Thursday, 29 August 2013


Man, DW TP set is getting confusing recently.

But to sum up after spreading sheeting whole night:

Thurandaut+ twilight seems to be way better for BLU than haste head+ windbuffet. I have no idea why, but I'm guessing cuz triple attack job trait devalue windbuffet.

For COR/DNC, whirlpool+ windbuffet pull ahead pretty often.

DW set earring or suppa/brutal? I'd go with DW set earring for COR/DNC DW daggers, again, no idea why sometimes set earring pull ahead sometimes not. And it's irrelevant to march tier/samba on COR.

Ass hard to cap acc on COR/DNC on delve boss. But much, much easier on BLU.

Acc swap order for BLU/WAR TP set:

waist---->twilight to Tojil belt(but keep DW head)
earring ------>DW set earring
neck------>acc neck
body----->mani R15 body

Swap Mani R15 last, cuz it's too much DPS lose over thaumas. Ideally NEVER use mani R15 body over Thaumas.

Capping acc on Tojil seems to be easier than I thought according to spreadsheet, so the miss chain I experienced in Ceizak may be just eva boost or some sort.

Ass hard to cap acc on COR/DNC, fuck 30k gimp delve weapons.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Quit 14 for now

After days and days of trying to log in every night since 1st day of early access, only to get kicked out in 10 miin. Then had to deal with version check fail ffxiv launcher file issue, I finally gave up.

This game, so far, is no better than 1.0, in may aspect a worse experience, that I wonder what's the point to do a relaunch if they're going to fuck it up like this.

And all the fan boys still defending XIV/SE on forums after players PAID for the service is amusing.

Slower pace than 1.0(some ppl may disagree, but that's how I feel), more issues than 1.0 launch. I know newly launched MMO tend to have issues, but an AAA title with this many issues is....rare.

Time to see if my shitty new cheap laptop can run GW2 or SWTOR for now :<

Monday, 26 August 2013

You either like Final Fantasy, or you don't

5hrs before beta phrase 4 started, I already been camping FFXIV for logging in. After Beta phrase 4 ended I continue to play on NA/EU server(those servers shut down slower than JP servers). On Aug.24 I logged onto XIV early access and play on JP server(since NA/EU server down). After hours and hours of time spent in XIV on different characters, I only have 1 opinion:

I'm not impressed.

To be fair with XIV ARR, let's start with the good part about it. IMO the new game engine is great. My shitty $600 laptop with 1G dedicated VRAM can run it smoothly, and 2 years ago when 1.0 launched I spent nearly $1300 for my laptop at that time to play it.

The new world is full of detail, as if it's real, that the exploring experience is only a bit worse than my first WoW experience. I especially liked some nice touch that doesn't exist in XI, such as noises when standing near lots of players. If you've played 1.0, there are some unique touch that I often go "OOh, this area now look at this".

                                                        Afania, naked as usual!

I also run to some higher lv area such as Mor Dohna and Coerthas, they're both very different from 1.0 now. And at least I haven't run into super high lv mob yet. One thing I really, really hate in 1.0 is dev threw a lot of lv 80 mobs all over the place on maps, and lv cap was 50  = =, so travelling is such a pain in the ass because even your lv 50 char get ass kicked everywhere.

     I wanna jump! But it doesn't make sense that you won't die if you jump down from this high >.>

It seems that all the 1.0 story progress start from 0, including GC. So even if you have all jobs lv 50, you still have to start story from scratch. I can't wear my flame gears from 1.0 because in 2.0 I don't belong to any GC anymore:(

I can't remember old MNK AF stats atm, but I think new MNK AF has better DD stat. In 1.0 wearing MNK AF 5/5 to event is an indication of gimp, but since I can't wear flame gear anymore I may as well just AF it! Although I plan to lv low lv jobs and do low lv content for a bit before I do anything mid/high lv.

In 2.0 you also can't change class unless you already unlock them on legacy character. In 1.0 you unlock a job by equipping new weapon. In 2.0 you have do class quests to unlock them. So you can't change to new class Arcanist just by equipping a book.

I strongly suggest legacy characters start with Arcanist unless you have a low lv job, because doing all that lv 1 lv 5 lv 10 quests on lv 50 character is just no fun. I didn't start with Arcanist, and ended up having to do boring low lv main quests for a bit so I can go to Limsa and unlock it.

There's new active public quest system FATE for lving, and you can lv sync to join it even if you're on a high lv job. Public quest isn't new in MMO, even if I do FATE on a high lv job, it seems to give me lower EXP pain for that lv that I'd much better doing higher lv FATE.

Which is pretty sad because, I kinda expect after 2 years FATE in starter zone won't have anyone doing it anymore, since there aren't real reason to lv sync down for it.

I also tried Duty Finder during Beta, and it took longer than expected to find a group on prime time, which is pretty surprising, cuz I thought the server exploded and full of ppl ;p

It's either because not a lot of ppl use Duty Finder during beta or it puts ppl in same language in same group only, I guess.

I played Arcanist for a bit, but not to very high lv. It just feel like....SMN+ SCH and that's it.

Anyways, now to the bad part of XIV.

I still have no idea why every FFXIV white knight on forum all go "ZOMG AWESOME MMO" when it comes to FFXIV. After hours and hours of playing, NO aspect impress me so far.

And inb4 "You haven't make it to endgame, and it's only fun after certain lv/progress blah blah".

Endgame in an MMO is supposed to be contents for players that's already hooked and have "buy-in"

If you can't hook a new player so new player make it to endgame, and have "buy-in", then it's not a very good game.

I made it to endgame in XI, because I had "buy-in" since lv 3(Yes I was hooked in XI that early). And atm I still have no buy-in for 14 that'd last until endgame.

And sadly, in FFXIV, besides "Final fantasy" I see 0 "addicting aspect" of it. It's same old formula that's been used for to NPCs with ! on their head because they have some personal problems, solve the problem for them, get money, get EXP. Then you go to instance/dungeon at certain lv via party finder, then you hit endgame and grind gear blah blah.

And you can get same experience in majority of F2P MMOs. So why pay every month to do same shit you can do for free?

For someone that's entirely new to FF, FFXIV is really not very friendly to them. Current-gen MMORPG gamers are very demanding. They want F2P and no sub fee, they want action oriented battle system, they want FAST paced battle system. If the game still use target based system, they go "booooo I want action oriented battle system cuz it's more fun q.q". If the game takes longer than 3 sec to kill a mob they go "BOOOOO SO SLOW I'M OUT".

And FFXIV's pace, although faster than FFXI,  still MUCH slower than majority of current-gen MMOs.

Skills has like 2.5 sec global cool down time, so you can't use another JA immediately after last one, which is something I'm not very used to because the pace is slower than majority of newer MMOs. After seeing some skill speed gears I guess it's kinda like XI. At lower lv XI has super slow combat pace too, but at higher lv with max haste you TP/WS faster than your macro can handle.

Not just that, but it also takes more than just a few sec to kill a mob, although on DD jobs such as lancer it takes lower time. But the entire pace is certainly too slow for a 2013 game.

And slow start would scare 90% of casual player away. The entire lving, questing pace is slower than most of the MMOs too.

I haven't finish the story, but so far it seems to be 1.0 and XI quality.....that means the story is uninteresting. The voice acting is beyond horrible, at least the English one.

If it's 1995, this lv of story is quite acceptable. Since all FF story this. But again, it's 2013 now and I'm almost 30, been reading same quality of story in video games for past 20 years, so it kinda need Bioshock lv of story and presentation for me if I want to play a game just for story.

SWTOR kinda set the voice acting standard high too, so FFXIV's VA is certainly not acceptable.

After hours of playing, I see literally 0 reason to convince my rl friends to play it with me. Why would they spend 12$ a month on a MMO to talk to NPC and solve their personal issue, kill X amount of mobs, do instance raid with tanks/healers/DD when 1 million other F2P MMO do the same?

And why spend 12$ a month for another avg Final Fantasy story when you can just read a New York Times best seller in 5hr for a better story?

In fact, if this game isn't Final Fantasy, I'd much rather go back to SWTOR and enjoy that 5 min load time and their shitty F2P model, than spend $12 a month and look at pretty graphics only to do the same content and read inferior story/VA.

But it's Final Fantasy, and SE knew ppl would bite the bait. So they can make another avg MMO, cuz they knew white knights would defend for it to death.

Long time ago someone said SWTOR fail because "You either like Star Wars, or you don't". If you don't like Star Wars, you may as well play WoW to do the same thing.

And FFXIV is on same boat, you either like Final Fantasy, or you don't. This game really isn't great if you don't love Final Fantasy style of thing.

It's strength is the presentation. The music, the sound effect, the world, the detail. It has a very relaxing atmosphere that's similar to XI, that I can just log on and relax.

If you enjoy the "art aspect" of a game, and liked this kind of style, then it's an enjoyable game to play with.

Otherwise, this game is totally overrated by FFXIV fan boys in every fucking way, it's not impressive at all, just another mediocre MMO, out of many. I expect the hype cool down a bit after launch, since most ppl played Beta are 1.0 fans and FF fans. After many avg none FF MMO players tried it and found it just avg in other aspect, more negative review would come, lol. This game is not casual friendly, and doesn't offer anything new for super hardcore MMORPG lover too, at best it's for FF fans only.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


After more spreadsheet I kinda conclude /DNC >> /WAR for DD COR in delve boss runs. Higher last stand dmg simply won't make up higher DPS from /DNC.

Note that COR/DNC still has acc issue if using low acc in TP set, no acc path on weapons and not using hunter/sushi. Basically all out on dmg is a no no for COR/DNC.

Considering using hunters roll lowers DPS due to extra roll needed, it's probably* better to eat sushi and keep chaos+DA on COR.

Path B augment on weapons is also a good idea IMO. COR has access to item lv 117 gun, so ranged WS is less an issue than melee acc.

When I play with spreadsheet, I never come up with any situation that DW set earring beats Rajas Brutal, even with +3 marches and no samba. Suppa/brutal always pull ahead.

I still can't figure out exactly when Uk'uxkaj+windbuffet combo beats thurandaut+ twilight set. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't, and I can't fucking tell why :(

MK with /WAR TP about 3 sec faster, but lack of acc on MK and much lower DPS means MK+LS combo is pretty much dead.

Also I just found out bee pants > all for req, so ideal req set would be something like this:

Head: Whirlpool
Body: Mani R15 STR
Hands: Buremte
Pants: Nahtirah
Feet: Iuitl

SE removed rare tag on mani set, so hardcore CORs can do R15 on both path A and B now, lol.

But then how'd you swap correct armor piece when you macro them? :<

Friday, 16 August 2013

Hume F 4life

I've been playing with character creation benchmark before FFXIV ARR beta phase 4, because I seriously hate how my character looks in 1.0.

"Afania" in FFXI looks 100x better than my FFXIV 1.0 Hume F(just gonna use old race name here cuz I'm used to it) , so I kinda want to play different race.

I found male cat looks pretty nice, in a way. Kinda want to just play as male cat >.>

But honestly I've never main male character in any MMO I've played, I may not get used to it!

Then I decided to try Hume F Highlander, which wasn't available in 1.0.

Doesn't look bad.....

/plays benchmark


/changes back to Hume F

Actually, Hume F in ARR isn't bad, I kinda like it.

So I'm just going to stick with a boring Hume F for now.....with C cup this time!

Since I can have 8 characters for free, going to try male cat on Sargatanas!

I had issue trying to log in to XIV earlier, hopefully after Beta phase 4 end I can post a 1st impression about it.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Progress check

Since rumor says BLU and DD COR is awesome for delve boss runs, I've been trying to gear up those jobs for delve boss runs.

To be honest, my gear falls wayyyy behind since SoA content launched :( One of the reason is because of my connection issue, that I can't really join delve boss plasm farms for 70k a run due to d/c. Lack of PUG when I log on also doesn't help the situation.

I also don't play in the morning, which is the time I don't d/c, so best gears I can get are bayld gears D;

Anyways, I've been trying to get bee pants and shark tooth for gun+ LS legs, LS did a bee run for it, so now I'm finally 3/3 KI.

Legs didn't drop though ;;

Since legs needs 170k plasm, and I'm having hard time getting plasm atm, maybe legs should wait and gimp on legs slot for now :(

Anyways, lets see how current progress is!

Current req set, COR shares same set.

Bayld gimp gogo! In case if it's hard to tell, head is whirlpool, ring is MND+7 ring. I'm too broke to afford double MND ring for situations COR popped lucky fighters roll.

I have enough plasm for a Mani body that I can grab anytime before delve IF I'm ever going to DD in delve, but I need to redo WoTG for TP bonus.

Also missing WKR 2 hands, which I doubt I'll ever get because fuck WKR.

So, missing 2 pieces and 2 R15 augment until req done. 3 R15 if I'm on COR!

Soooo much work to do q.q

TP set, again, no necklace but have enough plasm to get one before next delve run, IF I'm going DD.

Shneddick is augmented with +70 HP total. COR and BLU uses same set, I can't afford a windbuffet so bird cap TP build is kinda out of question for me.

LS set, ignore that lol mainhand dagger.

Again, missing R15 mani body, R15 mani hands and bee pants. Waiting for feet to be implemented so I'll settle with Shneddick for now.

So currently need: 6 R15 pieces, WoTG earring, AH gun, bee pants, WKR2 head and hands, windbuffet.

Assuming 30k plasm=600k worth of gil. 1 R15 piece cost 6M.

Need 36M total for all R15s I need.

If AH gun needs 17M to craft, windbuffet needs 3M, need 56M total for everything I need before I get out of gimpland!

Not counting 170k more plasm if I want to buy bee pants with plasm!

Give me 56M and I can finish my useless Mythic :(

Or farm 56M worth of gears that'd outdate next update so I can get out of gimpland :(

I guess both choice sucked. No wonder FFXI is my No.1 source of stress :(

Continue to live in gimpland :(

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Regearing COR(1): Manibozho augments

Because I got bored with this game and kinda want to try DD COR in delve boss runs, so I've been doing research with spreadsheet about gearing it post delve boss era.

I always found DDing on COR a bit complicated, and it got even more complicated due to able to choose which path to augment on Manibozo. Because different path to augment really affected DD play style. Pure /ra COR gets the most out from path B augment, but knowing that I liked melee TP COR way more than /ra spammy, my question is path A or path B?

Body: Best TP body is still Thaumas. Path A is kinda exenerator only. And obviously exenerator isn't an option in delve boss runs with attack buffs.

Path B body is also a good /ra body, and the best last stand body when your WS dmg in mid 4k range:

As your dmg goes up with more attack buffs, Khepri pulls ahead:

Both sets only changed body slot when comparing numbers.

So basically it's Augment path A for exen and LS in Khepri, /ra TP in saio or w/e worse than path B mani, or Augment path B for LS, TP in mani and just gimp exen and save gil on Khepri.

The choice is obvious, exen shouldn't be used in delve boss runs, and no gil for Khepri. Path B for body all the way.

Head: Path A head is fairly useless for melee DD. Lower haste makes it extremely hard to cap haste without using haste belt. Ideally it's better to cap haste on other slots and use windbuffet for TP. For path B it's inferior to Uk'uxkaj for LS.

For shooting, path B has lower max dmg than Uk'uxkaj or Thaumas(assuming fSTR2 capped I mean), but it has higher acc with AGI+racc combined together.

Personally I'd go for path B for ranged acc TP, but it's certainly low priority atm.

Legs: Because bee legs exists, so the choice is obvious, path A or bust.

Now come to the hardest choice, path A or B for hands and feet? Both are very good ranged WS/TP options and melee options.

Path A augment increases melee DPS but lowers LS dmg, path B vice versa. So let's see how much difference they make!

Setup: Not capped attack, I used delve fodder as target cuz I can't use Tojil as target and do it right. So I just come up with a situation without capped attack but no acc issue.

Note that this question also kinda related to "should I use Thurandaut+twilight for DW, or should I use Uk'uxkaj+ windbuffet?" Because whether Thurandaut set is better or Uk'uxkaj is better for /DNC, also depend on which manibozho augment you have.

Hands+feet all augment path A, pimp melee dmg and gimp LS dmg:

LS set:
P.S, Sigyn over Mani hands because path A mani hands @ lv 15 is worse than Sigyn, but path B at max rank pulls ahead.

Melee set1:

Combined DPS 461.162

Combined DPS 455.668

Hands feet all augment path B, gimp melee dmg and pimp LS dmg:

LS set:

Melee set 1:

Combined DPS 451.654

Combined DPS 449.947

Basically, if melee for TP and use LS, higher melee DPS gimp LS dmg> higher WS dmg gimp melee DPS. For melee TP COR using last stand, it's better to do path A. However if you /ra, then it's better to path B all the way.

Another interesting note is that Uk'uxkaj combo comes closer if Mani both going STR path.

According to spreadsheet, R15 path A mani hands/feet are best melee TP pieces. Path B mani hands are best LS hands that beats sigyn, path B mani feet are best LS feet.

However, Itiul feet is even better LS feet than mani feet unless racc is an issue, and Itiul hands also beats Mani hands STR path....idk how it happened as the stat seems meh, but it did.

So ideally, anyone going for super max performance should do hands= path B and melee in Itiul, feet=path A and LS in Itiul. For some reason usinig Itiul hands makes Uk'uxkaj head combo pulls ahead again.

I guess, time to wait for Itiul  :( I've been waiting....waiting....and waiting seems SoA come out and never invest anything in any gear cuz I don't want to gimp next month, and now time to wait more :(.

But knowing Itiul body kinda meh for LS already, maybe I can rank 15 body first.....SE better don't fuck me up after 300k plasm grind done >.>

Next probably need to do more research about /WAR v.s /DNC, and which weapon for melee TP set.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Tojil PUG rant

So, since delve plasm rant last time, now I have to deal with Tojil PUG rant as ppl started doing Tojil PUGs!

Rant 1:
Afania: Anyone wanna Tojil+5NM?

Random ppl: Yeah! I need clear! I have all T1~T5 KI just missing Tojil!

Afania: Job?

Random ppl: Need a WHM, NIN or empy SAM?

Btw, that was before SoA weapon skill update, so NIN was totally a leech job in Tojil runs.

The fact that ppl actually asked to join on NIN and empy SAM, means absolutely 0 research before joining the runs that I have to waste 10 min replying him and explain why I wasn't gonna invite his SAM and NIN.

Rant 2:
MNK: My MNK has good gear, may I join?

/shows up in awesome MNK with full attack/multi-hit build.

Again, that was before SoA weapon skill update, when you do need full acc set for TP.

Rant 3:
Afania: Go read forums!

Ppl: Fuck reading forums, I just play how I want to play, and I don't care about what others said.

Then don't do Tojil >.>

Rant 4:
And after those ppl get rejected, they go Q.Q in /tell, /l or forums about how they can't get an invite.

The moment you apply for a Tojil PUG, you SHOULD read forum, and uses same gear set/merit as suggested. Any time you're not doing so, you're making 17 other ppl's life harder.

If you rely on pt lead to tell you exactly what setup you need for Tojil, then you're making pt lead's life unnecessarily harder. Because no PUG lead can baby sit every single aspect in a run, unless you enjoy 3 hr gather time.

And if you're going to Q.Q when not getting invite for Tojil due to lack of X, then you may as well don't play MMO. Because you're making 17 other ppl's life harder.

I only ever have 2 suggestions for anyone wanting to join delve boss PUG.

1. Go_read_forum and do as what ppl suggest. Go_watch_clear video, go read bg-wiki. I can't stress this enough. If you're not reading forum because you want to play what you want, then you're making everyone's life harder because you won't know how to do it properly and won't be prepared.

No, don't you dare telling me "I have awesome play skill, I don't suck at this game, I don't need to read forum and I can play fine". This isn't a skill based game, you won't know what's coming if you're not prepared for it.

2. Don't Q.Q if you can't get invite due to lack of X. This is an MMO, MMO is about min maxing and don't waste other ppl's time. If you want 17 other ppl to wipe for you go play another game.

I'm not sure how read forum about gearing, which TP move does what and how to deal with it before doing an event is hard. I also never understand why ppl always go "I don't read forum, because fuck community and screw them". If ppl have such mentality, it is better not play an MMO.