Thursday, 25 October 2012

Your relic and it's value

After chocobo blinker nerf and all that inevitable shit storm on official forum(official forum has been shit storm since day 1 btw), I can’t help but find it funny at how majority of player acting as if SE will kill this game with several nerf hammer. And as if SE hand out gil and gear to everyone, the game will keep running forever because everyone is happy.

Player base response:”Nooooo, I can never afford a relic/mythic anymore!” “Noooo, now the game is going back to lv 75 era when only rich ppl own a relic, majority of player can’t afford it!!”

I guess time to talk about the factor of relative value in FFXI.

If ppl can calm down,  and rethink, then look at things from bigger picture.
Does nerfing chocobo blinker makes everyone more broke? Most likely not for average players.
Atm there are ppl posting on forums, with SS of capped gil on multiple characters. Obviously those players have multiple relic/Mythic, owned 10+ account, leech cruor at work/sleep, then bot NPC all of them and convert cruor to gil when they work/sleep too.

They make millions and millions of gil everyday. And those gil went to economy, everyone else’s gil devalue.

The fact is, if you ever try to convert cruor to gil pre-nerf with just 1 character, you will find it’s less gil per hour than dyna/salvage/ADL. Thus I rarely make gil from cruor. Unless I have events, I usually play about 2hr a day and I don’t bot. If I go to dyna, I make more gil than warping back and forth turning those cruor to gil, so there’s no way I’d convert cruor to gil when I can make more gil in dyna.
And average player should be in same boat as me(honestly, I know more fish botter than NPC blinker botters), I don’t know a whole lot of player that actually can abuse cruor/gil enough to gain huge advantage of it. Most ppl probably just convert small amount of gil here and there for some extra cash. Compare with afk leechers/NPC blinker players, it’s pretty small lost. And once all item price go down,  those who doesn’t abuse cruor NPC with multiple account and bot will get biggest benefit.
If you don’t own multiple account, don’t NPC blinkers with bot, then other ppl who is currently doing it, will devalue your gil and make you more broke. Thus chocobo blinker NEED a nerf. Chocobo blinker, does nothing except encourage botting and paying 120$ a month for all characters(although you can probably make real money back by selling cruor gil, but that’s another discussion)

Now on to relic.
Some ppl argue that the game is “better” if everyone is rich, can afford a relic, and happy ever after.
However, they did not consider the value for the relic(or mythic/lv 99 empy, expensive weapons in general) compare with the amount of player owns it.
In this game, there will always be a gap between super rich higher tier player, average middle-class, casual player with less money, and new player without 1 lv 99 job or just ding lv 99 yesterday. And there will be content with different difficulty designed for different ppl. Thus serious hardcore player do hardcore content, casual player do casual content etc.

Back at lv 75, only super rich higher tier player have a relic. Some average middle-class players can maybe afford one if they grind for many years.

Back at lv 75, maybe 1% of player base has a relic. Majority of endgame player doesn’t.

Now that more ppl have relic. Super rich player have multiple relic, average player maybe have 1 or 2. Casual probably will work on one slowly, some are almost done with 1 or 2.

Now that majority of endgame player taking endgame seriously, probably will have at least 1 relic for their main job. The playerbase with a relic, is undeniably higher than it used to be.

Thus everyone’s relic just devalued because more player has one.

Now that next thing, and typical SE forum reaction will be “ZOMG you’re just elitist! Why can’t every casual player own a relic! You just want to be an unique snowflake!”

However, they did not factor the game content balance and it’s relative difficulty, which is tied to the population of players with relic.

I’m going to be blunt and say this, atm, if some jobs doesn’t have certain relic/lv 99 empy/Mythic, that job is not going to perform properly in harder endgame  such as legion hall of Mul.

Those jobs are: WAR needs Rag for MS zerg, Rag MS zerg is just way too OP nowaday.  DRK needs Rag, this weapon is just too good. BRD needs lv 99 empy harp(and it’s more of an impact once embrava nerf came, due to needing extra song slot for march) DRG needs Rynohige, DRG without Rynohige has little value as a DD. RNG needs relic gun/bow, the main strength of RNG over another melee DD is low enmity ranged WS and no reason to use it over another melee(although in the case of legion hall of Mul, buffed last stand may work).

And too an lesser extent, PLD benefits greatly from Aegis too. Oh, should I start talking about weaker DD such as SAM MNK, pretty much need lv 99 empy to catch up to average DRK for endgame today?

However, back at lv 75, no job “require” relic/Mythic to beat endgame content. When I did Einherjar with Sinister, only Saber has relic. When I did with Escaflowne, the only relic owner(who is a PLD) doesn’t play PLD in T1~T3 chambers. When I did with many endgame event with different LS, usually entire ally has 0~1 relic.
Now if I enter legion hall of Mul, BRD has relic, DD x5 has relic or empy 99, PLD has relic. The amount of relic in ally is slightly higher than 75 era.

And what happen is that SE already know about it, and will balance the content difficulty based on the percentage of relic owner. So if 1% of player base has relic, the the mob won’t be as hard. If 5% of player has relic, then the content will be more difficult because players are stronger. If 10% of player has relic, then the content will be even more difficult, and relic or gtfo if you want to do this content. SE already know players will enter Mul with an ally of relic owners, like how they know that players will utilize PD/embrava zerg strategy. They already know players will bring Rag WAR MS zerg, or Ryunohige DRG spamming Angon, or empy 99 BRD singing 4 songs, or PLD with Aegis, or relic RNG that generates little enmity to all current endgame events. Now Mul is at a difficulty that if you didn’t enter with an ally of multiple relic/empy 99 owners(and doesn’t gimp in skill/other slot of gears), you will have a very hard time. And Voidwatch, is at a difficulty that if your DD isn’t empy DD or merit WS DD, you will also have a very hard time. All Average Joe has a relic, just makes relic less valuable,  doesn't make average Joe rich nor pimp. 

SE hand out items to casual or middle-class players, does not make those player “pimp”, does not make them more powerful, and does not suddenly make content more accessible to everyone. Middle-class player will stay as middle-class player, 75 era or not. Casual will stay as casual, lv 75 or not. Content designed to only beatable by a group of serious dedicated endgame player, will never be friendly to casual player even if relic become obtainable. I still kick relic casuals that doesn’t parse high and no proper PDT-/MDT- set in event, or tell them to job change to mage jobs.

Hand out relic/empy 99 to players, will just make relic/empy 99 a requirement for harder endgame content, nothing more and nothing less.

Thus I found it extremely funny that players on SE forum often bitch about couldn’t get items because they’re casual. Unless all game content are designed for casuals and force everyone to be equal (which isn’t good for a MMORPG too), casuals will never really gain a benefit from getting items hand out to everyone. GL trying to clear legion hall of Mul wave 3+ with a group of none-relic/Nyzul F100 gear players.

Sure, getting relic for everyone makes everyone happy. But the connection tied to other players devalues it and you aren’t really becoming more powerful when comparing with game content and other players. That’s why I’d say chocobo blinker nerf shitstorm, on top of “omg I can’t finish a relic anymore!” comment is nothing but irrational reactions.

P.S(and douche mode on): Oh and btw, my empy  99 gun value just went up a little due to less profit from spamming VW and less ppl doing it. Should I be happy? :D It devalued pretty bad in past 3 months when surplus of 85k hMP sitting in bazzar cuz everyone spamming T3 VW   D;

But hey, empy 99 gun already have no value when I mainly pull in legion ;(
When all those hMP should have go to a harp or ukon 99 ;(

My gun ;(

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Nerf storm

For the past 2 days, SE been handing out nerf hammer in FFXI, 1st there is chocobo blinker nerf, then planned PD/embrava nerf.

To sum up some observation regarding chocobo blinker nerf:

Chocobo blinker botters and ppl afk leech cruor will get biggest hit.

Empy lv 99 value may go up due to less ppl interesting in doing VW.

Honestly though, I(or any player doesn't afk bot/leech NPC cruor) should* get benefit from chocobo blinker nerf. Personally I never find it possible to take advantage to make gil due to my way of playing this game. I only have 1 account, with limited inventory space, on top of I don't bot, it's less gil/hr than dyna/salvage/ADL for me, thus I rarely convert cruor when I can spend my playtime to solo salvage/dyna for more gil/hr. Chocobo blinker affects those who leech cruor at work/sleep with 12 accounts the most, and NPC them while sleep/work for capped gil. Now that majority of item should get cheaper for everyone, I see ppl with 1 account, or newer player should get biggest benefit.

So fish bot nerf when??? ;D

As for embrava nerf, it's pretty major hit for legion, on top of SMN now actually require capped skill to be useful. Making legion ally will just be harder, to a point that -10% HP can never compensate.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Last week in 1.0

One more week until we going to say goodbye to FF14 1.0.

Due to how hard to even put together a pt to do anything atm, I decided to try to grab all the tele point in 14.

I dragged Ager to travel with me. Personally I found it funny that he still called me "Afa" in 14, despite I used a different name. And if I call him his 14 name, he lold at me.

It's certainly an unique experience, to play with FF11 friend, and still calling each other names in 11.

We head to many dangerous areas while sight seeing on the way, riding our choco. Tunnel full of lv70+ bombs, giant bridge and epic waterfall, empty fort invested with monsters. And mobs that one shot me with 3.5k dmg on the way and needed his raise D;

We travel together,watch the scenery, chat about random subject(since I haven't seen him in 11 for ages), laughed at his female char ;D

Those are something I can no longer experience in 11, when I traveled to damn every places in 11, and able to kill every mob on the way with no danger.

And yet if it isn't because of 11, I will never do such thing such as adventuring with an old friend.

FF14 is an extension of 11, in a way.

Once upon a time I had such experience, when I first did rank 5 story BCs, travel to cold northland, which was a lonnng walk. Once upon a time I gained sea access after months of CoP static(and Ager was in it too) before CoP cap removed, and "OOOO" when we reached sea. But now it's no longer the same. Now it's log on, solo salvage or dyna, make ally for VW or legion.

I started 14 to start a new MMO, with new identity and play with new ppl, and it ended up become part of 11 experience, pretty ironic huh?

Either way. One more week until 1.0 shuts down, hope I can clear last GC quest I need by then D;