Monday, 21 November 2016

First 5/5 HQ set!

After lots, and lots, and LOTS of gil grind, finally 5/5 Carmine +1 complete!

This set cost me roughly 125m total. And since I'm not THAT fast at gil grind it was actually pretty painful to grind enough gil to 5/5 this set.

And now I need to work on Adhemar +1 set, which cost 8 times more expensive /cry.

Time to level bone craft, I guess!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

RDM and WOTG quests.

A while ago I was extremely stressed out due to massive amount of grind involved while trying to AG my Armageddon and Death penalty. Additionally, I had to deal with countless ls drama that came with getting T4 clears for Fomalhaut. I've been a lot more casual these days, and having to work on 2 AG weapons plus working on gears/cp to keep up with aeonic groups kinda burned me out. In the end I decided to take a break from FFXI endgame since all my major in game goal(finish all COR skill 269 legendary guns) are done.

Well, technically I still help ppl kill escha NMs if they need a hand, or make parties to sell items if I get "buy gears" requests. Otherwise I play solo in FFXI 90% of time.

In the end I start doing some some really casual content such as missions. I have never finish Sandy and Bastok rank missions nor their WoTG quests. Since finishing those gives vorseal I decided to work on these while playing a new job.

I've been a career COR for way too long. I spent pretty much all my play time to gear COR in past 7 years of playing, and never have enough time/resource to gear another job. Eventually I've learned that I can easily burn out from a job after spending way too much time and effort on it, and ended up having to play it for every content because that's the only job I can bring to the table. Since missions/quests are very easy and soloable, I decided to finish those content on a new job that I start recently, which is RDM.

RDM was actually the first job I picked since I start FFXI, I always enjoy hybrid jobs in rpg, so back then I wanted to main RDM. Until someone told me RDM is less of a melee job and more of a healer job, then I switched to BLU and BLU ended up as my first lv 75.

I never get a chance to play RDM then, since the job became more of a dead job after Abyssea and the amount of gear required to play RDM is huge. Between 2 gear intensive jobs that I had which was BLU and COR, I didn't really have extra inventory to play it, especially it's not used in content most of the time.

Now that I have extra bit of inventory with wardrobe 3 and 4, I feel it's a good time to start RDM. It's tough to collect all those mage job gears, which are different from light armor DD and there's A LOT of gears to collect. But since I'm no longer in "I'm going to get this job usable asap to participate endgame" mood, it's nice to be able to slowly take my time to learn and gear a new job, stress free! It's not like RDM has high invite rate to group content nowadays anyways! So no need to rush to finish gearing it!

IMO doing missions is a good way to learn a new job, how JA works, and how each magic works in certain situations.

In the end I really had fun with RDM. RDM is probably the only true hybrid job in FFXI that really works for multiple pt slot, unlike BLU which is more like a melee/aoe nuke job that has limited support ability.

Anyways, sandy wotg quest complete!

Now on to Sandy missions!

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Gun hierarchy 2016

Decided to do a gun comparison in 2016 to figure out which gun is the best: For leaden salute, with my current WS set, WS at 3000 TP: DP: (106+4540)x1.33x2.7x1.05x1.3=22773 Molybdosis: (156+4790)x1.33x3x1.05 20721 Doomsday: (126+4640)x1.33x2.97x1.12= 21085 Looks like DP> Doomsday > Molybdosis that is! Doomsday also beats everything else WS dmg wise, including skill 269 Arma WITH 40 AGI and magic dmg+ 155. Time to toss gil to augment it :<

Wednesday, 23 December 2015


Recently I've been playing with spreadsheet for RUN DD builds, because, well, I'm into playing RUN as a DD atm! :D

 I know this is pretty silly to play a tank job as a DD, but I'm kind of player that likes to push a job's potential to the furthest, in terms of every aspect.

Tbh, RUN has been a "unloved job" for me since I got it to lv 99. One of the reason is because it wasn't really great back then. As a DD it's dmg is pretty poor. As a tank the survive-ability has been an issue without ergon, especially against multiple targets. Since RUN heavily rely on shadows to mitigate dmg, I find it's really not an "amazing job" like COR, BLU or any other mainstream bandwagon jobs, even though RUN has pretty good ability to generate enmity. I kinda lv it to solo pw so I can farm scoria for afterglow, with no intention to play it endgame.

That being said, eventually I still tried to gear up since it's nice to have a tank job to get things done. In the end the more I spend time to gear up this job, the more I get "into" it, and it starts to click....well, I had fun with it.

It's not an "amazing job" like BLU.

But it's pretty fun to challenge myself to see how far I can go on this job, by looking for better JA/spell rotation or tanking strategy against each NM.

Anyways, back to the topic :)
Since I liked to push a job's potential to the max in terms of every single aspect, I decided to play with DD RUN for a bit. RUN's DD ability actually has increased quite a bit recently, due to having access to new spell temper, acc bonus job trait, and WS revamp.

The key push dps high on RUN:

1. Have access to temper and enhancing magic skill+ gears.
2. In a situation that SC is created constantly, to MB lunge/swipe(with mab/magic burst set). Ideally getting malaise/storm buffs too.

The DA rate of temper can be increased based on enhancing magic skill level. RUN can get 23 skill from job point. A quick search on shows that RUN can get 91 enhancing from gear if /NIN, 84 enhancing if /SAM using GS.

That makes it 19% DA /SAM using GS, 20% DA /NIN using DW swords.

On spreadsheet I set the target to delve fodder, capped accuracy/attack/magic haste. Gear sets are pretty high quality, 3/5 HQ Adhemar, max Samnuha legs, and high quality melee Herc feet.

RUN/SAM spamming reso with Ergon AM3, 19% DA from temper:

2190 dps/11165 WS dmg

RUN/SAM using Montante +1, did some minor adjustments to tp set for more multi attack

2173 dps/11505 WS dmg

I find it kinda surprising that Montante +1 is this close to Ergon AM3. I guess the piss poor DMG on ergon just hurts :D

Now let's check out Reikiko/Firangi RUN/NIN with 20% DA from temper, using same lv of gears with 11% DW (which is what's needed to cap delay)and same buff, spamming vorpal instead of reso:

1827 dps/9424 WS dmg

A little bit lower than RUN/SAM in full buff situations D:

That being said, on Tojil or attack uncapped situations, vorpal RUN/NIN wins:

RUN/SAM ergon AM3:
RUN/SAM Montante +1:
RUN/NIN Reikiko/Firangi:

My spreadsheet is kinda old, so the main hand hit rate still cap at 95% and I'm too lazy to change :(

Let's see how a real DD job such as BLU do as a DD, on same target, using same gear and buffs, using Tizona/Colada crit:

3408 dps/19858 CDC WS dmg

3119 dps/18520 CDC WS dmg

BLU is damn op! D:

Even on fodder, DD RUN do about 64% of BLU's dmg. On higher lv targets RUN can only do 42% of BLU D: The most op part about BLU is the fact that the dmg doesn't drop too much even against higher lv target....I guess that's because of /WAR berserk and self attack buffs.

I'd say it's not exactly terrible DD on fodder though! Since the spreadsheet doesn't calculate MB lunge/swipe dmg.

Friday, 18 December 2015

Short term goals, long term goals

Finally finished 50k beads for Fomalhaut! :D NM clear next I guess! (Now this gonna be tough) Since Feb REM update would give every skill 269 weapons afterglow, I kinda stopped working on my own afterglow and just gonna save gil on HQ abj gears and see what happen next Feb update. Short term goals: Finish Zitah NM for Fomalhaut. Long term goals: Work on expensive gears such as HQ abj.

Monday, 14 December 2015

How to get 6M+ CP/hr....during campaign

Decided to post the apex cp pt setup that I found most effective in Dho gates.

Setup: pld(or any DD that can open darkness with leaden salute) cor geo geo(or brd) blm kupofried.

Basically, pld and cor will open SC using CDC + leaden, then mages will MB off darkness with
malaise buff.  In order to get high CP/hr, the following condition must be met:

1: Both melee SCer must be able to pop SC fast enough, that means capped hit rate and haste buffs from GEO or BRD is must have.

2: PLD or puller must be able to chain pull mobs, and the camp must allow PLD to chain pull mobs none stop. Certain camps are much harder to chain pull and that kills CP/hr.

3: The pt must kill mob in 1 SC 100% of time. Sometimes the BLM(or COR) isn't strong enough, there may be "left over" HP after MB and needs 2nd MB to kill. Doing more than 1 SC/MB kills CP/hr as well. A BLM with good MB set can do over 95k per MB.

Anyways, done with CP, back to A.weapon and afterglow farm D:

Saturday, 5 December 2015

FFXI short final content review(part 1)

It's been more than an year since I update this blog and play FFXI seriously, since I quit FFXI a while ago, and just recently came back to play with the final update.

Rhapsodies of Vana'diel is, IMO, a pretty epic conclusion of FFXI. It's not 75 cap CoP level of epic, but it's at least better than lol SoA storyline. The story will def make a long time player feel emotional that the game is coming to an end, and the final battle is challenging enough that it's not just enter the BC, spam the WS macro and it's dead.

Besides the final storyline RoV, there's also new endgame content Escha+ Reisenjima. I'm still trying to finish it, since this content is big enough and it's going to take a while to finish. In fact it's not even done yet as all the NM haven't implement at this point.

But so far from what I've seen, it's Abyssea 2.0 all over again. Was doing Escha Ru'Aun all NM runs, 1 single BST can solo kill all T2 in less than 10 sec with Revitalizer, which is.....kinda sad that this is the final "endgame" in FFXI D:

Now that AV2 is confirmed killable with 6, I'm guessing the NM coming next update will have higher difficulty than current AV2.

Only time will tell!