skill/knowledge to use it properly) and unwilling to try and learn.

And no, I didn't write this after I watched the vid, I've been thinking that way for very long time when I see new players post on the forum and ask for help for easy NM/BC/spell hunt before even try to solo, and seeing ppl still try to solo hard stuff like that RDM/BLU just confirmed my belief. He will never solo Shiryu if he got the mindset of "I MUST BREW SHINRYU, OR ELSE I CAN'T WIN"

Anyways, there's a couple more things I want to try on BLU and COR myself, but need to lv COR to 95 first ._.


So recently I've finally started focusing on BLU a bit more and making it better, just so that I can do everything more efficiently.

I've been duoing Bri with Zeig for Almace trial, although it takes very long to collect 50 helms(mostly because getting KI takes forever between running back and forth, Bri itself was an easy kill). Also finished 25% MDT- set which is enough to reach cap with shell V, just missing shadow ring. My eva sword progress is going nicely(I can solo pull 13+ mobs in heroes zone now and still have 2k+ HP, something I previously couldn't do months ago). I certainly enjoy seeing my BLU's performance improve for everything I do in this game, a lot. And able to get something done that I previously can't makes my life a lot easier than it used to be.

I'd have to say, ever since I switch to BLU main(not really a real main, I still consider myself COR main at heart, just want to focus on BLU for a while), it changed my life in FFXI. FFXI is much more enjoyable than it used to be as I slowly pushing the potential of this job, and trying different job trait and gear sets to test the limit of this job. I found the possibility of doing something I previously couldn't do. Duoing Isgebind or Storms of fate BC is something I would never think of before, since it was a pain when I did it, now it's totally doable after some work.

Now I've been asking myself, is it still worth it to put all my resource into mythic building?

What's the point to build Mythic? This weapon hardly push the potential of COR any further besides a few situations, and more likely just an achievement now, and unlikely I will have much fun with it after it's done. The amount of time I spent on it I can just use it to pimp BLU and able try a lot more new stuff possible.

I always enjoy trying something myself or others never try before, to challenge myself. That's why I enjoy that RDM/BLU solo shinryu vid a lot, because it's challenging the impossible. And atm finishing the Mythic probably wouldn't give me much more enjoyment than say, learned and play with a new spell, and get more different gears for BLU etc.

I guess that's why my Mythic progress isn't progressing any further, between buying PDT/MDT/evasion sets for BLU and farming Almace, there's little time I can work on mythic, on top of not be able to get on everyday and only less than 2hrs a day of play time. Although I haven't been focusing on Mythic for very long time now, considering farming it doesn't give much more enjoyment than say, finishing the PDT- set for BLU.

Is Mythic really worth doing? A question to rethink.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

JP bash

If you've been reading any FFXI NA forum for sometime, you will often see NAs talk shit about JP players, like they're poorly equipped and bad players and such.

After watching this amazing video, I'd have to say whoever says JPs are bad players are just ignorant fools. It's not just the fact that he soloed Shinryu on RDM, it's also the fact that he doesn't seems to use 3rd pt tool(not 100% sure, maybe he does) and gear swap to a point that I'd say it's godly, proves that this game can be played without windower.


stop bashing JPs.