Monday, 29 July 2013

Mid-term exam

I'd like to share how I usually COR/WHM in delve boss runs, although it's really nothing special if you play WHM.

I can hit over 840+ MP on COR/WHM atm, and my MP set isn't complete, nor have capped MP merit(I keep some of my HP merit cuz I don't want to get 1 shotted by boss). I did math wrong posts back, COR/WHM can hit over 1k MP on hume easy without using MP+99 head.

I almost never run out of MP with ballad/refresh/evoker, like, ever. So I started going more aggressive when it comes to cure/curaga to help DDs cap HP. Since I won't run out of MP anyways! Sometimes I tossed a lol dmg QD shot, if I already light shotted dia and have more charge again, but it makes little to no difference.

My 2nd roll is usually fast cast roll, since WHM doesn't need conserve MP nor have MP issue. A well geared WHM doesn't need fast cast roll, but COR has slow casting speed, little access to FC gears, and using FC gears on every slot kills MP, so having fast cast roll on myself helps my casting speed.

Able to hit -na quickly requires studying and memorizing mob TP moves, which I still have plenty of work to do.

IMO winning streak 5/5 snake eye 3/5 is better choice than WS 3/5 SE 5/5. It's easier to keep 4 rolls rotation up, if your ally do COR swap your roll stick longer, most important of all, you ended up risking your life to run in and reroll on DD less. I don't see how higher SE auto-11 proc rate worth it, since proc rate is low with 5/5 anyways, and if you do a bad number on DD you can always overwrite it later.

If I'm going to run in, I almost always stoneskin myself, and swap to earth staff. Ideally you can cap PDT- and have roll gears on head/hands/legs/ring, plus mextli if you don't care about MP/TP. Since I'm gimp, I can't cap PDT- and still use mextli+roll gear yet.

Current goal: Get fucking better at COR/WHM and out cure real WHMs :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

Current most efficient way to farm gil?

Probably delve boss runs.

An efficient group can gather together in 20 min, do 3 runs in 3hr~3.5hr total(include gather time, WC time etc).

3 clear run=210k plasm. 1 stack of airlixir+1=1.1M=30k plasm, that's 7.7M worth of airlixirs in 3.5hr.

Run also drops random +1 and +2s, plus expensive item such as boss craft items(around 8M+). That's extra 600k+ per person avg. So around 8M profit a run for everyone in 3hr.

Note that if your group sells clears, atm market price is around 25M~40M a clear, so that's another 1.4M~2.3M profit for everyone, if the buyer also pay for drop, profit goes higher.

In the end you can make about 8M~10M in 3hr run dependinig on whether your group sells clear or not.

Furthermore, if you DB a GEO or COR in delve boss group, your plasm gain doubled. That's like 15M in 3hr!

Compare with ADL, delve boss doesn't need mules, while the efficiency of ADL gil farm really depend on amount of mules everyone has, which is kinda like converting your real life money to FFXI gil.

And obviously if you do have mules, you can make double or triple the amount. Even without mules, 8M~10M in 3hr is still decent.

So, time to delve more :)

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Skill boost in August

According to info on test server, next update SoA weapons would get a skill boost.

That means delve boss would be even easier, and super evasive bee may be more clear-able.

Macc gun may ended up not worth so much unless you really want that MP+100. I'd imagine QD gets much less resist after update that macc gear/merit may not be a requirement to land light shot on boss. (And DP gets even more worthless unless it also gets skill boost due to resist)

That also means maybe current SoA weapon path B won't be worth doing.

And maybe COR DDing in delve become viable again? Lol. Personally I think with perfect stun and heal, WHM+BRD/WHM is enough to deal with all the support.

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Shark boss +5NM cleared!

Honestly, this is one of the most intense fight I had in my FFXI career. My heart almost explode ._. Part of the reason is because I tried my best not to make any mistake and fail the run, so I felt like a rubber band D; But overall I'd say I probably didn't make major mistake besides haste wore a few sec a couple of times and I couldn't reapply fast enough. I also had almost 0 MP issue, that made me question whether it's necessary to even build COR MP refresh set, just because I had way more MP than I can handle.

I also noticed it's much easier to land sleeps on all NMs here, compare with morimar.

Every NM took slightly longer to die compare with Tojil runs, that means even less room for error. However, the entire run in the end was perfect, when I said perfect, I mean perfect heal, no death, and perfect strat execution. And I kinda doubt I can ever lead a perfect run like this.

Maybe I can't, considering I've never really lead a perfect run in an event if I remember correctly :< And honestly I have no idea how ppl just automatically know what to do when it's not a "static"(different members on different job role everytime)

After I start leading Tojil run, I finally understand how 1 mistake can fail entire run, even though I already guessed and tried to prevent every situation that would fuck up the run.

Yeah, I didn't know that even pulling NM, and walking to next NM after 1 NM killed can be main reason to fail a run.

And even worse part is, if 1 thing fail, ppl start drama. Hell ppl even start drama when they can't get in, when they bailed in the first place! Or even spread false rumor about many aspect.

Anyways, enough rant and drama. I should be happy with 2nd boss clear :)

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Tojil run

I haven't been playing much FFXI recently due to connection issues, broken PC, and general lack of motivation.

Then LS did a Tojil+5NM run so I joined for KI, also to learn how to organize a proper Tojil run. Thank god I didn't d/c this time!

Tbh, I didn't have any of the pieces I intend to get 1 month ago :p I haven't finish merit, haven't get any refresh pieces, and haven't even start MP/Macc gun.

I guess those aren't required to get win after all, so I just gimped through it, while failing 1hr reset  in the run(Starting to feel guilty D;)

I managed to hit around 630MP with what I have now. But I had np managing MP on 4 NM+Tojil while casting -na/erase/haste none stop. Only NM I had MP issue is turtle, due to full dispel I rarely have ballad. I also couldn't keep evoker up due to DD reroll. In fact WHM kinda had MP issue on turtle and had to convert too(this pt kinda kill slow, so turtle fight dragged on for a while).

I'd say it's probably better to do it with refresh pieces and med, unless your group is very good.

Anyways, Buramenk'ah got! MAY I DD ON BLU NOW?