Saturday, 22 March 2014

Gun hierarchy

Although I don't play FFXI that much atm(mostly playing single player games), I can still play with spreadsheet! For some reason playing with spreadsheet is more fun than playing with FFXI D:

I decided to figure out real gun hierarchy, I've noticed I've been just eyeballing the hierarchy back in the past, which isn't a good idea :X

Because there's nothing to compare in racc uncapped situation, so I only setup 3 different situations:

1. Attack capped situation

2. Attack uncapped situation

3. Melee TP + ranged WS situation

It's the comparison between 4 ILV 119 guns: DP, Arma, Vanir, Hgafircian +2

The augment on Hgafircian+2 is what I saw on forums: D124, WS dmg+10%, AGI+8, racc+9.


Gear set:





Because you can't get berserk/warcry from /SAM(even RNGs don't /SAM anymore), and too much racc/rattk sacrifice when using STP gear, I don't include STP build. Until SE put tons of STP on tons of ILV119 gears, IMO it's not worth it.

Some gears from the spreadsheet are a bit too old, I haven't update them.

All the empy/mythic does not include aftermath, to avoid the pain when calculating them, since it's not very practical to keep AM up entire time. One day when I have time maybe I'll do the aftermath version.

/ra TP and WS situation, capped rattk:

Hgafircian +2: 458 DPS. It has 8k WS but the delay and TP speed really killed the overall DPS.

Include QD dmg 1769 = 502 DPS total

Death Penalty: 468 DPS. 

+QD dmg 2512 = 530 DPS total

Armageddon: 473 DPS

+QD dmg 1667= 514 DPS total

Vanir: 466 DPS

+QD dmg 1793 = 510 DPS total

/ra TP and WS situation, low attk:

Armageddon: 171 DPS total 212

Hgafircian +2: 166 DPS total 210

Death Penalty: 170 DPS total 232

Vanir: 172 DPS  total 216

Melee TP situation, uncapped attack:

Vanir:552 +QD: 596

DP: 530 +QD: 592

Hgafircian +2: 571 +QD=615

Arma: 550 +QD=591

Some conclusion:

Quite surprisingly, DP does not have highest /ra DPS without aftermath. Highest /ra DPS gun on paper is Arma and maybe Vanir if rattk uncapped. However, DP can be the strongest /ra gun on paper if it can do full QD dmg every 40 sec. 

In real life practice, it's near impossible to do full QD dmg on anything worthwhile with the set I used in the calculation. On AA sometimes it's barely 3 digit.

Hgafircian +2 is pretty much only good for meleeing, it falls way behind in /ra only situation even with very good augment. 

The spreadsheet info also couldn't calculate the fact that every QD push the dmg ratio toward WS a bit more, due to extra TP gain after each QD. Therefore, every time the player uses QD it benefits guns with bigger WS number/higher QD dmg.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March version update.....

1. March update just hit!

2. Visit BG to check new gear stat as usual.

3. Found a couple of gears added/obtained 1~2 months ago now garbage. 

4. Back to single player games. Yeah, MMO is MMO, single player games are better. There goes my 3+ M gil spent on 119 AF materials.