Sunday, 16 June 2013

14 beta

Apparently 14 beta killed 11 atm, logged on NA prime time and only a few older content /shout here and there, which obviously never fill up.

English delve plasm /shout's dead, and it's only been out for 1 month.

Maybe after 14 ARR launch FF11 server merge inc  :<

Main while I continue to waste my time in SWTOR and TERA :)

Honestly I've been thinking, whether having fast gear progress in 11 is good or bad.

It's almost too easy to cap T1~5 NM gears in 11, content is out for 1 month and most ppl already get them all. After that /shout dies and less active players.

At the moment active players is less than April/May, still a bit more than Jan/Feb or 2012 though.

But for many other players, if you don't have a delve boss group, you probably don't have anything else to do in this game atm.

At 75 era gear progress was slow but it's also harder to run out of gears to get.

Maybe gear cock block is required for this game to keep active players around, if no new game content release in June and no major game content release after Sept XI probably needs a server merge soon due to XIV :<.


Before SoA, important endgame buff jobs for DDs are BRD and COR.

Now SE added GEO, so must have jobs are BRD COR and GEO.

For the sake of barance, now delve boss must have super high eva/def w/e or else the game would be too easy with BRD COR and GEO.

Making BRD COR GEO must have jobs for endgame.

And now all the new boss/NM comes after SoA must have even higher eva/def than pre-SoA for barance.

So what's waiting for us after delve bosses? NM with 1k or 1.5k eva!

So crazy D:

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Delve, delve and more delve

I decided that I don't want to just pretend I have COR/WHM, I want to actually use it :(

Time to look for a delve group or start one myself :)

List of gears to work on:
Macc/MP+ gun.
Refresh head/legs.
Refresh grip.
MP+70 ring.
ZNM shield(last priority probably)
Change merits.

Let's see whether I can hit 700 MP on COR/WHM!

Note that JP pt now openly /shout for a support/haste COR in NMx5 run, so COR/WHM really became a thing!

I tried to pull on BLU in plasm farm once again, and I found WHM is the most optimal SJ. And kinda convinced BLU is superior puller to THF due to higher survive ability.

Aquaveil is life saver for longer/multiple mob pull, even if HP went down and blink gone, can always sleep, cure then rebuff. THF can only sleep with sleep bolt and that's 1 sleep at once.

/WHM can also help dia 2 and save mage MP for extra 10% def down, for total of 20% def down with F.roar if mages aren't casting dia2. THF with acid bolt only has 12.5%. BLU has more shadows than THF/NIN and BLU/WHM can help haste, toss random cure or -na when near camp. The only disadvantage BLU has is lack of TH3 or higher. But I don't think TH after TH2 makes zomg huge difference.

I'm convinced that having super fast pullers are important for plasm gain, since I noticed much higher plasm gain when I pulled on BLU, when pt with THF/DNC or THF/WAR refuse to pull, it was lower.
Plasm was also lower when I full time pulled on COR/NIN or COR/RDM. This job is just bad for pulling compare with BLU and IMO, and it's much more effective to engage for /DNC support.

Still not convince that COR should pull for main room pt though, BLU with powder boots flee rotate can pull entire section 1 in far room np, BRD deal with closer rooms and COR can engage+help stun/healing waltz and increase killing speed. Tunnel pt is another story IMO.

But THF should always pull....not sure why they'd want to /WAR, not like the dmg is good without march/rolls.

Time to rep those lazy THFs with BLUs for pulling :) Yeah, biased on job again, but every THF I pt with just refuse to pull so no one can blame me for favoring BLU for puller spot!

Thursday, 13 June 2013


Recently my JP LS started to talk about COR refresh set, because COR/WHM seems to revived in SoA content.

Out of curiosity, I pulled out my COR/WHM MP set that I haven't use for ages just to see how much MP reachable atm.

I used to /WHM on COR for nearly every endgame event @75, but after Abyssea come out /WHM died silently so I really haven't touch cure potency set/MP/refresh and such for very long time.

One major difference between COR/WHM now and COR/WHM at 75 is that COR has access to more refresh gear and higher cure potency, another thing is that delve NMs are sleepable, and you need all the macc you can get to land sleep on them, making +MP build, IMO, not all that effective because you gonna swap out for macc/refresh/cure pot sometime.

Anyways time to try it out!

 COR cure potency/refresh/MP mix:

448 MP, with all my cure potency gears. I can add 200 more MP from gun+merit, 70 more from ring2, keeping 1st ring slot open for roller or luzaf, 6 more on back, 10 more on hands, but it's something I probably won't bother to get so I'm fine with Thurandaut. 30 more MP with ZNM shield.

Also for anyone having refresh moonshade, can keep 1 ear open.

That's 764 MP total, with 2 refresh spot(1 ring 1 earring) open.

If using refresh head/legs/grip(which I don't have btw, since I'm gimp and don't do endgame), you can get 699 MP and 5 tick(with a No.11 on) refresh.

Should always leave head spot open for phantom roll anyways.

Oh, and +10 MP if you have HQ body :)

709 MP+ 5 tic refresh, almost as bad as a Galka BLU!

Actually, not so bad, considering my BLU only has 3 tic idle D;

What's highest MP pool achievable on a hume?

 If remove all refresh slot for MP pieces, you get 709+ 99(head)+50(ring)+30(shield)+20(ear)+45(neck)+32(legs)=985

A hume COR/WHM can hit 985 MP and taru can probably break 1k.

Obviously it's not so useful without refresh pieces and cure potency pieces, not to mention if you intend to use light shot for stun, poof MP gone! :)

If not using light shot 699 MP set is probably more ideal, so you can swap out head, ring and legs for Phantom roll gears(probably hands for PR too).

Since I'm bored with this game, gonna try to build a COR/WHM and pretend that I'm gonna use it someday :)