Tuesday, 26 July 2016

RDM and WOTG quests.

A while ago I was extremely stressed out due to massive amount of grind involved while trying to AG my Armageddon and Death penalty. Additionally, I had to deal with countless ls drama that came with getting T4 clears for Fomalhaut. I've been a lot more casual these days, and having to work on 2 AG weapons plus working on gears/cp to keep up with aeonic groups kinda burned me out. In the end I decided to take a break from FFXI endgame since all my major in game goal(finish all COR skill 269 legendary guns) are done.

Well, technically I still help ppl kill escha NMs if they need a hand, or make parties to sell items if I get "buy gears" requests. Otherwise I play solo in FFXI 90% of time.

In the end I start doing some some really casual content such as missions. I have never finish Sandy and Bastok rank missions nor their WoTG quests. Since finishing those gives vorseal I decided to work on these while playing a new job.

I've been a career COR for way too long. I spent pretty much all my play time to gear COR in past 7 years of playing, and never have enough time/resource to gear another job. Eventually I've learned that I can easily burn out from a job after spending way too much time and effort on it, and ended up having to play it for every content because that's the only job I can bring to the table. Since missions/quests are very easy and soloable, I decided to finish those content on a new job that I start recently, which is RDM.

RDM was actually the first job I picked since I start FFXI, I always enjoy hybrid jobs in rpg, so back then I wanted to main RDM. Until someone told me RDM is less of a melee job and more of a healer job, then I switched to BLU and BLU ended up as my first lv 75.

I never get a chance to play RDM then, since the job became more of a dead job after Abyssea and the amount of gear required to play RDM is huge. Between 2 gear intensive jobs that I had which was BLU and COR, I didn't really have extra inventory to play it, especially it's not used in content most of the time.

Now that I have extra bit of inventory with wardrobe 3 and 4, I feel it's a good time to start RDM. It's tough to collect all those mage job gears, which are different from light armor DD and there's A LOT of gears to collect. But since I'm no longer in "I'm going to get this job usable asap to participate endgame" mood, it's nice to be able to slowly take my time to learn and gear a new job, stress free! It's not like RDM has high invite rate to group content nowadays anyways! So no need to rush to finish gearing it!

IMO doing missions is a good way to learn a new job, how JA works, and how each magic works in certain situations.

In the end I really had fun with RDM. RDM is probably the only true hybrid job in FFXI that really works for multiple pt slot, unlike BLU which is more like a melee/aoe nuke job that has limited support ability.

Anyways, sandy wotg quest complete!

Now on to Sandy missions!