Sunday, 29 June 2014

Legendary rank for all coalitions.......

Still a long way to go.............D:

After all that yorcia spam on weekend....

I start to get the conclusion that SAM isn't the only job that got major buff last update.

Before update when I went to yorcia delve with LS, I did around 46% of another rag DRK on NM T1~5, this doesn't include wopket, which resists piercing and the gap usually get bigger. Against another LS SAM who died half the time, I was around 60% of his dmg too.

After update, against same SAM I was only 2% behind with no death. In fact, after entire weekend of yorcia spam with various slashing DD, I was usually around 2%~5% behind. This is when pt with slashing DD who gets extra dmg on wopket, while being an inferior DD with piercing dmg. Some ppl used to do double amount of dmg I can before update, now only ended up only a few % ahead.

I only get to pt with 1 Koga SAM, although I don't think the result count cuz he wasn't playing properly, the parse still shows it's 4% behind after all 6 NM.

Unless ppl suddenly forget how to play DD after update, the only logical conclusion is last update buffed COR's output a lot too. Although in COR's case its less severe than SAM, since you can only have 1 COR in pt and it won't replace every DD, but in SAM's case it'd just kill every other DD job.

There are several reason why the gap became much lower:

1) Leaden salute.

Before update, COR dmg was fairly shit on T4 5 and wopket, with new leaden salute+ voidstorm and darksday if lucky, it's actually decent with 8k avg that isn't affected by evasion or flash from wopket. It went from completely useless on wopket to DD-able now.

That being said, since Fudo is distortion and leaden is gravitation, it makes darkness instead of light D:

I want light q.q

2) OAT dagger.

The new OAT dagger and 1h TP gain update increased WS frequency quite a bit. The ideal roll to get the best out of it is SAM roll instead of DA roll though, since DA roll doesn't increase ranged WS dmg and SAM roll increase TP gain for melee, WS AND QD. With a good number SAM roll, dagger can gain 100+ TP a hit, sometimes it takes 3 dagger attack round to hit 1000 TP with SAM roll.

Note that according to spreadsheet number, in low acc situations with 1 roll being hunter, and using leaden as main WS, SAM+ hunter seems to beat chaos + hunter or MAB + hunter.

It can be quite challenging to do THAT many different rolls in a run while maintaining DPS, especially if mages ask for MAB buff too. I often ended up sticking with wrong roll in yorcia.

Time to grind PR duration + job point D:

3) Buff potency increase with new +5 ring. So yeah, as a buff job, can't ignore the buff potency increase, which seems pretty huge according to some of the testing.

Anyways, time to sell more yorcia win for $$, can't afford Ergon weapon D:

Saturday, 28 June 2014

After update....

Did a yorcia 6 NM run after update, it seems this zone is quite friendly with casual now. Even with skirmish GKT SAM(inferior weapon to shark GKT/Koga), mandy died in less than 2 min and morta died in around 2~2.5 min. The entire zone was done in around 21 min with avg DD, which was about the same as Tojil 6 NM run pre-update, but with more plasm. If the pt had Koga SAM it'd probably be a sub 15 min clear!

After I change TP build to OAT dagger+ SAM roll I can no longer keep up with current TP speed, I often ended up WS at 1500 TP instead of 1000. Time to do more macro adjustment. :<

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Now that leaden salute.....

Now that leaden salute is a viable WS depending on situation, I guess I can finally use hunter/snapshot in low racc situations :D

The fact that leaden salute is OP at 300 TP means it's much better to maintain aftermath with less dmg lose :D

Monday, 2 June 2014

Ergon weapon.....WIP?

Legendary rank: Only finished 1 so far....

HP bayld: Cost 400M total, no money D:

Long way to go until I can get an Ergon weapon D: Maybe it's cheaper to do a 2nd mythic after all.