Monday, 28 October 2013

1.0 Nostalgia

Got bored and digged out some youtube FFXIV 1.2x video, finally learned why I don't like ARR battle system as much as 1.2x battle system.

ARR battle system feels like a GCD nowwww....or else I lose DPS, on the same time there's a very long GCD AND animation lock that it's not rewarding to use moves. Every time when I clicked 1st move I'm spamming button for next move, only to see it not fire off. OR I'm not focusing 100% and ended up missing that 0.5 sec WS delay DPS cuz I'm 0.5 sec late. And that 0.5 sec is a lot! Because the GCD is long so every 0.5 sec counts.

So the result is, the game feels like an action game, on the same time not as responsive as a real action game. It's awkward.

1.2x battle system is way better, since it's "gain TP and use right move when timer is up", it feels less like an action game, more like a RPG. No need to worry about being 0.5 sec too slow on clicking next move, on the same time you can execute all moves together if you have enough TP so there's no "WHY CAN'T I USE NEXT MOVE NAO" feel. More strategy, less spammy spammy and muscle memory.

/nostalgia glass on

Man, I miss 1.23. Besides worse game engine and the lack of content, the fundamental system in 1.2x was way better than ARR direction D:

1.23 feels like streamlined FFXI with less content, with most of the good things from FFXI and fixed tons of flaws, it just needs more content and it'll be a very good game.

ARR feels like something completely different, more "dodge this, dodge that, can't dodge it? DIEEEEEE", less about setting up gears/organizations and using ability. I blame players bitching about MMORPG "needs skill", those who thinks RPG game "needs skill" should go play FTG.

I enjoyed MNK a lot in 1.23, but ARR battle mechanic kinda killed the job for me. In 1.23 it was fairly fun and rewarding to pull off MNK combos, in ARR I'm currently using same rotation as this:, and it became a "let's keep every buff/debuff up" race. Whenever boss jumps it just pissed me off due to GL3 wore....basically quit a slap in the face and not very rewarding to play with.

I think ARR battle direction is just to please the post wow era MMORPG players, maybe cuz nobody can tolerate old school "gain TP and use move" system that everyone and their mother only want to use skill after skill, lol.

Sooo, more gear grind

T5 video finally out, answered quit a bit of questions I had when trying T5 yesterday. As suspected, everyone needs good gear.....I guess no T5 clear for me for a while!(Because my gear sucked D:)

Atm I feel all those "world first kill" race is actually about who started grinding IL90 gear early, due to gears makes much larger difference compare with XI. Getting "world first" in XI was mostly about getting right job/setup, as previous world first groups for endgame content aren't that much better geared than other hardcore LS. The BRD in video has around 700~800 HP more than me D:

Kinda regret lving slow in Sept, now no coil T5 clear for maybe another 2 months if that's how much gear I need D:

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dying and wiping in Coil T5 D:

Tried coil T5 with /shout party, for the first time, couldn't hit 65% D:.

T5 hurts D:

T5 is hard, and it's not even funny. All previous dungeon + primal + Coil T1~T4 isn't anything comparable.

I also feel this turn has pretty heavy gear check, too(majority of the coil difficulty came from gear check to begin with).

T5 map looks epic though!

Friday, 25 October 2013

Coil turn 2 parse

Joined a new static, and found out how static has lower performance than PUG, mostly because I sucked at playing FFXIV :)

T2 parse:

Me(NQ relic, 3 pieces of IL90 armor/acc): 280k total

MNK BLM: around 340k total, same lv of gear as me.

Another BRD in +1 relic and IL70 for every slot, AK ring(which I don't have): 180k.

No matter how I see it, BRD isn't a super strong DPS unless we're playing it way wrong.


I agree that having BRD as DPS = Coil easy mode, but that's mainly because of healer, and BRD is just avg player/PUG friendly.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Reason why everyone crying about not having enough content in XIV

Coil: You can beat T1~T4 in a night, if my /shout pt can do it an experienced static certainly can. You can only do it once until reset.

Nobody want to touch T5 so it's out.

Mythology farm: 1 WP can be done in 10 min or less, you can cap mythology in 10 runs=100 min.

Out of 1 week, can only do event (for IL90 gears)for 2 days, 1 day for coil 1 day for mythology farm, 5 days there's nothing to do that can give IL 90 gears, besides getting gear for lower IL 2nd job, which will probably never get a chance to do Coil over everyone's best geared IL 90 job unless that job is MNK or WAR.

Crystal tower: More like giving gears to everyone's 2nd job lol.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Coil T1~T4 run

First time trying coil /shout pt and climbed all the way from T1 to T4 clear in a night.


1.Being on silence rotation duty has more pressure than I expected D: Now I need to be a little bit less mean to stunners in FFXI, they had a lot lower TP move preparation time and has to stun every move instead of just high voltage D:

2.This game is PLD BRD/ranged DD fantasy ._. The way every boss/raid is designed, is just too friendly to BRD as DPS, and too unfriendly to melee DPS especially MNK. I was trying to gear up MNK for 2nd job, then I realized the way this game design boss/raid fight, it's like saying big "fuck you" to MNK. Don't have enough time to get GL3 on fodder before they die=gimp. Lack of strong AoE= gimp. Dodge boss move and lose GL3=gimp. It's only good on training dummy, lol.

Funny thing is, whenever this issue was brought up on official forum, pro-gamers pops and go "BUT I CAN CLEAR EVERYTHING ON MNK NP" Now MNK will never get a fix!

A pt of BRD and BLM makes coil run ass easy even with /shout pt, no really!

I guess after making FFXI MNK fantasy, they decided to balance it in XIV.

3.Coil T1~T4 is about same lv of difficulty as Nyzul in 75 era, but easier than delve pre skill update and harder than limbus IMO. Coil is also easier than Titan HM.

Somehow this post became a MNK rant D:

Saturday, 12 October 2013

My first Japanese party

First of all, I have to say this: Agerknux you're bad ass D:

No really, not only he helped me cleared Titan HM on healer, dodged all the avoidable move, under 260ms ping(and helped me solved ping issue for Titan HM), he also afked 1 min mid-run during phrase 2 to answer door, and somehow survived when he was back. I don't even know how can a healer afk in Titan HM mid-run for such a long time and stayed alive D:

I've been trying to gear myself for Titan HM, aiming for lv 70 weapon, full DL, appropriate SJ, but I got extremely bored+ burned out spamming primal+ Prae speedruns(I have 1000000 rant about XIV endgame design, I think it's beyond terrible - -). So I decided to screw fucking SJ and just go without B4B.

Then I decided to just buy a melded Sargna +1 and get the weapon done with so I can save some primal farm time. By selling left over stuff from 1.0 I managed to make enough gil to afford it, thank god I beat it before weapon bound hotfix so I can probably resell the weapon :D

I managed to hit 3.7k HP with 3/5 DL, so screw 2 more DL, Afania leech/gimp mode on :D :D :D

One of the major issue I have to face, is lag. I usually play on 4G since my wired connection often d/c at night. my ping is about 280ms to NA server, over 200ms to JP.

Basically, if you have over 200ms in Titan HM, you'd have to memorize every TP move and move before you see the red circle. Dodge by reflex is no longer possible.

After I switched to wired connection I got around 70ms on JP server, which makes it possible to dodge move by reflex, but still over 270ms to NA server.

That means, I'm pretty much stuck on JP server, because I don't want to deal with 200+ms ping in a game rely on dodging red circle for "difficulty" lol.

I tried a bit of Titan DF, and most of the time, I'd see 1 person undergeared, in that case I just leave right away.

And pretty much every DF pt can't beat heart due to lack of dmg. DF setup is always 2 tank 4 DPS, but for inexperienced, item lv 70(sometimes ppl go with lv 60 weapons even) DPS x4 is not very easy to win unless 1 person has relic. If 1 DPS die before heart phrase it's pretty much over.

Ideally, unless there's well geared friend/fc member come and help, it's much easier to do it 1 tank 5 DPS 2 healer or 6 DPS+ 1 healer setup.

That means it's /shout only D:

On JP server, making English /shout is nearly impossible because English community is just that small. Maybe it's possible on Masamune, that's where Oceania players are, but every other JP server is 95% JP population AFAIK.

So, time to make my own /shout in JP because I don't want to join other ppl's /shout pt with 3/5 DL and got /blisted D: D: D:

I have to agree, I was very nervous to speak JP, and often worry about making grammar mistake, because I'm just not good at it. I join JP /shout when I see them because fuck DF pt they always suck. All I ever say in /p chat was something simple like "hello" "sorry"(every JP said sorry when they die, so I figure I'll say sorry when I die in a run too)"Goodbye".

But then again, 4 years ago when I started FFXI it was pretty much the same, I had to speak English to communicate, so I forced myself to speak English, and eventually my English got better.

I started to pay attention to how JPs speak JP in /shout or /p chat when I got a chance, which is mostly different from text book Japanese. I have to make SS for every /shout and /p to learn what they say during X situation, or Y situation. Now I kinda regret not taking JP lesson last time when I had a chance D:

But eventually, one night when I don't suffer from d/c with wired connection, I felt like I'm ready for Titan HM(more like I can't sleep well if I don't beat it), dragged Ager, spent some time figuring out how to spell kanji, and made my first JP /shout in my MMO life :D

Annnnnd won :D

For some reason, the accomplishment felt more like "something" because it's 1 step toward speaking a new language, less about beating a difficult boss(it's really not all that difficult with /shout pt, but 100x harder with DF pt) I feel like I can make JP /shout for everything I want to do in the future.

And maybe one day, one day I can communicate in Japanese fluently, make a couple of friends like how I make friends with NA/EU players.


Saturday, 5 October 2013

Titan Cockblock

After 1 month of casual playing, finally cleared story+ lv 50.

After 2 more nights of casual playing, cleared chimera/AK/hydra/Ifrit HM/Garuda HM, everything can be done in less than 5hr of work.

Now only 1 Titan away from completing the relic.

Honestly I feel this step is going to take longerrrr than all previous step combined :(

Need a good weapon to pass the DPS check D;

Don't have damn primal weapon, and shit never drop. :(

AH ilv 70 weapons are completely not worth the price tag with lower than Ifrit weapon base dmg D;

Don't have DL 5/5 to pass HP check for Titan :(

Every single philosophy speed run pt /shout ask for relic DPS D;

If I farm philosophy by using DF, it's a 2hr+ wait time with risk of wiping or getting gimp pt D;

Can't enter AK on prime time, can't get into AK /shout party due to "relic only" D;