Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Soloing business update

Although it happened like a week ago....well it's not solo but duoed.

Veuglaire---> Dropped!

Cool gun!

Thanks to Livingston the PUP and his pet Mao! (Which nuked the marid with 1.2k dmg per Blizzard IV)

Hopefully more update coming soon, lol.

Monday, 21 June 2010

Everything is the same, and yet not the same

6/22(6/21NA time), 5hr after the new lv cap 80 update. I finally finished uploading and got on. The first thing I noticed is…..

GOOD JOB SE YOU BROKE MY SEXY LOOKING MIRAGE BAZUBAND! (Yes that iron mitten looking hands are BLU relic hands, one of my favorite town gear because it looks sexy.)

Then I saw everyone on my friendlist lv 76 now.
I looked at my 0 merit and 20k tnl...../sigh
I turned my pt flag up on BLU, hoping to get an invite and 3 merits, saw a besieged going on and joined, got closer to 76.
(Haven't done besieged for ages!)

As usual, no invite.
I think I should make a pt instead, but kinda have no clue where to lv.
Everyone on my friendlist is lving in new camps it seems.

I went to jeuno and toss my Magnatus to Magian moogle and got a trial 1758 inscription on it. Hoping one day it'll turned into an Empyrean weapon....I bet whatever mob that drops the item needed is a lv 200 HNM.

Strange, the first thing I want to do now is not lv to 80, but solo swift belt instead.
With so many new content added I have no clue what to do so I just logged and go play Grandia III.

6/22(6/21NA time)
Lesson learned from yesterday, I broke my promise and seek pt on COR this time instead. 10 sec later I got 2 invites, I asked *where?* and got some familiar, and yet unfamiliar answers. Uleguerand Range, Xarcabard S….hmmm I guess it’s no longer the same old camp everyday.

Everything is the same, and yet not the same

Time to buy Abyssea add-on.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Beast Within

Since the title of this blog is called An Empty Vessel, it's weird not to talk about blue mage. So I'll talk a bit about Blue mage here.

Red v.s Blue!!!

To be honest, Blue mage is one of my least favorite job in FF series.

In the past FF games I've played, any blue mage character is usually the character I don't feel like using(unless the game force me to, of course), and their lv is usually the lowest in my pt when I beat the game.

The reason is obvious, learning blue magic is shit, and they're pretty useless without blue magic learned. And blue magic are a bunch of weird magic compare with white/black magic.

Blue mage first appeared in FFV, and I just set a Learning ability on one of my character to learn them, but hardly ever use them(Hardly learned anything in fact). I hate to use all of the blue mage characters such as Quistis Trepe (I think I only learned 1~2 spells when I beat FF8), Kimahri Ronso (I ruined this guy, I almost can't beat FF10 when the game forced me to use him in a fight.), Quina Quen (Another lowest lv character in the pt when I beat FF9). I never use the Enemy skill Materia in FF7. The only exception is Strago Magus in FF6, he can use magic without learning anything, by equipping magicite, therefore I use him more than other blue mage characters in other FF games.

So, how'd I end up lving Blue mage as first job 75?

When I started playing this game, I wanted to lv a versatile "Magic warrior" job. Therefore I picked Red mage. But other ppl told me Red mage is a mage job in this game, not a magic warrior. Therefore my only other choices are Ninja, Dark knight and Blue mage. Most ppl suggested me to lv BLU if I want to be a magic warrior(I guess NIN and DRK isn't magic warrior to many ppl :/), so I just be like a nice kid and unlocked BLU, that's how my nightmare started.

BLU in FFXI is one of the more "Hardcore" job. Learning blue magic in FFXI is also slightly harder compare with previous FF installments. As a new player, seeing everyone else lving other jobs faster than me is shit, and I already skipped a lot of magic to learn. Not having sea access is shit, my blue mage is gimp gimp without it.Sometimes I regret lving this job as first job 75. However, as I finished more AF quests and saw the darker side of the Immortals. I realized that this IS my path.

BLU is a job that's capable of doing everything by themselves. BLU can self-heal, self-haste, stun, DD, nuke, even tank. It's a lonely job that's less dependant on others, and live by themselves.

When I'm on COR, if I'm not in a pt in any events, I feel I lost my purpose of existence. COR is a job that rely on others, to make full use of it. Everyone else loves a COR too, because they're getting buffs. It's a job full of happiness, a job that is always helpful to it's companions. And the ability to gamble represents hope for a brighter future.

BLU, on the other hand, is the antithesis of COR, like shadow and light.BLU can do things just fine even if there are no one else in the pt. Due to BLUs ability to self-heal and self-cure, I often found mages in the pt haste and cure me less than other DD jobs. It's less dependant on others, that also means there is a distance between a blue mage and it's companions. BLU has no hope and no future, only the fate of turning into soulflayers.

I have to admit though, in many situations when I'm on COR, I miss my BLU and wish I was on BLU instead. When I see a mob casting big -ga spells, I wish I'm on BLU to stun it. When I'm on COR spamming cards and bullets, I wish I'm on BLU which is capable of doing more dmg or sleep the mob without using a single gil. Whatever I'm doing on COR that's not buffing, I feel I can do better on BLU. However, when I'm on BLU I rarely miss my COR, and just wanted to stay on BLU forever.

COR represents the brighter part of myself, willing to help the companions, and that is all a facade. Deep in my mind, there is a beast within, a self-centered beast, who wants to play hero instead of giving everyone else in the pt 2MP/tick refresh.

I use COR when in events, when the leader says "Come COR, our BLM needs refresh." I'm happy, feel needed, acted like a nice team player, got my job done. After event's over I change my job and use BLU for whatever else I'm doing. Let it be Campaign, adventuring in new areas, zeni grind or story/assault missions. This job is just damn useful.


As mentioned earlier, BLU is one of the more hardcore job in this game(at least it's much more hardcore than COR), it's full of potentials to get different jobs done, due to it's versatile ability. But it also requires a lot of different gears to unlock it's full potential. Therefore, we can see god-like DDs(SAM WAR DRK) and god-like PLD in this game easily, but don't usually see god-like BLUs in this game very often.

I'm still trying to build my nuke setup and +HP breath build. I've been interesting in building BLU tanking gears with dmg-/enmity+/eva+/magic def set. God my Cannonball build still need a alky bracelet/enki legs and a STR earring to complete.
Err, don't forget about +MND set for cures toooo :/

My friends often don't recognize myself as a BLU main, due to it's meritless, my broken BLU gear set ,and incomplete spell list. I have some gears for nuking and breath spells, some gears for TP, some gears for physical spells, some STR build, some gears for cannonball. But none of them is really pimp or completed. I have a side-sword in my MH forever,I keep telling myself "Go make an Antea, go make a soulsabre" over and over again, and leech kill count still 0. Right now my BLU is only like 45% of it's full potential, and it really needs to catch up. Time to work on it a little bit more.

*Blue magic skill* merit, *Yes, please*

Anyone interested in BLU80/COR40 self-refresh btw? :D

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Soloing business

I used to hate solo very much, FFXI is a party based MMORPG, therefore soloing isn't all that time efficient. Soloing a VT marid on my COR/RDM(I don't have /BLM leveled ._., and QD recast merit not full >.>;) takes over 15 min, and it's a very boring process too, blink->shoot->run->wait for recast----------->blink->shoot->run->wait repeat. (Pretty soon I learned to solo those *slow* */poke* elephants on BLU/THF instead, which is more fun, less gil cost and more time efficient.)

However, for ppl like me who have random pop time and hate to gather ppl for events, soloing seems to be one of the easiest way for gear/gil grind.

A list of stuff planning to solo(or duo or trio, just don't want to find a big group of ppl for it). Starting from the easier stuff to harder ones.

1.Mahishasura---> Drops Veuglaire
Veuglaire is a gun for QD. Tbh, I'm currently happy with my Magnatus for QD dmg, and if I need macc for light/dark shot, Magian gun Huracan can be augmented with even more macc(If I ever bother to make another magian gun that is). This gun is easily replaceable, but nice to have it in my gun collections. IT'S A HEXAGUNNNNN ALL PIRATES LOVE HEXAGUNNNNNS!
Mahishasura is a marid type mob, should be as easy as other marids, just takes longer. Although I'm still waiting to see it pop.

2.Barbaric Weapon---> Drops Rover's gloves
Rover's gloves D:

3.Iriz Ima----->Drops bunch of shits I can't use
Although it drops a bunch of shits I can't use, but this T2 ZNM gives pop to T3. Tbh, once I gather 2k zeni I'd rather pop Iriri Samariri which drops stuff I can use. But according to wiki , Iriri Samariri "Recommended fight with 14+ Lv.75s" (-.-;)...hmmmm........I'll just kill Iriz Ima which is just right outside of WG ^^;

The problem is this NM rages after one hour, and it has 28k HP. I probably won't be able to kill it within 1 hr time limit with my current subjob, QD gear and merits. According to wiki some ppl seems to zone this mob and unclaim it when it rages, then come back and claim it again. Worth a try.

This mob also drops Avocat Pigaches, may as well find a random RDM that wants this to speed up the killing process.

4.Dea---> Drops Enkidu's Subligar
According to wiki testimonials, it's soloable by COR/RDM, or at least duo/trio-able. Deal with rage in the same way as Iriz Ima.

5.Genbu--->Drops Genbu's shield
I'm probably the only blue mage on this server that has no genbu's shield, due to my sky-phobia. But not having a genbu's shield while I don't /NIN just makes my life harder, especially in Campaign when I /SCH and got hit a lot. Yes there is a dmg-10% campaign ring but no AN for it :/.
May as well find 1~2 helpers to farm the Winterstone for it. Gem of north seems to be soloable, no?

6.Jailor of Fortitude--->Drops Fortitude torque
A popular choice of mob for COR solo(And RDM too!).Well I'm a sea noob and never done sea before, so wiki time!

The almighty Wiki says: Spawn by 12xGhrah M Chip(D:), which drops from lv 75~77 Eo'ghrah(DDD:) with 13.7% drop rate (DDDD;) Fortitude torque drop rate 14.9%(DDDDDDDDDDDDDD;)

No wonder it's a 3M worth item.......I can almost hear that farmfarmfarmfarmfarmfarmfarm.............in my mind

A lot of them requires some serious trigger farm, so farmfarmfarmfarmfarmfarmfarm ._.;

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Salvage and salvage noob, campaign and campaign veteran(?)

My third attempt to clear Bhaflau Remnants. Joined a random /shout pt aiming for clear as COR/WHM and....omg those guys are pros :o
Compare with my previous failga run I'm so happy I can finally pt with someone knows how to play RDM :>, I hope my RDM-phobia is gone now.

I'd have to say /WHM works pretty well in Bhaflau Remnants, Cure and erase helped a lot, and the dmg output is not much lower than /NIN. The survivability of /WHM is way higher than /RNG. Although getting SJ, magic and MP cell for /WHM to work well can be a bit annoying.

Sadly, by the time we reached last boss time is running out and we wiped at 3% and time up, failed. So close :/

Although failed, this Salvage run is still the most enjoyable one so far.

On boss floor, I kinda entered rush mode and made some mistakes.....it's not as bad as my first run aggroing mobs and wipega, but it's something written in my own guide and I already knew about ._., in close fight like this, it may make a difference between win and fail. I guess I really need more experience in Salvage ._.;

On Sunday I joined another farm run in Silver Sea Remnants with peeps in Escaflowne, I think I'm starting to hate the drop rate in Salvage now.........

Btw, Medal of Altana ∮∮∮∮ OBTAINED! After nearly 4 months of Campaigning finally gain access to Shadow lord BC, Campaign WS Uriel blade and Glory slash!(Err, I need AN for those but oh well)

And, after nearly 4 months of campaign I finally realized I never have Sigil on, not even once......and never know Sigil gives EXP bouns ._.

Well, at least I like campaign more cuz I don't have to deal with my shitty drop rate and bad luck when casting lot(I'm pretty much always last when stuff dropped) for gears.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Some pics, STP, Empyrean weapons and /ja "charm".

After a few more AN grind finally got the leg piece of cobra unit set, something to match the body piece for melee TP set yay!.

SE really needs to give this set /ja "Charm"._. (No, "Charm" does NOT belong to DNC cuz other jobs can wear it too.) With current sword merits the melee acc in bird merit pt is 68% without sushi and 95% with sushi if I /RNG. I know it's very hasteless and gimp atm, but until I can upgrade to swiftbelt/skadi legs/Cuchulain's Mantle/whatever this is all I have.

Now that I think about it, this full set has 18 STP, can be used for ranged attack STP build also :o If my math is done correctly(Sometimes it's incorrect, so if I'm wrong please let me know), need 34 STP to reach 5 hit-build with a D600 gun.(Without /SAM or sam roll) This+Mekki shakki+rose strap+Rajas+brutal+C.chain should do. Although that's a shit tones of racc and rattk lose, better try it at home only.

Since the title mentioned pictures, may as well upload other pictures.
Ranged set:

Quick Draw set:

(Cheap)Healing mode:

Ok, none of them look as good as melee set, I think I'm gonna melee full time now (Or else everyone likes DNC) >:(

BTW, SE released some more info about new Empyrean weapons, all of them look so EVIL :o
(Yes, I don't like how some of them looked)
The Marksmanship one is called Armageddon, a very evil looking gun. Don't really like that kind of style for pirate but oh well. I hope it's easier to obtain than Death penalty though, my Death penalty progress is still like....0.0000001%!

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Some stuff about COR


This is a guide for COR I wrote for Moghat a while ago, I edited a little bit. It's really long, so I'll just post the link here. And I still kinda write more stuff, oh well.

Everytime when I read it I kinda laughed, cuz I'm not following my own guide strictly.....fAiL.

Sometimes I don't give mage roll to mages on purpose because I entered selfish mode and wanted attack roll on me a bit more and the mage looks ok on MP. Ok I don't do that on tough situations ._.; I guess the struggle between "Have fun" and "Play right" is a lot of FFXI players may face.

Well I'm a player who picked "incorrect" DM earring(This kinda became a legend of lol among my friends), wrong ACP body(Am I the only COR main not augmenting ACP body for QD in this game?) and kinda wrong AMK helm.

"COR is one of the few jobs in this game that you don't stuck using 2~3 subjobs all the time. The most useful subjob for this job is RNG NIN WHM(SCH?) RDM(BLU BLM) WAR DNC DRG"

Ok, I don't have /BLM /WAR /DNC /DRG, and why the hell do I have to lv subjobs I hate to lv ._.
Well, I may lv DNC, looks like a good sub and fun to play with. But I hate to lv BLM with a passion.....

"Remember, whatever you choose to sub, you always sub whatever subjob you find more effective and help the pt more in whatever events you’re doing. Although this can take a while to learn and experience yourself."

Ok, everyone knows sometimes I choose SJ depends on how I feel. I like to /WHM when I feel like healing, helping the pt to stay alive and being cheap, and love to /RNG when I feel like going offensive and hitting some stuff. Both ways are helping the pt regardless. I understand perfectly that certain sub is more useful in certain situations, and happy to sub the "more useful" SJ, but damn, after subbing WHM in Einherjar for such a long time I want to try something new :/

Then again, besides tough situations such as Einherjar, or certain Nyzul/EXP pt setup requires more cure/dmg, I pretty much have freedom to sub whatever I want in other situations. Compare with other jobs in this game, ppl don't really care about equipping "incorrect" gears, subbing "wrong" subjobs for this job, or doing gimp gimp parse dmg in events.(Yes ppl will forgive a COR doing gimp gimp parse dmg yay!) I guess that's just the way of being a pirate, not being restricted by certain "rules" of this game. Have freedom to equip whatever gears I like, sub whatever subjob I want, and play however I like, let it be shooting stuff, hitting stuff with a sword(I <3 swords), or just stay away and heal.

P.S "A good COR is also a good friend of RDM"

Nice try. I know I'm not a good friend of RDM because my RDM only <3 DNC.

Die-namis D:

Cor relic legs finally dropped in dyna sandy. Seems like a good pants to do Slug shot WS. Although I can't really figure out if it's better to WS in relic legs(Higher STR and AGI modifier, seems like a piece capable of doing more dmg) or my ASA pants(higher racc and rattk). I guess it's now really the time to make two different sets for my ranged attk. One for ranged TP and one for WS.

4/5 relic on both jobs now. Although I still have no idea when I'll ever get my pirate hat, and end my life as a fail pirate. Only the god of Vana(Or lord of dyna maybe) knows.

Also bought an Aquilo staff, my first HQ staff! Finally not a NQ staff noob anymore! Making my QD set a step further away from being gImP.


I should really stop being lazy and go grind a Rover's gloves and Denali kecks......

An Empty Vessel

My name is Afania, I entered the world of grinding hell....err...I mean the world of Vana'diel on 2009/04. And been living in there ever since.

I found myself fall in love with the arts of Immortals of Aht Urgan, thus leveled Blue mage as my first job 75. While I leveling this job, I discovered using blue magic only leads to distruction, turning the user into a mindless beast, slowly becoming a soulless tool of the empire.

That's how I decided to join the Seagull Phratrie, a group of corsairs, to persue freedom, dreams and adventures. I leveled COR to 75, happy with my life of a pirate, picked all mission rewards for this job, spent all merit points on this job, spent all my money on this job(Yes, I'm broke pretty much all the time)...and still constantly found myself using BLU most of the time.

Maybe deep in my mind I'm an empty vessel, after all.