Sunday, 27 July 2014

Head Wind VD

I've been doing Head Wind for DW belt for a while now, after 4 runs I finally got it. Below are some of the experience.

Each cat drops stuff after being killed, therefore this BC can drop loot 3 times and there's a good chance to obtain stuff. It is also possible to obtain gears without getting clear.

First run: Normal
Since nobody has access to D+, I had to start with normal. Made a gimp /shout pt for normal, won after 1 wipe/recover. But I kinda got some experience for it and able move on to harder mode.

Note that the drop on normal is extremely bad, I don't recommend doing normal at all.

2nd Run: Difficult
Basically super buffed zerg with better DD, cleared in 4 min. Atm we still hold the record for this BC with that 4 min kill! :D

3rd Run: Very Difficult
The kill speed in VD is much, much slower than D. So the DD really need to turtle a bit to stay alive. COR dmg suck here because last stand is nearly unusable, even with sushi, full racc WS set, arma 119 it barely land without prelude. If I get madrigal no slot for prelude :( Magical WS doesn't work very well, so all I have left was melee WS D:

I guess melee WS isn't useless for COR, after all.

This VD run was fail because WHM got hit by breakga and nobody had RR :< Belt dropped after BST dead, but I didn't win it D:

4th Run: Very difficult
Won. DW belt gotgotgotgotgot! :D

I'm not sure how was the real drop rate with only 1 D and 1 VD clear experience. It is possible that belt has higher drop rate in VD since it dropped in both VD fight, but not D.

However, VD is also much** harder than D. Mobs in D just melt, in VD it takes a while. DD really need to turtle if shadows not up.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

After another weekend yorcia merc, IMO......

The best setup for yorcia delve2 is probably 3 koga fudo SAM + BRD WHM GEO.....