Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Empyrean weapons

Recently I've seen a lot of ppl asking "Which empyrean weapons I should work on?" kind of question on forums. And ppl often reply in all sorts of answers, involving comparison between each empyrean weapons. Sometimes there are replies telling them to do them all, which doesn't help at all.(No matter how easy/fast they are to build, no one still want to spend time to build a weapon and ended up finding it not useful)

So I'm gonna write my opinion about empyrean weapons for my jobs, based on my experience and friend's opinion.

Armageddon: This weapon has fairly diverse point of view. Some say Wildfire is extremely powerful, and the community kinda pushed Wildfire to god like status. Some say it's weak outside of abyssea, or weak against some NM due to dINT etc.....So is this weapon worth doing for CORs and RNGs, especially for future game content that's outside of abyssea? (Besides obvious answer such as "It's easy, just do it anyways")

1 year ago when SE released the info about Empyrean weapons, I mentioned I like the look of Death Penalty better, so yeah, I'm more of a fan of Death Penalty but not Armageddon XD

But I still have to say that Armageddon is probably the best well-rounded weapon COR can get atm, and the reason is more than 10k WS dmg this weapon can do, or brewing situations. Wildfire kinda started all the "Gun mage" play style for COR, and associate COR to magic dmg dealer somehow, which is very different from old pink bird pt where COR is melee/ranged physical WS hybrid job. Outside of abyssea, without atma/cruor buffs, Wildfire is a lot weaker, but still decent enough to deal magical dmg when magical dmg are needed.

To sum up, Wildfire provides another way to deal dmg for DD CORs if necessary for certain situation. If a COR ended up having to fight mobs that has Invincible, or Perfect dodge, or fighting skeletons/scorpions/flans type of mob, or high def/eva mobs in general, Wildfire will get the job done better than slug. If CORs are fighting mobs weak against piercing, or have enough DD buffs to hit very high slug number, then Armageddon with highest base dmg and +15 AGI will still provide very high slug dmg.

Wildfire is certainly not "One WS rules them all" like how COR community labeled it, it has weakness, it doesn't work on fire and water elementals, or Glavoid, or goblin NM, or Amarok/Orthus or a lot more mobs sometimes, and it's only on the same lv as slug outside of abyssea. It's more like a complement to the physical WS COR can use. COR already has access to very strong physical WS such as Evisceration in Abyssea, and Slug shot outside. And Wildfire provides the magic dmg needed when physical dmg doesn't work too well. It's more than just a brew toy or abyssea epeen WS, it completes COR's DD arsenal even outside.

Therefore, although I'm a big fan of Death Penalty, I'd still have to say Armageddon is probably more useful than Death Penalty atm for CORs, since it can be used in almost every situation, while DP only shines in very, very few situation such as QD spam only, or /ra with triple shot etc.

So, WoE version or Armageddon? In brewing situations, WoE version and Armageddon is exactly the same, so for anyone just want a brew toy, WoE version is enough. But if you want to use COR for none-brewing situations, then extra AGI on Armageddon is gonna make quite a bit of difference.

Now on to next question, should RNGs do Armageddon? I don't have RNG, but I'd rather do Annihilator if I'm a gun RNG, and Gandiva for more dmg if enmity is not an issue. Wildfire RNG without fireshot dmg boost is just gonna be COR -1 with Armageddon, while Annihilator has higher rattk and base dmg, decent relic WS after relic WS dmg boost, plus low enmity aftermath after WS. I guess Armageddon may be useful for RNGs if magic dmg are needed for certain situations, but COR -1 is COR -1. 8D

Almace: I personally don't have Almace, but I somehow pt with Almace owners a lot and see them in action, .....So I guess I can still write my opinion about it. XD

In Abyssea, CDC is a very strong WS. BLU or PLD with CDC is on another tier of DD when fighting NMs compare with none Almace BLU or PLD. However, in order to make the best out of it, you probably need to play BLU/PLD/RDM with a passion, and play those jobs very often and refuse to change to easy mode jobs to get something done.

If you only lv BLU to for yellow proc, then you don't need CDC. If you only lv BLU for Abyssea cleave burn, then you don't need CDC. BLU's dmg against lower lv NM and old lv 75 EG content is actually high enough without CDC by doing spell spams. Having CDC or not is not gonna make a damn difference in Nyzul or Einherjar in terms of dmg output....CDC dmg isn't high enough outside of abyssea especially without buffs, and BLU's dmg ratio will go toward spell dmg against those EP mobs. Spending more time to TP and WS actually lower the dmg IMO.

Therefore, for BLU, CDC only shines in Abyssea against T2+ NMs. It fixed one of the biggest weakness for DD BLU: Spell dmg sucked against NMs due to lv correction.

But the real question is, do you play BLU often enough to use BLU against Abyssea higher tier NMs? Most ppl play MNK or WHM or NIN in such situations. And if someone is a BLU, he/she is usually just yellow proc bitch in the pt and shouldn't engage the NM to eat AoE and TP feed. In order to make the best out of CDC for BLU, the BLU need to main tank/DD and full time engage the NM, not just a yellow proc bitch that stand outside of range and watch MNK or NIN rape the NM like most BLUs do nowadays.

Same thing applies to PLD, Almace kinda fixed one weakness PLD has, dmg output and enmity generation in Abyssea. But do you really play PLD in Abyssea? You can just play MNK or NIN and get the job done faster and easier in Abyssea. Not to mention RDM, which is not just a mage job, and it's a no-no mage job in abyssea. In order to make CDC really worthwhile in Abyssea, you really need to love PLD/BLU/RDM to a point to play those jobs in Abyssea when you're supposed to play MNK NIN WHM instead.

Outside of Abyssea, CDC dmg is much lower than many other empyrean WS, it's much lower than Ukko and Victory smite. My Slug average from COR/WAR is still higher than CDC average from BLU/NIN in Einherjar. It's still the strongest physical sword WS, just not strong enough when comparing with other WSs. BLU spamming spells in Nyzul/Einherjar is probably more effective than focusing melee TP/WS with CDC. I haven't done many voidwatch NM, so I'm not sure how good they are for new content, but Ager told me his CDC on PLD is only 300~500 while SAM can WS for 1k on those NMs. So I guess this WS isn't strong at all against those higher def/eva mobs. In fact, I still see Ager use traditional OA2~4 sword+ Atonement spam a lot on PLD outside of abyssea as well. Again, RDMs shouldn't melee those new NMs, and BLU can probably go back to old BLU/THF SATA cannonball or run in Efflux QC run away when fighting them.

Does BLU need Almace? My opinion is, if you love your NIN/MNK/WAR/SAM as much as your BLU, you can do weapons for other jobs first, BLU can really live without an Almace, and CDC isn't that good outside of Abyssea. I'm not sure about PLD, but I'd do Ochain first(which is an empyrean that truly makes a huge difference) if I'm a PLD especially if old Atonement spam revive in the future, although CDC can still be a very useful physical WS for PLD if needed.

Monday, 30 May 2011


After finishing WoTG, I ended up only have Mythic quest left as a goal/quest I really want to finish. So I guess now I can dedicated rest of the play time on that.......

After a bit of stalking, I realized.....

Wtf, why everyone and their mother all doing Mythic now......D; D; D;

I only know one person working on Mythic before I started, and now I know at least 10+ ppl all actively working on mythic. Since Alexandrite is so rare on market now, more ppl buying alex means higher the price.....Now I can't buy any alex for 4k unless it's from a friend. Most of them cost 5~10k now. So, 300M cost for a weapon gogo.

Anyways, although my mythic project still long way from finish, I'd still have post here to thank the friends who've been helping me collecting alex......I may need to come up with a more efficient way to collect alex, instead of /shouting in Jeuno for ppl selling them. I did a SSR run with my nyzul static yesterday, perhaps I need to find a zone/route that's efficient enough to farm alex, then pay ppl to farm alex with me ;<

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Epeen screenshots

For some reason many FFXI players love epeen screenshots, and I'm no exception. I guess after finishing all 4 major storyline, keep getting higher number on WS dmg is probably one of the few goal(besides mythic building, which I'm getting a bit tired of it) I can do in this game, how pathetic, and yet satisfying.

So I'm gonna post some of the epeen screenshots I've done for past 1 week.

After May update, I've heard some ppl say how powerful Atma of the Sanguine Scythe is for crit-hit WS, and how it's better than VV or GH.

So I decided to try RR/SS/A&O combo on BLU/WAR, to see how high I can go. After using many Vorpal, this is the highest Vorpal from my BLU/WAR on wyverns in Altepa.

Looks like empyrean weapon lv of dmg no? Since it's a lol sword WS.

The average is about 2k~2.5k I think, and one empy MNK in same pt was doing 3k average Victory Smite on same mob. My QC hardly break 2k on those mobs unless Efflux is up. Although it's still weaker than empyrean lv WS, certainly good enough for NM fights for a none-CDC BLU.

On weaker def mobs like surveyor, it can go even higher to 3.6k.

Then I decided to try this new atma combo on COR. With Chaos roll and Rogues roll. After doing several WS, this is the highest:

Average was about 2.6k~2.9k.

Ager was in the same pt with me, and with same buff his CDC can do up to 6.3k. So it's still behind empyrean WS. Sometimes I just hate the fact that how none-empy WS falls behind empyrean WS, to a point that gears or food or buff can never made up for it ;<

Anyways, time to try an empyrean WS, see how high it can go.
One month ago I wrote about Wildfire http://an-empty-vessel.blogspot.com/2011/04/blu-vs-rdm.html, and in the end I asked a question, if it's possible to break 10k with this WS without brew. I kept bugging CORs with better gear than me such as Shaydow to try to do 10k, but I got no ans. So I ended up having to try myself. And the answer is yes! Wildfire can break 10k with Ascetic's Gambir and firestorm(Huge thanks to Chymerial to firestorm me for doing this meaningless epeen SS).

Compare with 1 month ago, I didn't use agility potion this time, but my Armageddon now has 5 more AGI, I also have stat+7 ring and 3/3 abyssite of furtherance and atma of Smoldering sky now. Maybe can even break 11k with BRD songs. XD
Note that Wildfire is a magical WS, so 10k is the average WS dmg as long as the effect of Ascetic's Gambir is up. Although kinda not practical to boost WS dmg this high, since dolls will be one shotted with 7k dmg anyways XD

Well, since all the epeen SS are done in Abby, should do some none-abby ones.

Did a Nyzul run yesterday. I haven't play COR/WAR in Nyzul for ages, so I decided to give it a try. This is the highest slug I've done in Nyzul on EP bird with berserk/warcry up. I know it's a bit cheating since birds are weak against piercing. But even without piercing bonus, this WS should still able to do near 3k dmg with buffs.


Oh and by the way, Memchii finally take a break from FFXI, T-T.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Lest we Forget

As you can see from the title, this post has minor spoilers of WoTG storyline.

After months of doing WoTG with my static, WoTG cleared finally!

Out of all the expansion stories in FFXI, WoTG is, IMO, the best.

Zilart is a good story that tells a bit more background story about FFXI. But it lacks interesting character and memorable scenes. CoP has a longer storyline, and I know some ppl like the ending, but there are just way too many character and subplot so it's not strong enough. ToAU has a stronger theme and very memorable characters, but in the end the storyline got a bit cliche.
3 mini expansion and Abyssea hardly has any story at all.

Out of all the expansions, WoTG story is the best. It has memorable characters(although I like ToAU characters a bit more), and story is not as cliche and predictable as ToAU. It has a theme about time travelling, choices we make, and aiming for brighter future. Not to mention WoTG CS quality higher than previous expansions.

Whenever I completed a FFXI storyline, there's always a sense of satisfaction, especially when I cleared with a static. I get to experience the traditional FF experience, travelling with a group of companion, defeat the final boss, and save the world.

In theory, I should have a great sense of satisfaction when I completed WoTG no? It has better story and CS than other expansions, with a strong theme of time travelling and working for a brighter future. I always have a sense of satisfaction when I finished an expansion story, not just because I got something done in FFXI, but also because of the story.

So why I feel such emptiness after WoTG done? Am I finally play FFXI to a point that I no longer feel anything about it?

Possibility No.1:
When I cleared previous expansions: ZM/CoP/ToAU/add-ons, I cleared with a static. If I'm in a static, that means everyone needs clear as well. So when we cleared together, there's a sense "getting things done with companion together". The pt were under same emotions, happy, satisfied, for finally clearing the BC. We got to watch the same CS together, and often sharing thoughts in /p chat while watching the CS. This kind of emotion linked together, to create a sense of achievement that I can't get in other ways in FFXI. That's why I always feel the sense of achievement of finishing a storyline in FFXI is different from getting certain gears. I still remember the day my static finally cleared ToAU and add-ons, I remember everything my pt member said, and who participated for all those final boss fight. But I can't remember much about getting certain uber gears. I can't remember who was in my pt when I got my AF2s, or Homam, or w legs. When I cleared a BC with my static, everyone is happy and I can feel their emotion as well from /p chat. When I got a gear, all I can see in /p chat is just "Congratulations". I was happy, but other ppl probably not as happy as I was. Especially if they want the same gear.

When I cleared WoTG final boss, my static cleared the final boss 2 days ahead of me. Although they headed back and helped me clear again, our emotion was no longer the same. Same thing happened when I help friends clear their mission BC, they're all "WHOOHOO" when finally cleared, while I just said "Congratulations" and warped back to Jeuno and disbanded. I guess not be able to clear WoTG with my static just ruined the experience.

Possibility No.2:
I blame Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica ;<

Yeah I've been pretty much recommending this anime everywhere like a sales person, on Cynosure forum via PM, and on my facebook, now on my blog =D.

I finished this anime one day before I finished WoTG story, and I was so shocked after finishing the anime, so I no longer feeling anything after watching every other story or other videos I've seen after finishing the anime. I watched Code Geass R2, and Lady Gaga Judas music video, finished WoTG, and none of them are strong enough visually or in terms of story telling to make me feel shocked again, they all taste nothing.

The story of this anime has similar theme as WoTG, about time travel, choices, future etc. But it's way more shocking and cruel. In WoTG the player fight for a brighter future, but does brighter future really exist? Yes we beat the game, got the happy ending, happy ever after. But Madoka challenged the concept of hope and future, telling us that the world isn't as shiny and beautiful as it seems. And after finishing that anime, I finished WoTG, I no longer feel anything, with it's shallow way to extinguish "good" and "bad" future.

The story of WoTG is just not quite there. It's better than ZM/CoP(some ppl disagree, but IMO the story structure of CoP sucked)/ToAU, but it's still not quite there. It does not deliver the experience I've been looking for.

In the end, out of all the expansion experience, CoP wins still. WoTG does have better CS, well written dialogue, overall better story structure. But it does not deliver the unique experience that CoP once has.

Regardless what I said about WoTG......

Moonshade regain earring obtained!
With this earring, I should be able to reach /SAM 4 hit even without atma and regain roll, and able to /ra TP without Rajas or rose strap if I'm not subbing SAM. Now I'm almost done with perfect gear set in my mind for /ra TP. Just need Skadi legs and augmented w hands.

Death Penalty/Novio earring/Zelus Tiara(or Voidwatch NM head/body set)/Skadi legs/Augmented w hands/5 more elemental Obi/AF2 belt/another stat+7 ring, a few more gears until I have capped DD gear on this job, then next update would come, SE gonna release more gear, and I pay more $$ for the goal(more like a dream) to reach perfect DD gear set, vicious circle. ;<

Oh why I mentioned capped "DD" gear? Because I don't really plan on working on stuff like COR MDT- or COR PDT- set atm, lol.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

0.000001% of difference

A few days ago I got bored and went into abby to test some new gears(Sorry Mem I've been slacking on WOTG ;( ), mostly just trying to test my newly brought Stormsoul ring(AGI+7, INT-3, resist petrify+) for Wildfire set. In theory stat+7 ring> stat+5 ring for WS, but I was a bit curious if that INT-3 on Stormsoul ring will actually decrease macc, thus making stat+7 ring dealing less dmg than stat+5 ring. The result was rather disappointing, considering stat+7 ring is rather expensive atm.

Test1: Stormsoul ring v.s Breeze ring

I tested it in Abyssea - La Theine, with Lone wolf/Ultimate/Sea daughter atma on rams, didn't use any wizards/warlock roll so dmg remain consistent. My first few WS it seems Breeze ring actually won about 50% of time....I guess that's because of resist so I popped an Ascetic's Tonic and Stormsoul finally was doing more dmg...by 30~40.....

Paid 1M for a ring, for no more than 50 dmg increase, for a WS doing 4k~7k dmg ;<

And it doesn't even increase dmg all the time, sometimes it doesn't ;<

So much $$ for such a small increase in terms of performance!

Since I was already in abyssea and was in test mode, I decided to test even more gear for answers I can't find on forums.

Test2: Loki's Kaften(AGI+11) v.s Mirke(MAB+4 AGI+5)

According to math Mirke should win....but when I tested it Loki did more dmg all the time. Some ppl mentioned on forum that Mirke > Loki, but my test result shows Loki wins......ok I never understand Wildfire. Loki also has STP, so more TP return after WS, I guess I'll just stick with Loki for now.

Test3: AF3+2 legs(AGI+8) v.s MAB ASA pants(AGI+2 MAB+4)

Once again I never understand Wildfire, it seems MAB ASA pants>AF3+2 legs. I have no idea why AGI+11 Loki beats MAB+4 AGI+5 Mirke, but AGI+2 MAB+4 ASA pants beats AGI+8 legs.... I even tried some Wildfire dmg calculator I've found online and still can't figure out why. Why the result is different from math equation? Why /RDM still > /BLU even though math equation shows /BLU wins? Why AGI+5 ring still occasionally beats AGI+7 ring if temp item not up? Why some ppl said Loki>Mirke and some ppl said Mirke>Loki? Why some ppl said MAB+3 belt is better than AGI+7 belt and some said AGI+7 belt>MAB+3 belt?

Ok, I guess in the end it's all about 0.000001% of difference.

This gear is better than another, another gear is better than this, and in the end the difference is all very small, to a point that lag/internet speed/afkness can easily make up the difference. And depending on the mob you fight, one gear may be better than another, but you never know.

Believe it or not, unless you're truly gimp, or unless your job has no empyrean/relic class weapon and you're comparing dmg with another player with such weapons, your dmg isn't going to be much different from someone else with better gear. Tweaking gears over and over again for that small amount of difference is probably only ppl who got bored to the hell(like me?) would do, lol.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Living in Sandy

After server merge Rag is now a 3.5k ppl server, with 700 ppl in Port Jeuno. I ended up d/c very often if I stay in Port Jeuno.

So I decided to set my HP in Sandy. With new Abyssea NPC in Sandy and AH merge, I can live in Sandy now and no longer having to visit Jeuno at all unless I want to /shout, pretty nice.

2009=Living in WG
2010=Living in Jeuno
2011=Living in Sandy


Friday, 13 May 2011

Blu solo Carabosse?

Recently I’ve been helping Zeig killing Carabosse for his empyrean GS. And after tanking it a couple of times and seeing how an Ukko WAR/SAM from another pt able to duo it with a WHM with no shadows, I think it’s very possibly that BLU can can solo Carabosse with right gear as well.

Yes I know that NIN/DNC(or maybe DNC/NIN) can solo it and probably do it more efficiently, and I know that soloing Carabosse is probably not practical nowadays with 1338 pt waiting to pop it after merge and it’s most likely that they’ll bitch about soloers taking too long to kill anyways. It’s also very easy to get help with Carabosse now with +2s dropping. So if anyone want to try this better try when no one is around to avoid Carabosse drama XD.

First of all, getting CDC is almost necessary for this NM, since Cara gets PDT- after it 2hr and BLU kills very slow without CDC. Also, w legs for movement speed+ and merit abyssite 6/6 are also necessary.

The strategy is to eva tank it like a ninja, kite it with movement speed+ when got muted(it was Zeig's idea to kite Cara when muted to avoid dangerous situation since we often do Cara without a healer XD), and gear swap to MDT- set if stunned+ all shadows/buffs dispelled to avoid one shot kill.

Also, rely on Utsusemi for shadows, don’t rely on Occultation…I did it once to save $$ and TornadoII went right through blink - -

BLU can have decent evasion against Cara with GH atma + an evasion set+ evasion bonus job trait, plus Feather barrier and Auroral drape spell. Carabosse has weak acc anyways.

One example of full evasion set:

Almace/eva shamshir+2//goblin cracker
Optical hat/evasion torque/ethereal earring/novia earring
Aurore doublet/ Denali Wristbands/Heed ring/Alert ring
Boxer’s mantle/Sveltesse Gouriz/Ocelot trousers/Magus Charuqs

Aurore doublet can be replaced with even higher eva body piece, but it also has good melee stat so I just listed Aurore doublet.

I only have Aurore body, Denali hands, Ocelot pants and AF1 feet when I eva tank it and it still worked just fine(at least my shadows are always up), so full evasion set is probably not necessary and use some TP gear should be ok if spells are up. Zeig often complained that BLU needs to cast spell very often when eva tanking while THF only need to cast shadows every 1 min, I’m pretty confident that with this set you only need to cast shadows every one min or more unless shadows dispelled XD You probably don’t even need feather barrier or Auroral drape for Carabosse if you decide to solo in full eva set instead of TP set.

One danger to solo Carabosse is the BLM mode, when it changed to BLM mode with stun effect, if all buffs + shadows dispelled one AeroV or AMII can one shot ppl. So a MDT- set is needed to avoid such situations.

Gear swap to MDT- set if shadows are down + mute or stunned with AeroV or AMII coming.

Chontic staff/Vallus grip//Demonry stone
Coral visor+1/Twilight torque/coral earring/coral earring
Coral scalemail+1/Denali Wristbands/Minerva’s ring/Shadow ring
Colossus’s mantle/Resolute belt/Coral cuisses+1/Ataractic Solea

This set can reach MDT-50% without any shell, plus some magic def bonus and some chance to take no dmg from magic attack. Although some stuff here are extremely rare or hard to obtain. Some +1 Coral gears hardly on AH and that staff was newly added in May update.

AeroV dmg is about 2.3k without shell and MDT- gear, AMII about 3k. With this set you should take only 1~1.5k dmg. Even without full MDT -50% set it is still possible to survive with enough merit abyssite.

Rest is all about TP+spamming WS, and kite the Carabosse around the lake with movement speed+ if got muted and all buffs dispelled, just to be safe. In theory it’s certainly doable, I just don’t have the time to gear up my BLU to try it out……I wanted to focus on BLU a bit more, but my play time just doesn’t allow me to do hardcore gear grind for any other job. I’ve been thinking about getting CDC for my BLU, but both WoE version and Empyrean weapon are extremely hard with 9000 ppl lotting coins of glory and 99999 ppl camping Guk(And I doubt adding Guk in gold chest is gonna make sobek any easier as well)…..I still think trying WoE and competing with other ppl for coins of glory is my best bet…since there’s no way I can devote my time to another abyssea/empyrean weapon group anymore ;(

Friday, 6 May 2011


After Abyssea came out, PLD has became one of the least respected job in this game.....

A few days ago I somehow teamed up with Agerknux's PLD(it seems that he's been enjoying PLD recently after Ochain finished...) to kill last few Isgebind to finish lv90 Armageddon, and I somehow changed my view for PLD after the pt....

I've killed Isgebind many times, with brew or without. With all sorts of pt setup. If the tank is MNK/WAR there is no way I would pop this NM without a WHM. I tried MNK+RDM BLU healer and it doesn't work too well at all because of enmity from Cure IV. Sometimes even with MNK+WHM or NIN+WHM shit can still happen if WHM got paraed after the tank got hit by spells.

However, with Ager's PLD tank, I can come BLU/WHM and still keep him alive, since he can self-buff shell IV and take very little dmg from Isgebind's attack. In fact I think he can probably duo Isgebind with a none-mage healer such as DNC or DRG/WHM.....

I guess that's the advantage of PLD over MNK NIN, if the pt has no WHM or even a proper healer job, PLD can still keep himself alive and let the fight goes on forever. With self-cure/self-buff and lots of refresh in Abyssea, plus some dmg absorb from gears. While MNK/WAR can deal way more dmg, it also took way more dmg than PLD when fighting NMs like Kur+Isgebind, and really require a WHM to Cure V spam.

Now that Burtang+Aegis getting buff, PLD takes even less dmg now. Maybe PLD can be used when the entire pt has no healer job? Either way I just don't think PLD is useless, you can get the job done with MNK+WHM, but come on, not everyone have WHM levelled.

Yeah I tried to lv my WHM just to kill Isgebind for lv 90 Armageddon, I got it to 70 and really can't go on anymore ;(
I consistently question myself what's the point to lv a job if I don't want to play it, don't want to get stuck with it and don't want to buy other none-Cure V Cure VI spells. Probably I should stop lv WHM now since I got my 90 Armageddon done already, and about to say good bye to abyssea since new game content is here XD.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Another goal accomplished....I suppose

1.5 year ago when AV was still the hardest NM in this game and no LS can defeat it, I really really wanted a ring dropped from AV.....

Bellonas ring

It was highest rattk ring in game, and one of the god like item for ranged attackers. Once I even made up my mind that if I win a rank1 prize I'll choose this item. (Probably no one will ever choose this item if they ever win rank 1, even 1.5 years ago)

Now that more and more LS is able to defeat AV, and ppl start selling AV drops, with all the rings getting cheaper each day. I realized I can finally afford one, so....


Yes I'm well aware that spending 3.5M on this item is totally not worth it nowadays, since /ra is kinda dead and update is almost here, it's very likely that SE is going to release another item better than AV rings 4 days later. It's a risky investment. And 3.5M is still a lot of money for me. I've been saving money for ages for Death Penalty, but it got extremely hard to find alex buyers, so I may as well spend the $$ now and wait for SE to make Mythic easier to obtain.

I suppose it's another long time goal accomplished. My first AV drop ;_; Stealth is planning a JOL--> AV run this Sat, so if I got lucky I may be able to get AV clear finally.

Sunday, 1 May 2011


1.5 year ago I joined an EGLS called Sinister because my friend Satansspawn was in there. I ended up staying in Sinister, I'm not a full time member, mostly just join them for some ZNM, Einherjar and Sea. But it's still the EGLS I joined for the longest time.
It's where I get to experience many EG event I never get a chance to, and also where I met some well geared player and plays this game seriously. It's also where I get to know some of the more successful player such as Stealthkiller.

After Abyssea update the the leader of Sinister, Sabretooth quitted, Harpunnik ended up running the rest of the abyssea event,
and a few weeks ago Stealthkiller told me Harpunnik quitted too and now the LS is completely dead.

I guess that's how MMORPG goes, someone started a LS, then LS dies. People come, people quit.

Maybe I should be more sentimental about this, after all it's my first EGLS and one LS I spent most time on. But I guess I'm way too used to it so I just toss the pearl without second thought, or maybe because I never feel Sinister is my real home. I joined Stealthkiller's LS, now his LS is very big because many Sinister member joined. Why I joined a EU timezone event LS is something I never understand...maybe it's just because I'm searching, searching for an event LS I feel happy to be with and feel right at home.

I guess I'm just a lone wolf type of person, never belong to any group, never truly be a part of a LS, which often cause trouble and drama just because I didn't log on for events 5 times a week.

Time to move on.

I still can't make up my mind about taking a break in FFXI or not. Maybe I should take a break for 3 years and come back after 3 years? What will I do after 3 years? I have no idea.