Thursday, 24 March 2011

My FFXI retrospective- Top 10 (3)

No.2 Einherjar

To be precise Einherjar is not really dead, at least IIRareII is still doing it randomly. However since most of the LS(LS that does Einherjar on a set time at least) no longer doing it I consider it's dead now ._.

Einherjar is my favorite EG event in this game, because it's shorter than everything else, and fairly challenging.

I did my first Einherjar run(T1) with a my first EGLS which I forgot the name. But that LS disbanded after 2 weeks so I ended up having to join Sinister for Einherjar, but ended up doing Einherjar with Escaflowne due to schedule change and such.

Einherjar T3 used to be very hard for average LS that's not full time endgame. We experienced quite a lot of difficulties on T3. I ended up putting some effort to upgrade my gear just for this LS event. I even made a /WHM max MP set, something most COR/WHM on this server never bother to make.

I remember the chair NM with it's demons used to be an nightmare when it popped. It was pretty frustrating that one more T3 clear to Odin and we ended up unable to clear T3 for weeks with chair NM popping multiple times. So yeah, T3 is hard, very hard XD. Dynabus once even has drama after failing certain T3 run(and paused their Einherjar for months because they can't clear T3 at 75 cap), so yeah it was an nightmare XD

In the end I still managed to clear Odin with Escaflowne. IMO it was quite an accomplishment since Esca has slightly less people than other EGLS, most of the time we didn't even have enough people.

After lv cap increase Esca stopped doing this event and I ended up having to go back to Sinister for Einherjar. Then Sabretooth quited and Sinister became an Abyssea only LS, I ended up joining Dynabus(they finally managed to get to Odin after lv cap increase), 1 month later Dynabus disbanded and now I just randomly join IIRareII's run for my Mythic project.

Besides ichor, there are some gears I wanted from Einherjar: W body/head and Hofud. Those 3 items used to be so rare and consider a "god like gear" back at 75. They're not really omg so godly awesome gear and were pretty situational, just very hard to obtain and can be quite an achievement. Sadly after 1.5 years of doing Einherjar I never get any of them. W body/head and Hofud never drop when I did Einherjar with Esca and Sinister. Body and head dropped once when I did Einherjar with Dynabus but I didn't get the lotting right because I didn't do Einherjar with them since the beginning. Since most of my old event LS all disbanded or became Abyssea only, I probably won't complete my wyrmal gear set which only lacking body and head. I guess wyrmal and homam 5/5 are probably two of the dream that it'll never come true unless SE fix Einherjar and Limbus in the future :(

Monday, 21 March 2011

My FFXI retrospective- Top 10 (2)

So let's keep the list going from last post, popcorn ready? =D

No.5 WG /shout.......err, WG English /shout I mean

Well, it's understandable that after Abyssea came out all /shout moved to Jeuno, but what's not understandable is that JPs still /shout in WG, and English speakers /shout in Jeuno.

Before Abyssea came out, WG was a wonderful place full of /shout, and it was pretty fun to just afk in WG and camp /shouts. I remember when I first arrived WG, I was only a lv 31 RDM(highest job) trying to unlock BLU. And I was so shocked to see so many /shout in WG, since people rarely /shout in other cities. Then as my lv got higher, I started to move my HP to WG, and live there. There used to be all sorts of /shout in WG, CoP missions(I used to camp this really hard), Nyzul boss floor, ISNM, EXP pt looking for a tank or a healer, MMM, buying Alexandrite etc etc. Makes me feel lonely that most /shouts died now.

Although English /shout already moved to Jeuno, but they still rarely exist whenever I get on. Usually I can see 1 Abyssea EXP pt /shout and 1 scars NM seal hunt /shout in Jeuno, and that's about it. Since there are not too many /shout, I ended up getting too shy to /shout for buying Alexandrite as well ._. /shouting for buying Alexandrite somehow gives me pressure :/

I guess /shout dying is probably just the result of this game getting less ppl and major event narrowed down to Abyssea only.

No.4 Joytoy camping

Well, Joytoy used to be one of the best sword for many job that can use it. It was a must have for Atonement spam PLD, melee RDM, melee COR, some DNC, and epeen BRD. Because it was so good and so popular at 75, everyone and their mother wants it. So this sword was always overcamped. If someone in the LS is camping this sword, it usually became a whole LS event that entire LS came and help. And of course, countless drama and epic(?) moment occured on the way.

My first joytoy camp occurred a few days after my COR ding 75. Shytoon asked who needs a Joytoy in LS(Escaflowne) and I said I need it for COR, and another RDM in Escaflowne also needed it, so we planned to camp Charybdis for those who needs it. The RDM that wants it got ToD by afking near spawn point and got his sword. Me and Shytoon got ToD from him and made a pt to kill the NM.

When I camped my Joytoy, I only joined Escaflowne for a couple of days and a total noob, with no friend in LS and never really done anything, only had 2 new 75 jobs with no endgame gear. So I was surprised that 8 people came and helped, all thanks to Shytoon, if it wasn't him asking in LS I don't think anyone would come to help a new member, and it also shows that Chary camp is truely something to unite people in LS together. After a few hours of camping, we got a lot of competition, in the end it ended up 20 ppl all gathering in that small room waiting for Chary to pop. At first I thought we'll probably never claim with such competition since we didn't claim any NQ kraken either. But after 3~4 hours of camping(And people in my pt leaving+ new LS people came in to rep) the taru BLM in my pt claimed with stun. CLAIMMMMMED! I almost jump off the chair ._., since that was the first kraken we claimed.

As our pt killing Chary, the entire room full of people was watching us, although they were just waiting for us to wipe so they can take it, it still felt epic(?) to fight an NM in front of so many ppl all watching our every move, and became the center of attention. After our pt killed the NM, everyone, including those outside of pt all said "congratulations" to me. This is downright the most epic moment I ever had in FFXI, more than everything else.

Ok, epic story over, time for drama story.

A few months later I joined another LS ModifiedStorms(which is dead now), and another RDM in LS said she wants Joytoy. I went to help her camp joytoy with LS leader and a few other LS member. What I didn't know is the leader decided to camp the NM again for his joytoy and everyone else's. I let Sylvester know that I was camping joytoy when he asked me what I was doing, and Sylvester skipped class and camped for ToD after knowing about the NM from me. The next day it ended up ModifiedStorm LS was competing against Sylvester's pt for same NM, and of course after ModifiedStorms failed to claim the NM the LS leader was pissed and blamed me for "leaking ToD" (Although I never got any ToD from previous NM) to outsider. So that was drama No.1, between me and ModifiedStorms.

And there was drama No.2 occurred on same day. Although Sylvester's pt claimed the NM and killed it, someone(who was Syl's best friend and my friend as well) in the pt ninja lotted Sylvester's joytoy without having any job to equip it. I totally didn't know how greedy one person can be until that day. XD And even funnier, that person didn't have any job to equip his joytoy, so he can't show off his new gear. He ended up having to show off his joytoy by typing something like "/em takes out a joytoy from his pants" when he saw me. I think he also put it in bazaar comment so he can brag about having a joytoy when other ppl check him. Every time when I remember this drama, I can't stop laughing at how foolish and greedy one person can be just so that they can brag about the gears they have. But then again, I think I've seen enough lootwhores so I shouldn't be surprised. (/points at Tavera's countless "collection" gears in his MH that he can't equip/doesn't need)

Anyways, I decided to camp another ToD for ModifiedStorms, one ToD for one ToD, fair. I joined the pt of a PLD(who helped Syl camped his joytoy)that wanted the sword. And this Chary just won't pop 16hr after ToD XD, so the PLD went mad and left. I got bored and stayed there after pt disbanded, made a new friend Jigsaww and had fun chatting. In the end Chary finally popped but that was 20hr after ToD, and we didn't have right setup to kill it so I just let another pt claimed and kill and got my ToD. We basically camped there for 6~8hr straight and it wasn't afk camp XD It's pretty hard to imagine playing for 8hr for an NM today since we all live in super fast abyssea era nowadays.

Anyways, I sent the ToD to ModifiedStorms when they started camping Chary another day, and they ended up having to compete with Sinister on that day. And it became another LS v.s LS claim war, with both LS sending a bunch of people trying to claim the NM. The leader and some members of ModifiedStorms already had drama with Sinister long time ago, so that's old drama on top of the competition. I had Sinister pearl equipped when the competition occurred, so reading the LS chat log was pretty exciting, although I decided not to help any of them to avoid getting into anymore drama.

Although there was quite a lot of competition most of the time, sometimes there were no competition as well. I saw that NM up once unclaimed, I asked people in Sinister if anyone want the sword and Sabretooth's GF wanted it for BRD. So I just waited there and watch Sabre tanked the NM on DRK like a pro XD

Half an year later I met the leader of ModifiedStorm again and he admitted he was overreacted on that day and I told him I feel sorry for the result on that day. So I guess this was settled, although the LS no longer exists. I didn't get a lot of chance to do joytoy camp after that. The last one was either with IronMoogle(that one didn't claim, a DNC claimed and soloed it) or the one with Sinister. Then lv cap update came and no one really care about Joyeuse anymore. I haven't go to that room after lv cap increase, I wonder how easy the NM is now.

Lol, so much drama and camping for a sword no one gives a shit now.

No.3 Pink bird merit pt

Well, I wanted to write about EXP pt in general, but somehow EXP pt revived after recent EXP update. So I guess I'll write about pink bird merit pt only.

I made my first merit pt after my BLU ding 75, I wanted to try merit pt but I know I'll never get merit pt invite as a BLU(I can't even get usual EXP pt invite on BLU), so I decided to make one myself.

Now that I think about it, it was rather reckless since I had no idea how merit pt works, not to mention I didn't even have /NIN for BLU, only /THF which was an ok sub for EXP pt but not fast paced merit pt. But that wasn't my first reckless pt, when I just started the game I also made my first dunes EXP pt without knowing how EXP pt works in this game at all. And I also made my first Abyssea cruor/EXP pt before the community discover how abyssea chests/light works. I guess being reckless is my trademark ._.

Anyways, I invited DDs and RDM as usual. I didn't know that merit pt doesn't need a tank, so I invited a NIN as a tank. I also didn't know merit pt needs a BRD and/or COR to make it work, so I didn't invite a BRD since there were no BRD seeking. Then someone in the pt asked if we have a BRD, I searched again and a seeking BRD popped, I quickly invited the BRD and finally got full pt going.

This pt was actually pretty successful, not the best but still ok, considering how bad the pt setup was. A pt with a NIN and gimpy BLU/THF and no COR still ended up having a decent EXP was a miracle kinda XD Especially the BLU/THF only has AF1 and no Disseverment(strongest BLU spell for 75 bird pt, a must have if you join merit pt on BLU, other spell dmg can't even come close)

That was also my first time experiencing fast EXP. I didn't know that pink bird merit pt was more than getting EXP/merit points until later. Merit pt was a proving ground for DD job power, the EXP/hr you got from your pt indicated if your DD job is gimp or pimp. Many DDs spend ages to improve their gear and this is where they can parse and witness the result of their effort. I joined many more merit pt on COR later, and slowly improved my dmg output with typical "more haste, more acc, MOAR WS dmg!" route, following all the DDs, using merit pt to test if my DD power is on par and gear set viable.

Pink bird merit pt, it's more than just merit pt, it's where many DDs find their glory. Gimp or pimp, win or fail, we see it all here.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

My FFXI retrospective- Top 10 (1)

I started this game on April 2009, so it's about to be 2 years of playing. I certainly haven't play as long as many other veteran players out there. But long enough to witness quite a lot of change. If those players played for 8 years are 80 years old old man/woman, then I guess I'm 20 years old kid that about to enter the adult stage, and started to miss the childhood.

Anyways, 10 events in FFXI I had experienced, and now they no longer exist, and probably won't come back ever again.

No.10 Die-namis

Well I have to say I hate dyna, one of my least favorite event in this game. It's long, and boring. Most important of all we lose a lot of EXP in there with lots of death(at least for average dyna LS death happens often). On the same time I also ended up doing this boring event for the longest time for AF2 gears.

I joined a Dyna LS AncientTech(I think that's the name, don't remember :/) after my first job Blue mage ding 63, and did my first dyna run at BLU 69 or something. It was my first endgame event. I did dyna with them a couple of times until one day they disband and leader changed server. I joined another one (I really forgot the name) and soon they disband too. So I ended up joined SandsOfTime, and finally got my first AF2 piece with them, a Commodore Frac, plus access to dyna-xarc. Then Sylvester dragged me to Dynabus and I ended up stayed in Dynabus for 6 months. I got my COR AF2 and BLU AF2 4/5 in Dynabus, until my school schedule doesn't allow me to do event with Dynabus anymore.

Dynabus is a typical "Leader got all the currency for his relic" LS. I always wanted to do dreamworld dyna, but they mostly stay in Sandy and spam Sandy over and over again for currency. I wanted to complete my COR AF2 and BLU AF2 forever, but I just couldn't, since COR AF2 head never drop in xarc and they never do Dyna windy for BLU AF2 feet I missed. And of course, they rarely do dreamworld. As you can expect, after all the sandy spam and such, leader got his relic weapon happy happy, and LS disband like all the old dyna LS story. Even worse, that's when Empyrean weapon came out and pwn all the relic in it's face. And now with new dyna change in future update relic is probably going to be cheap as trash XD

Stealthkiller nicely invited me to join his Dyna xarc and windy run on Oct, and lucky enough COR hat and BLU feet dropped. I lotted and finally 5/5 on both set. So that's about 1.5 years of doing dyna for 10 pieces of AF2 not including accessory, and obviously countless EXP lose.

Now with lv 90, we no longer die that much in Dyna with higher drop rate. And soon SE is going to made changes to dyna. I guess that old, painful dyna probably won't exist anymore. I wish SE can make change to dreamworld dyna as well, so I can get a chance to finish Dyna-tav or obtain Commodore belt I always wanted.

No, I don't miss die-namis at all. I don't miss all the EXP lose, and sandy spam over over again for years just for points to bid some AF2 gear I don't know when I'll ever obtain.

No.9 Campaign

I started Campaign spam on Feb 2010 starting from lowest rank. I mostly wanted Cobra unit harness for my COR melee TP set. 11 acc, STP+6 and enmity-8 used to be a very good upgrade from SH. Most important of all, it looks SEXYYYYY >:O
Not just the body piece of this set is good, I also wanted legs and feet piece which were decent(although not the best without haste) for melee.

This set requires 255,000 AN, which is a lot. I grind AN none stop for 3~4 months and finally got to highest rank for a harness and leg/feet piece in June. I was really happy when I got the pieces I wanted plus highest campaign rank. I also got enough merit points for 8/8 marksmanship and sword so hmmm it's all good. Then lv 80 update came and SE made new superior and easier to obtain pink Aurore set for melees. My sexy harness set suddenly turned into trash and I ended up having to wear pink q.q

I did Campaign Ops for a couple more months until I 5/5 my Cobra unit harness set. And now the full set are in Porter Moogle since I can't find any use for them. So much time spent on Campaign!

When lv 80 update came Campaign were overcrowded, with many ppl wanted EXP. I miss the time that campaign was still a popular event for ppl that wants EXP and gears. Using Campaign WS or wearing campaign gear 5/5 used to be a good way to show off player achievement in Campaign. Campaign itself isn't that fun, but at least anyone can enter anytime and leave anytime, and gears used to be ok. Now that all campaign gears except rose strap and magic def set are trash, and you get faster EXP in abyssea, campaign is completely dead. SE said they're gonna revive it, so I'll wait and see.

No.8 Zerging

I don't have a job that's good for zerging, BLU isn't good for zerging as a DD since BRD buffs won't affect physical spells. COR isn't good for zerging without haste and COR isn't as good as BRD for rotation. However, I still like how DDs zerg NMs just because it feels good to see them doing big dmg in short time o.o

I've been trying to get a place in zerging situations as a COR. Bust one roll--> Chaos--> random deal--> fighter--> change pt--> 2hr---> Chaos---> random deal--> fighter means COR can buff at least 2 pt with no delay. Pretty sad that when I mention COR buff rotation to some ppl they laughed and replied "no one use COR for rotation", like it's not even worth a try. Sometimes I just hate how ppl's mind are stuck in one way of player this game ._.

Anyways, zerging is dead now, I probably won't have a chance to try it forever :<

No.7 VNM

When VNM was just out, I didn't know much about it. Then I read about newly released magian weapon and decided to make a
Magnatus for my COR and OAT Antea for my BLU. I finished the VNM trial of Magnatus with a JP /shout pt. But OAT Antea needs T3 VNM items x10, so it was much harder. I ended up joining Apsalar's VNM lowman VNM static in Escaflowne for 10 Ruthven's nail. They actually did small group T3 VNM efficiently, with 2 PLD bounce hate on 2 sides of ramp to avoid straight tank and it's AoE move. I also did my first T4 Yilbegan with them and got to see Serenlycheerful's PLD solo tanked it for 2hr like a pro XD. Ever since that Yilbegan fight I strongly believe PLD is the best tank outside of abyssea, regardless what others say.

I also did T3 VNM and T4 Yilbegan with another big EGLS a couple of times, and sadly they're no where as good as Apsalar's VNM static. Lord Ruthven fight was full of death with 18+ ppl, and Yilbegan fight doesn't even last for more than 5 min with 2 PLD.

Well in the end, I only got one Ruthven's nail and one DEF+10 earring for BLU Cannonball set after all those VNM, didn't get any stat+6 rings, so yeah, Antea/Khanda never complete. Not like it matters though, since FFXI community labelled OAT sword trash and DA or STR sword ended up better for Almace offhand after new Khanda introduced. And with new +7 stat ring and probably +8 or +10 at 99, no one really care about VNM drops anymore. Now people only do T2 VNM for their Empyrean weapon trials, and you can destory T2 with a pt of 6 ppl easily.


Well, ISNM puk used to be my main source of income, what else? XD

Back in the day when money were hard to make, I once lost a Khroma Ore and that actually hurts XD I remember I did my first ISNM run with Sylvester and some peeps in Caelus, and it ended up to be a fail run, which was very surprising considering how easy it was. After that most of the pt I joined had no problem with it, although shit still happened 1~2 times when pt with bad BRD or no BRD. Now ISNM BC fight can be soloed by BLU, but Khroma Ore doesn't worth a shit anymore, only Blizzard IV still worth some money. Considering how hard it is to get 3k IS now I don't bother with ISNM anymore. Kinda miss the days that everyone /shout for ISNM in WG everywhere, looking for 3 DD 1 healer 1 BRD 1 BLM.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

What game are you playing during server shut down?

Well, I've been playing Civilization V recently. After playing RPG games for 12+ years I guess it's nice to change to another genre. However, if you ask me to recommend a game, I certainly won't recommend Civ V. Civ V is a fail, I was lured by pretty interface and didn't know this game fail so much DX. Basically, if you don't play this game in "kill all living things on earth" mode, it's very boring as you have very little to do and one game lasts very long time. (<----karma for not reading reader review on Gamespot before I buy it)

Anyways, so I'd like to recommend another game from Sid Meier. It's much more fun, one of my all time favorite game that's not JRPG and SW:KOTOR. Since the name of this blog is called "Life of a pirate", you can probably guess the title.....

As you can see, I like pirate theme, so inevitabley I'll recommend pirate theme games during server shut down ._.

This game has many versions, the oldest one released in 1987 and there were other versions on other platforms including NES, Apple II and Atari. The one I played is PC version remake on 2004. It's a very open ended game, you play as a pirate and you can capture other ships, dual other ppl, attack towns, dance with various women, look for big treasure, look for your archenemy etc. After your life of pirate ended you're evaluated depending on your achievement. Just like other Civ games, it has some kind of magic to made me keep playing, on the same time doesn't have have to devote all my time into it and able to quit any time I want, unlike other RPGs. Although after hrs and hrs playing, this game inevitable gets repetitive.

There are also PSP version and XBOX version. I never play them so I'm not sure if they're good or not, but I believe XBOX/PSP version is mostly the same thing. Either way this is a fun little game to play with certainly a classic.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Last day before server shut down

Saturday SE announced they're going to temporary shut down XI and XIV server due to earthquake, and FFXI became a quite different experience. (?)

Well, at first I did one Einherjar run with RareII LS as usual for ichor, then I got bored and tired of all the abyssea drama BS I've experienced so I decided to do something causal with Cynosure, I made a LS EXP pt for my lv 22 SAM, and got it to lv 26 after a couple hours of grinding. The new EXP rate is certainly very good, although still not as good as AF burn. Once again, "that person"(I don't even bother to mention his name now) often laughed at me for doing stuff in FFXI slowly in bad method while he lv jobs by AF burn/abyssea fast and easy, but at least doing EXP pt with LS is fun, and I get to play the job properly, better than leech a job all the way up and still have no idea how a job works.

I got SAM to 26 and got access to hasso. Under Brak's instruction, I also tried 2hr and did 3 WS at once with skillchain. It was pretty fun to spam so many WS in a row for skillchain actually. Can't wait until 40 when I have full access to Sekkanoki and Meditate for more skill chain. I mean, can't want until SAM finish as SJ so I can do Wildfire spam skillchain super zerg on COR/SAM *_* 4 hit Sekkanoki Wildfire Wildfire QD Meditate Wildfire QD random deal QD QD Wildfire 2hr 300TP Sekkanoki Wildfire Wildfire(repeat the rest.....) That's like 7~8 Wildfire at once, in abyssea is 24k~48k total WS dmg without any delay, and extra skillchain dmg too. I guess that's why SE give COR skillchain bouns roll, to do skillchain super zerg with Wildfire *_*

Then after pt disband, I joined Zeig's Shinryu run and got my torque and knife that no one wants, now I finally got everything I want from that BC, no more Shinryu for me unless I level proc jobs XD And thanks for letting me in anyways, since I didn't really do anything except BLU/THF TH3 whore~~

Well, so far nothing goes wrong....I joined LS event, do stuff with LS as usual, then suddenly.....

SE announced that they're going to shut down the server for a while because of earthquake.....WUT?

Port Jeuno suddenly turned into chat mode, with everyone chatting in /shout about this. I decide to go to Abyssea and test COR/SCH azure light farm before they shut down the server.

I’ve been wanting to semi-retire BLU for a while and make it a yellow proc job only, simply because I don’t get to play COR. BLU is one million time more useful than COR and I ended up playing as BLU all the time, and now I play COR like shit because I don’t get to pratice ._. But if I play as COR in abyssea, even if I don’t need to proc yellow it’s still hard to farm TE and such. So the first problem I need to solve is to farm azure light on COR, which can be done with /SCH dark art.

Anyways, atma of Lone wolf/Ultimate/Beyond, wizards roll No.5. Dmg after Fire shot dmg+20%. I forgot to equip my Veuglaire and didn't use temp items, so this is not the best dmg.

Oooo I'm nuking on CORRRRR

That kind of dmg of course isn't as good as other mage jobs, my BLU still farm azure 1000 times more efficent, and BLM can do 10x more dmg. But it's still enough to get the job done, not to mention I can use Manifestation to AoE it as well.

However, I have to say besides azure farming I don't really like /SCH that much. Compare with /WHM it lacks Cure IV, Stona and haste if I'm doing support. Haste is probably not that important because COR/mage is usually not main heal and other healer can do the haste, but lack of Cure IV and Stona really hurts. SCH 45 also has no access to firestorm, so it can't really boost my QD/WF dmg that much compare with /RDM. Perhaps wait until lv 99 for more weather spells.

Then I went back to Jeuno and joined their /shout chat. About earthquake in Japan, and some random stuff.
People started doing /dance near Abyssea NPC, or /follow Red Ghost. In the end it turned into a big animal train....

Gob, choco, rabbit, bomb, worm, tarutaru, ninja and pirate @ Red ghost.

I chill in Jeuno and joined their /shout chat, also run into some old friends I haven't seen for long time such as Vilvrean and Tuvae. Evil Vilvrean retaced me so no Jeuno /shout chat for me ;_;

I logged out right before SE shut down the server. Time to focus on school a bit more now, since semester is ending soon so I have lots of project, plus I need to find a job after this semester ends. I guess it's at least it's good for me that no FFXI for a while so I can focus on RL. See you all after server back up online!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Inventory +2 :D

Ok, so after 2 months of loldrama I finally decided to end this BS once and for all, I can't believe I haven't done this earlier already. I guess I'm just too nice, and always want to give more chance to make it better next time, but I realized sometimes I just have to push myself and make that god damn decision, even though it's a tough decision. Or else I'm just torturing myself longer.

First of all:

I haven't use /blist function for over 1 year, and as you can see, my blacklist is quite empty since I rarely /blist ppl(you have to be a REAL asshole to be annoyed by me and consider /blist), but now my RMT friend has a new playmate! :D

Then of course, wedding ring /toss.

We exchanged ring a month ago when I decide not to do anymore event with him, but kept the ring regardless for good memory. But now I realized I need to cut off all the connection, everything, including the name Tavera so I don't see it, or else same drama BS will happen again and again.

And of course CaelusII pearl /toss too, I'm mostly in Cynosure now and hate to took off my Cynosure pearl anyways. Feel sorry for ppl in Caelus as they have nothing to do with this.

Yay that's inventory +2! :D

And most important of all, a more clear state of mind :) No more drama no BS :D :D

Everytime when he went emo or insult me, I just take it because I don't want to lose a friend, then eventually next day he'll apologize and offered help on more items. Then the same BS will happen again, with more and more insult. And whenever I complain about his attitude and insult, I ended up being accused of "you're not cool with me but you still do stuff with me, so you just want items, how convenient". So I can't complain about his attitude/insult because I'm getting help and items all the time, this is just nothing but torture. I tried to do my own events without him, and eventually he'll bug me with /tell that he wants to do stuff with me, I tried to do stuff that benefits both of us, such as inviting him for Brulo run for his atma and my earring, then it ended up giving him more reason to insult me just because he thinks I'm taking the benefit. I let this BS happen over and over again just because I want to give more chance, then eventually he got more and more arrogant and ended up believing that I will go back to him always, because I need him to get items.

Pretty funny to see that when ppl went mad/emo, they always tell the truth about what they think in their mind. And when they try to please someone, it's all lie.

So in his mind, I'm a bad player because I don't have 1000 friends and LS to help my NM while he can kill every NM in abyssea fast and easy. I'm a fail player because my job is useless COR, unlike his WHM. In his mind my AF3 static is a fail(even though I still finished 5/5+2) because he can grind +2 gear much faster without me. In his mind I'm just a shitty player that needs his help to get shit done, and he can get his shit done 10 times faster, so he is a better player and has all the right to got arrogant and insult. And even worse, I was actually dumb enough to allow that to happen. When I told him I'm leaving him, he just told me to beg in Jeuno for help without him, how arrogant. Some ppl really like to speak so high of themselves over pixel items. And pretty funny that I'll never get him to speak the truth unless I made him mad :D

So fking glad that this is all over now, since I no longer have to act the way he wants to please him and his friends.Torturing myself for some pixel items are just not worth it. For those who(Especially Tavera) thinks they're superior because they can grind items fast and easy with 1000 friends, congrats for bigger epeen. But I'm not going to torture myself to please you and your friends. You win with pimper gears, but you can't win respect. I have way more fun doing Nyzul climb with my static, grinding AF3 with my static, and doing WoTG with my LS, even though it's done slowly, at least it's fun and I don't have to face insult.

Inventory+2 is pure win too. Sometimes the hard decision just has to be made.


I don't know if anyone from Japan is reading this, but I hope everything is fine. And pretty lame that there are mentally retard ppl mentioned Pearl harbor and karma and such. Those who were in power and involved in starting World War II are mostly gone now and innocent citizens have nothing to do with WWII/Pearl Harbor. One disaster shows the ugly side of human nature.

I don't have many JP friends in FFXI because I can't speak their language very well, Famira is the only JP player on my friendlist. But I pt with them a couple of times and generally had a very good time. Therefore I don't know what's all the JP hate in English FFXI community is about. Yes there are ninja poppers or gimps or raciest among JPs (I won't even use the word raciest for their JP onry mentality, I avoid doing NM/BC events with JPs too so pt won't fail because of language barrier), but I can easily find that kind of players in NA/EU community too, there are good and bad players in both community.

Anyways, gonna send a POL msg to Famira a bit later, hope she is ok~

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Server merge

So SE just announced that we're going to merge with Caitsith.

At this time I think the population of Rag is just right, adding anymore people will make Abyssea a pain. Although this server only has less than 1k people during weekdays late night, claiming some of the more popular NMs in abyssea is still pretty hard on weekend, although on weekdays is ok.

Finding parties to do old content is a pain though.

Now I feel this game is completely not balanced. Abyssea is the main endgame event zone now, but it involves NM camping which doesn't work with too many people. Any old instanced game content such as Salvage/Nyzul is dead. Finding low lv EXP pt is also very hard. Adding more people to this server may make finding people for old content easier, but that also means less enjoyable Abyssea experience.

I'm kinda glad that I already gave up on the idea of doing an Almace for now and currently focusing on stuff with no competition like WoTG and lolMythic. I can't imagine how bad my life would be to compete with 20 people for sobek KI. Hmmmm....maybe do Almace 3 years after when we're all level 99 and we all do events outside of Abyssea, and NIN BLU no longer relevant again.