Sunday, 27 February 2011

Some more WS tests.

Been doing some tests about Wildfire, inside and outside of abyssea. Mostly just wanting to know if it's better WS than slug outside of abyssea and the the best SJ to use.

Although my title says "tests", it's actually not really professional WS tests(not BG forum lv of tests), with too many uncontrollable factors. So I'll try my best.

Gimp warning: All my WS sets are mediocre at best, don't copy them if you have this job >.>

Gear set used for test:
Wildfire set:

Vulcan't staff/rose strap/Aramgeddon/bronze bullet
Navarch's Tricorne+2/Uggalepih Pendant/Moldavite Earring/Hecate's Earring
Mirke Wardecors(MAB and QD recast- augment)/Schutzen Mittens/Breeze ring/Solemn Ring
Forban Cape/Aquiline Belt/Navarch's Culottes +2/Navarch's Bottes +2

This set is actually not legit kinda(and cheap itself without AGI+7 ring and novio), since it doesn't give enough TP return after WS. The more legit set would be Loki+ another one STP piece without regain or Loki+Ambusher's hose with regain. But gimp noob has no Loki so oh well.

Slug shot set1:

Vulcan't staff/rose strap/Armageddon/steel bullet
Anwig Salade(Racc+10 rattk+5 STR+4 WS acc+15 augment)/Arctier's torque/Volley earring/hollow earring
Navarch's frac+2/Crimson finger gauntlets/Rajas ring/Spiral ring
Terebellum mantle/Crudelis belt/Navarch's Culottes+2/Corsair's bottes +1

Gimp noob has no gorget~~ Again, when I tested it my set has not enough TP return after WS and I kinda just focus on higher dmg instead of keeping X-hit. I usually use Gules leggings+1 and another STR earring for Slug if I want enough TP return.

Slug shot set2:
Mostly same thing as above, but use Navarch's Tricorne +2 and Navarch's Bottes+2 instead. Also replaced Spiral with another AGI+5 ring. It's for mobs that's too weak and fSTR capped.

In Abyssea:

1. WF completely change how this job worked. I no longer melee and only fulltime vulcan't staff now and fire off 5k~6k WS every few sec. This job is now on par with real DDs with WF if the mob doesn't resist fire/magic dmg. Ranged attack is no longer important since it's DoT is way behind melee attacks, the only purpose of /ra is to get TP with a Vulcan't staff.

2. On NM the dmg is about 2.5k~4k. Although I haven't got a chance to try it on NM with real high INT or magic/fire resist mobs....yet.

3. Regain roll + wizards is probably one of the best combo. Since Regain roll can get TP while waiting for new mobs to be pulled or getting TP without feeding NM TP. Not sure if Courser's roll or SAM roll is on par with regain roll, since both of them needs to actually shoot something to get TP, with irrelevant /ra DoT and long delay, SAM roll even has a risk of getting bad number and not getting 1 hit less.

4. /SAM 4 hit v.s /RDM 5 hit- Without MAB from /RDM and replace MAB/AGI gear for 4 hit STP gear, the dmg dropped to about 4.5k~~ So yeah, 5~6k every 5 hit or 4.5k every 4 hit...big lose XD I'd say it may actually be smarter to WS in full MAB/AGI gear with /SAM then make up the TP lose with regain for 4 hit.

5. Still trying to figure out if I should use AGI atma or regain atma. With regain roll I mostly only need to /ra 1~2 after WS to get 100 TP again. With regain atma it may be TP overflow, or the other way around.

6. Although this WS is fun to play with in Abyssea, after a while it got dull and I ended up Q.Q on allakhazam Q.Q on blog is not enough already.

Outside of Abyssea v.s slug

1.It's slightly weaker outside of abby. On too weak mobs outside of Jeuno, Slug is about 2.9k(with slug set 2), WF with /RDM and wizards is 2.6k.

2.In Nyzul: Slug with /WAR and chaos roll, the dmg is about 2k~2.3k, Vulcan's staff or not doesn't make a huge difference(Nyzul mob too weak lah). WF with wizards, /RDM and fire shot before WS(dmg+20%), dmg is 1.7k~3k(average 2.3~2.4k). I would say both WS are on same level outside of Abyssea, but WF is usually a little big stronger with Vulcan's staff on and not meleeing. It's a nice alternative WS to use depending on situation.....Slug for birds/fire resist mobs, WF for skeleton or weak against magic mobs etc.

3.For RNGs WF dmg would probably be pretty gimp without fire shot WS dmg+20% and wizards roll. Put all the easier trials aside, don't know if this weapon is worth for RNGs to get.

I'm still new to this WS and still trying to figure out how to maximize it's potential, although it seems pretty pointless to me to push the DD potential further, I mostly just do research because I have nothing to do in game. Other wise I'm now totally in a "don't know what to do in game" mode since I have really little intention to grind anymore gear for small difference. In fact both me and Tav is having trouble finding stuff to do in FFXI atm, most of the time I just log on, randomly ask LS what they're doing and tag alone without knowing what to do. And since I always have drama when I talk to Tav in game, I'd rather just talk to him on MSN.....I guess the only thing left in game for me to do is just lolmythic(which is even more pointless to do than empy) or WoTG.

WoTG then.

No, actually, find a goal irl damn it.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Drama of AoA

As I do more and more Abyssea event, I noticed there's new kind of NM drama, and that's all because of the use of Atma of the Apocalypse.

If A pt has an NM, and B pt claimed it when it went yellow, then A pt would usually accuse B pt for "stealing" their NM. However, if A pt wiped at NM, and B pt claimed it, then A pt has no reason to accuse B pt for stealing the NM, since they're wiped anyways. It has became an etiquette that you can't claim other pt's NM unless they wipe. This kind of player etiquette does not have any problem outside of Abyssea, if A pt can't kill the NM, wait until they wipe then claim.

But now with the Atma of Apoc, zombie strategy gets popular, and sometimes it ended up A pt can't kill the NM, and just keep getting up, kite the NM, wipe, got up, claim and kite NM, wipe again, repeat. While B pt waste their time waiting for A pt to kill an NM they can't kill, and facing a difficult choice, should they wait longer, or just claim when it went yellow? With Atma of Apoc, full wipe doesn't exist, since you can always get up, therefore you can't really accuse another pt for "stealing" the NM.

A few weeks ago, when I did an Altepa run with MLIA, Ager planned to pop 3 Rani. We waited until 22:00. After 22:00 we moved to Rani pop spot and found another LS killing it, their Rani was 25% left and a NIN was brewing. So we decided to wait. Then the NIN failed to kill Rani before brew wore, so Rani started slaughtering the alliance. After 10 min they still have no intention to pop another brew to finish Rani off and just kept kiting, wiping and getting up. So someone in MLIA lost patience and claimed Rani when it went yellow. The result is lots of rude language, /blist and such.

Well, the result is that LS still got their rani back since MLIA can't kill Rani without brewing as well and no one wants to brew without blue proc. But that's after 35+ min(so blunt time bye bye) of lots of wiping/kiting/unclaim/claim/charmed for both party. Then they finally decide to brew while got claim(and used 2 brew for last 10% of NM).

So my question is, is it legit to claim another pt's NM if they take 30+ min of getting up over and over again and unable to kill the NM at all?

Yesterday when I did Dragua with my static and MLIA, same thing happened, another pt popped Dragua and takes forever to kill, since they zombie. While our pt still has a couple of Dragua left to pop. But this time the result is a bit better, Akuji seems to have a friend in their pt and offered to alliance with them and help them kill, so we can pop more Dragua after them.

Well anyways, after 7 Dragua, we finished three +2 hands and Con almost done with PLD +2 hands as well.
I also finished my +2 hands, so that's 5/5 blue box for me!

Now I just need a Navarch's earring(which is crap) to complete full AF3 gear set. Time for some tiger hunt.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

No wonder......

Been playing with my new toy whole night while farming seals for BEBE and Ginz, and all I can say is...

No wonder everyone and their mother loves an empy weapon, it's just too fun to be true.....especially Armageddon for weak mobs in abyssea.

It's not even done with optimal gearset/atma(no smoldering sky), and still pretty fun for big dmg number whores.

I dragged Zeig and choose to do my first Wildfire on fly because I know he is gonna hate flies a lot while working on his Caladbolg, wasn't expecting the fly got one shotted XDDD

Ok I know all the atma and such favors magical WS and kinda cheating to compare the WS number in Abyssea, so let's try it outside. Played with it outside of Jeuno.

Seems a bit more right outside of Abyssea no?

Hmmm anyways, it's fun, but it still doesn't get much practical use besides epeening. I should have come BLU for BEBE and Ginz's seal and get yellow proc like usual yellow proc whore Afania, instead of one shotting the birds with Wildfire all over the place and getting amber light XD

Sunday, 20 February 2011


As I start running my own Abyssea static, we started to face one challenge that needs to be solved, that is the lack of real tank.

Ever since Abyssea release, "Tank" and "DD" pretty much means the same thing now. We all know that MNK(or NIN) are probably the best tank in abyssea not just because their survivability, but also because their dmg output is very good. Therefore MNK(or NIN)+ WHM is a very efficient lowman theory.

Of course you can argue that every DD job can tank with a WHM Cure V spam, but the truth is not everyone's DD job can tank with a WHM. In fact not even everyone's MNK or NIN is capable of tanking every NM in abyssea. While there are many good MNK or NIN that can tank everything, I've met a couple of MNK or NIN that got pwned by some higher tier NMs that's supposed to be duoable. The difference between a good MNK or NIN and bad MNK or NIN is just too big. This makes me wonder if tanking is really that hard.

Right now the static has no MNK or NIN, so most of the time Returner ended up tanking on DRK/MNK. Although it works quite well against many NMs, lack of shadows can be a problem sometimes. Sometimes I have Connavarr tank on DNC, and the result is that he ended up wanting to lv MNK ._. Of course I can ask them to job change to PLD, but PLD without Almace the dmg and pt killing speed can be a problem........

So solution No.1: Afania go lv NIN or MNK and be main tank of static!.....ok this probably won't work. It's gonna be another bandwagon pink MNK or NIN that can't tank shit.

Solution No.2: Afania go tank on BLU!

Ok solution No.2 that is! Project Building tanking BLU start!

So far I usually play BLU as a DD/TE farm ppl in Abyssea, sometimes it act as a support or healer if needed. Depending on the situation I come BLU/THF for TH whoring if no THF in pt. Play BLU as a DD or healer or TH whore are very easy, don't really need much skill. DD just smack and whack, healer just keep haste up and HP full, TH whore just leech '_' |b. Tanking however, it's one area I never bother to touch, or too afraid to touch, since it plays an important role in the pt and fail tank usually means pt wipe. I have to admit I like to play as support BLU a bit more, but if facing a new challenge is needed to get stuff done efficiently, I guess I'll go for it.

I've heard BLU/MNK works very well as a tank, and since BLU can create it's own shadows it probably has less problem DRK/MNK has(although not every WS move can be absorb by blink spell). BLU has additional magic def+ spells and curing spells, which is some advantage MNK doesn't have. In theory it just need a bit of work and it can tank decently no? Sounds like a bit of work and I can have a tank job :>

Ok so Project tanking BLU to-do list:

Get all merit abyssites: No merit abyssite no tank.

Get MNK to lv 45: Just to test if /MNK works. BLU tanking it's either /NIN or /MNK.

Work on Eva and PDT- set: Probably need to do 2x eva sword and 2x PDT- sword. ARGGGH

I tested a bit with my current gimpy eva set, with GH atma and atma of Kirin, and tested on fly NM for Zeig's Carabosse pop set, it works pretty well so far, as an evasion tank, but that's one of the weakest NM in abyssea. If I want to tank anything worthwhile, merit abyssite and better Eva/PDT-/MDT- set is a must. Also, if I use MM and 2 more tanking atma(such as AGI atma to boost eva, or HP atma to boost HP), I start to face the problem of gimp dmg output, while my BLU dmg output is already gimp enough with full DD atma.

So prehaps I need to work on an Almace? Just to get my dmg output up. ARGGGH more magian damn it.

Prehaps I pt with Ager's BLU way too often that I more or less feel inferior when I play with my BLU. After a bit of practice I finally able to mass farm TE in abyssea without dying(that's after I finally learned Dream flower, this spell is too useful to be true), so the next step is learn how to tank!

Friday, 18 February 2011

Trial for old gears, haters will hate, lovers will love

I have to admit when I saw the news like this a few weeks ago I was very happy.It's not because I'm a victim of hard earned Salvage gear now crap(never really start Salvage until lv cap increase anyways), but because my Mythic weapon building is not making any progress to a point that I almost want to give up :/

I don't really have many Nyzul/Salvage gear, and my Einherjar gears are just ichor items. Therefore I don't really care too much about old gears and such since I don't have many of them to begin with. However the price of Alex is now pretty unacceptable....Someone told me the other day that he put his alex in bazaar for 10k and still sold really fast. Also I'm having hard time getting ichor, due to the fact that no one really want to do Einherjar anymore. My old Einherjar LS Dynabus is now pretty much dead, not doing any Einherjar/Dynamis for ages. Ager recently told me even limbus is dead, so I guess time to /toss pearl XD

On the other hand, Nyzul and assault seems still popular in my social LS Cynosure. I wanted to make another assault static for assault logs, but just way too busy in abyssea atm. At this rate I probably won't finish Mythic for another 5 years XD, mostly because how dead old content is and how I spend most of my playtime in Abyssea now XD

There are a lot of argument between hardcore/long time player and causal/newer player about how old gears gets slap in the face and how easy it is to get new gears. Zeig told me the other day that he really dislike "pros" of this game saying good gears shouldn't be so easy to obtain and such. He has his reasons, since a lot of causal players can now wear pimp gears and have same level of sense of achievement as other hardcore players. But I can also understand how veteran players would feel when they spent 1 year grinding a salvage gear or relic weapon and suddenly they all subpar compare with items you can finish in a few days. I don't know if trial for old content is a good solution for this, since I'm pretty sure if they make Salvage gear pimp again some people gonna complain again XD

Although mythic status is now in dead status, but I managed to overcome the frustration over failed lv 80 empy weapon and started working on 85 version. It goes much faster than I expected. I asked around if anyone need +2 items from CC or seals from KI NMs. Sometimes I just /shout to see if anyone needs clear or +2 items and always got ppl very fast. Sometimes ppl are willing to stay for multiple CC just to finish their +2 upgrades. CC is very easy, much better than Carabosse, I can literally solo it if stones are not a problem, the only hard part is Heqet, sometimes it's over camped and pulling it can be a pain. This frog should be soloable as well, With newly obtained GH atma, a little bit of eva gears and Auroral Drape I can evade a lot of hits on BLU. Just pulling it is such a headache, Stealth told me I can just kite the frogs and lose hate, but I either ended up losing Heqet hate as well(and let other ppl claim), or Heqet pwn me with magic while I kite, or I just can't lose frog hate at all, I guess I need more practice to get this done solo. Another problem I noticed is if I get ppl for CC by /shout, many people don't have the patience to help me with Heqet KI farm XD People just want +2 upgrades and expect me to get KI out of nowhere XDDD

Well at least that's a good thing, before old gear gets upgrade I can have something to do for now at least. I also started WoTG static in Cynosure for story and aiming to get a Zodiac ring for QD and Moonshade earring with Rattk and regain augment. It looks like I'm having way too many static/events going on atm again, so time management can be a challenge if I still want to graduate XDDD

Monday, 14 February 2011

New avatar \o/ Tarutaru ftw \o/

I uploaded a new avatar picture, as you can see, it's a Taru version of Afania! :D

Long time ago when my friend Cataclysm still plays, he gave me a Tarutaru rice cake before certain Limbus run, and that's my first time having an experience to play as a taru with taru's point of view. They're so short!

Even worse, Tarutaru rice cake version of Taru is even shorter than real Tarus!

I like Tarus, but I guess I probably won't like to play as a Taru XD. The character I created in FFXIV is also Hyur(Hume). Some say Hume is a boring race because it has strength and specialty, I guess that's why keep playing as a hume characters even though I usually like other Taru players more XD

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

An empy with a huge price to pay

As it mentioned in previous post, my best friend Tavera started drama during our gem farm, and the result is me losing my best friend. I got an lv 80 empy, but I lost my best friend, literally I've lost more than what I've gained.

Ever since Abyssea came out we've duoed a shit tones of stuff, and most of the time I'm the one getting all the benefit. I ended up getting spoiled and rely on him for getting gears way too much, and unable to cherish the value of friends. I'm unable to get things done on my own. So I decided to learn a hard lesson and going to earn my own gear instead of relying on friends for help. This empy will probably stay @ lv 80 for a while, until I'm worthy and earn the lv 85 version myself. Gimp as you can see, but I guess it's my punishment. Same for AF3+2s, all the incomplete AF3+2 I'll just let it stay as it is for now, until I earn them myself.

Pretty funny that just the day before yesterday I still view gears like Empyrean weapon or AF3+2 an accomplishment, ppl standing in Jeuno with 5/5 blue boxes and lv 85 empy used to be so cool, now for me all the gears are nothing more than a punishment.

I just started a new AF3+2 farming static, hopefully it goes well, so I can keep working on AF3+2 without relying on friends. I used to tried to make an empy static too but it doesn't work too well, and I immediately turned to my friends after the static failed. I hope history won't repeat this time.

I'm temped to stop playing COR again so I don't take advantage it, by running around in gears I don't deserve. But if I don't get to play it I think I'll be very unhappy, so I may still play with it once a while.

Currently goal:
Make sure AF3+2 static goes well and complete everyone's WL item.
Project Armageddon on hold(temp).

Also updated Project Armageddon status, no lantern for me until I earn them!

Other static I'm currently running is Nyzul static for tokens, although whether Nyzul static goes well or not largely depends on other ppls attendance :/

Anyways, now it's time for a new start in FFXI.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Stage 1 pew pew Laser gun

After I realized I won't get a free Empyrean from rank 1(stop dreaming!), I pushed a little bit more, by bugging everyone I know to a point that they should have /blist me already XD. And the result....

Special thanks to Tavera, Stealthkiller, Agerknux...those 3 ppl probably getting bugged by me the most. Tav even started drama many times because of it. (We both drama whore)

Other ppl who helped including a bunch of peeps in MLIA(Ager's LS) and CaelusII LS(Tav's LS), some ppl in Cynosure(The social LS I'm in), and some ppl on my friendlist that's randomly dragged by me such as Dragonxdvz, Chymerial, Bennettz, Baliise, Kingilya(plus some Kingilya's friend I don't remember name) and such...hmmm I may miss someone but forgive me, I dragged way too many ppl in the process of killing Carabosse for like 40+ times.

I have this trial flagged for sooooo long, like 7~8 months at least. I started high DMG path gun as soon as it's out, then stucked on Trial 1759 for months since I have no abyssea group and such. It's also very hard to find help because Carabosse drop sucked, and it takes a while to kill one due to annoying 2hr and high defense after 2hr. Notorious mute/stun/dispel and one shot kill AeroV also makes killing this NM a pain. It's not a omgwtf hard to kill NM, just annoying. I know there is red/blue WS proc 2hr lock zerging, but it hardly works well. At least I can solo a huge part of KI NM farming for Cara.

I hope stage 2 is easier. So far the hardest part is probably camping Heqet, if there's competition. But both KI NM drops seals and CC drops better gear and +2 items, hopefully it's easier to find ppl interested in helping at least. CC itself is easier to kill than Carabosse as well, a couple of BLM nuke/bind can take it down really fast.

After I got the laser gun the first thing is of course take a screen shot, then I went to abyssea and help BK farmed his helms for his Kannagi while playing with the lasergun. Kinda lame that most of my dmg output still came from cheap Yataghan and Evisceration spam XD. After I unlock the WS I may or may not have to redo all the current melee TP set/atma, right now it's Yataghan/joytoy(aiming to replace joy with a Mageblade or Twilight knife if possible) combo plus RR/VV and focus on melee DoT/Evi. After wildfire unlock maybe it's 3 MAB/fire atma plus Mkris and move all the dmg to WS/fire shot(haven't done math about this yet)? Ranged attack it's kinda screwed in abyssea, I tried with everything I could, enhanced courser's roll with 5 piece of snapshot gears and macro, pot+ chaos roll, the dmg of ranged attack just won't catch up to melee jobs or even myself in melee mode in abyssea. And it's certainly not my fault, Kingilya's well geared RNG also has weak dmg compare with other melee jobs. BK's RNG is not much better either.

Tav often asked me why bother to make an empy weapon for a job that's not even useful and in fact, a job that's gimp in dmg even with an empy weapon. He is supposed to be DRK main but never bother to make an empy weapon for DRK just because of the fact that he is always on WHM and DRK dmg gimp. In his mind I'm stuck on BLU no matter what because of yellow proc, and I should make an Almace instead.

While I was doing some helms farming for Ager's Almace some empy MNK came with his WHM parner, duoed Briareus with god damn awesome speed. 300 dmg crit-hit per melee round with capped haste and 3.1k Victory Smite every few sec is just epic. Everytime when I see a well geared MNK tank/DD a NM, it's always epic. Then another group came, with more DDs in the pt including an empy NIN, but killed much slower. With much lower crit-hit dmg and much lower Blade:Hi. That's how I realized even with empy weapon not all jobs are equally epic. I know my BLU or COR probably won't achieve that kind of epicness in NM fight even if I somehow complete a lv 85 empy weapon for both jobs, due to how those jobs dealing dmg. BLU with an empy weapon probably need to pretend to be a pure melee DD and stop wasting time to cast physical spells for max melee/WS dmg. And I doubt a pure melee BLU can beat a real pure melee job like MNK WAR or NIN. COR with an empy only gets full advantage from ODD by shooting, and shooting sucked in abyssea.

I asked the same question myself too, why bother to spend time on making an Armageddon and Death Penalty, when I can have greater achievement if I save the time and money to lv a stronger/more useful DD job such as WAR and MNK and make a stronger DD weapon such as Ukonvasara or Verethragna etc.

And yet I still keep going.

Ever since I start lving COR, I told everyone that it will be my main job. It's the least played job in this game and not all that useful, so I'll just try to create new value of this job, by trying the most effective way to play it in terms of buffing and dmg dealing. I often found myself know very little about this job and have a lot of questions, and unable to find right answer because most ppl don't play this job. So I ended up trying to discover new ways of playing this job and make use of it's abilities in every aspect, such as change of gears, change of play style, change of subjob and different way to buff etc. I enjoy this discovering process, slowly learning how to play a job better for different situation, and trying new stuff all the time. This kind of freedom is something I can't get from other more popular jobs, when their role is fixed and every way to play the job is being discovered. That's why my profile has the line "Currently trying to become a true pirate", I'm far from understanding/playing this job fully and I guess I'll keep going until I quit FFXI. Lv 85 Armageddon next!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Moggy New Year Bonanza 2011 result......

As usual, won a rank 5 prize, A.Angel HM Statue got!

This statue is so small though, hardly see a thing >.>

Thank got I didn't get the TT statue, or else I can't see it. Tarus are way to small.