Thursday, 30 May 2013

PUG delve farm rant list

1. I /shout for a PLD, and only PLD. Then 10 /tell asking to join on healer/THF/DD.

Reading so hard heh?

2. Delve DDs with terrible acc without hunter.

I'm not sure why it's so hard to cap acc without hunter....

3. BRD sings marchx1 and madrigalx1 all the time.

I don't know why BRD likes to sing madrigal so much, I really don't D;
Even worse, when they sing march and madrigal I wouldn't know if I'm not in that pt, so DD pt
lose DPS before I can ask for right songs.

4. THFs sitting in PLD pt always SJ DNC, and refuse to pull.

Ok, THFs only want to DD then who gonna pull? Worst rant worthy part is that THFs without BRD COR buff refuse to pull, and made COR with BRD COR buff pull. Anyone without a common sense knows that THF without BRD COR buff isn't gonna out DD a COR with march x2, if COR pulls over THF it's severe pt output lose.

Every time when someone told me "COR should pull" when they're totally ok with THFs not pulling or inviting a 85 cala DRK in PLD pt and no march, made me feel it's total job discrimination.....puller should be decided by who has lowest alliance output, not the job they're on. And yes I'm totally willing to pull on COR if I have lowest alliance output, but many times I wasn't the lowest and still had to pull just because I was on COR, when lowest ally output player just sit there and continue to do their gimp dmg on their 1 delve 1 pre-SoA dagger THF. I think BLU is the most optimal puller anyways, at least BLU can AoE def down on mobs.

5. THF who made the ally put THF/DNC in DD pt, with 1 delve dagger and 1 pre-SoA dagger. 

I have no idea why ppl starting to think THF's a DD now that they have right to occupy a DD spot...THFs output was even further behind DDs after SoA due to delve boss dagger pretty hard to obtain.....if you want to play THF like a DD at least get 2 SoA dagger + elite DD armor to show that you're taking the job seriously no? Otherwise go back to PLD pt ._.

6. Ally leader insisted for chaos/fighter in a 2 songs BRD pt, and he had terrible accuracy.

It's ok if you're gimp, but it's not ok if you're gimp AND still don't want to use the easiest and quickest to fix gimp.

7. WHM couldn't keep haste up, and almost never dia.

To defend for WHMs, I admit this job is pretty challenging to play well, to -na ASAP(any 1 sec delay on stona/viruna means DPS lose), to re-haste when it's dispelled right away, and still not mess up 3~4 haste cycle, it can get extremely busy and MP intensive. But that shouldn't be an excuse for not getting the job done.

This list can go on and on, because NA PUG delve is just that much of a headache.....yes I specifically said NA again, no matter how ppl would come in and say I'm sucking JP dick. JP generally have their gear/acc/song requirement that it already became a JP culture that most players follows, and much easier to avoid problem such as wrong song or wrong roll, thus able to get optimize dmg output and killing speed.....if you know all 3 of your DD can cap acc then you can use chaos/DA roll and get max output. But if 2 DD can cap acc and 1 can't without hunter, then you're just wasting 2 capped acc DD's output when you do hunter for 1 DD. If you don't do hunter than 1 DD can't cap acc too. Either all 3 DD needs hunter and eat pizza, or all 3 DDs eat sushi and don't use hunter.

I'm not sure why NA does not have such culture. But it's probably one main reason why reported JP PUG average plasm gain > NA PUG average plasm gain.

Speaking of delve, I've been trying to find optimal setup for COR in delve, according to last parse with no acc song/roll:

203969 total (Gimpfania strikes again D; )
96147 melee dmg
84158 WF dmg

I was doing 3 roll rotation for mage and I rarely get haste. 0 WF firestorm nor firesday so my WS was a bit low.

That made TP/WS/QD split  47/41/12, which is pretty interesting, considering COR has been WS>TP most of the time. That means there were 4 possibilities:

1. I WS too slow, I often had over 100 TP when mobs died and wasted TP. Slow WS also means hard to take advantage of fireshot WF boost.

2. WF on watersday isn't accurate.

3. WF sucked at this point of time, because SoA weapon DSP is just that high and now it's finally beating WS dmg.

4. I haste samba too many times and the result is I do less WS but got higher DPS.

Either way, I think I should fix my WS speed first, it's slow like a slug and unbearable :(

Friday, 17 May 2013


I guess it's a good thing that blue magic is getting adjustment.

After last update DD BLU is now on bottom tier as a DD. Req is bad even with WS gorget/belt and a delve sword, I only get acceptable numbers on dyna EP mob. Vorpal seems to be even worse on anything I use req on. When every other DD spams superior WS such as Shoha or Shijin with new weapons, BLU has to deal with shitty WS. I miss CDC, I guess the time BLU spam CDC with champion's drink in VW is the time BLU's output closest to real DDs.

Speaking of which, I wonder whether DD hierarchy changed after last update, assuming every DD uses delve weapon.

I noticed active players had dropped a bit recently, PST late night often have 1.4k ppl left, and JP prime time around 2k or lower, which was a bit lower than 3 weeks ago. Now it's extremely hard for me to get into a delve pt, hard to make one when I play, and there's often no /shout for it.

Maybe, maybe ppl do rage quit over R/E/M thing after all, even though Matsui tried to fix it.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

1/3 left!

20040/30000 alex.

Finally less than 10000 alex left.

Maybe I can finish in 2015, maybe.....

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Good bye, Chant du Cygne

After a bit of delve point farm, Halachunic sword obtained.

I decided to get sword first, instead of gun, because SE just announced to buff empy dmg. So I don't want to waste precious points on gun only to ditch it after R/E/M buff. I just want to get a sword/dagger, take a break and come back after Gun dmg buff XD

Another reason is because both of my jobs can use sword, and I want to play with sword pirate for a bit after Sylow mentioned it on forum.

According to spreadsheet, req with delve sword has higher WS dmg than exen with delve dagger using my current obtainable gears. I'm pretty shocked that exen is THAT bad. I guess time to work on req WS set for real, now that I get a better sword than fat sword Almace.

I've been wanting to play as sword pirate since I started the job 3.5 years ago. I asked LS member to make me swords, and lv up all the way to 75 with swords(despite swords were bad choice for this job). When I got my joytoy I was happy, but mainly because I finally got a legit reason to be a sword pirate.

Getting new sword also means I have to say good bye to fat sword Almace when I play BLU. Then I realized how much I love my fat sword, despite it's only lv 85. I've been using it for 1 year, and it kinda became signature of BLU. That's why when I made a sig for character Afania my fat sword was in it!

Good bye, fat sword Almace :(

Good bye, CDC :(

I thought I wouldn't be butthurt if Almace got replaced since it doesn't require as much effort as lv 99 R/E/M, but the fact is, I was still sad. This sword kinda changed my life on BLU, like how Zebra gun changed my life on COR.

Anyways, currently I'm aiming to get to some gears for req:

WS gorget
MND rings

For body/head I can just use Thaumas until I get wildskeeper mask. Also going to offhand Sanus on COR until I get delve dagger for offhand.

According to spreadsheet, req has higher WS dmg than exen, although I'm guessing it's only like that when I have enough attk buff or when enemy isn't weak against piercing.

So I'd need delve sword+dagger, use different main hand depend on situations.

Monday, 6 May 2013

"Welcome back"

It's pretty funny that recently when I run into certain old friend such as Zapx or Myry, first thing they said to me was "Welcome back" or "Coming back for SoA?"

So just to clarify, I never quit FFXI, just became less involved in this game. I still log on everyday, or at least 4~5 days a week. It's just that I rarely log on for more than 2hr a day(often around 1.5hr), run to dyna, farm for 1hr~2hr, log off. And I literally not involved in anything else besides meeble static on Sun, because I can't stand the idea of having to worry about FFXI event starting when I'm doing rl stuff.

Another reason is because different timezone....I pop around 10am EST time, and so EST ppl won't see me around with a job/school.

Although I admit new weapons made me even want to involve less in FFXI(since wanting to finish Mythic, is literally the only reason why I still keep account active), out of curiosity, I still played with new SoA content for a bit.

I mainly play on BLU now, since I have no money on COR again and now I kinda getting worse at playing it because it got rusty again. I haven't get a chance to try Delve NM(should be able to soon), nor wildskeeper reive(100k bayld is a lot, and 3~4hr fight is too long for me with 1~2hr pop time), nor skirmish(can't afford entrance fee for outdated gears), so I mostly do reive/reive quest and delve plasm farm.

I found /SCH best SJ for solo lair reive. Although I've soloed lair reive with /DNC before, /SCH is much more comfortable to do it with and gives more room for error. One of the most dangerous aspect for solo lair reive or solo super tank is, when you reapply sleep, it's very dangerous. My sleep often got interrupted even with occu on, and I can die in 1 sec if I got interrupted twice. Technically you can carry a spell interrupt rate- build, but I don't see how I'd get enough inv on BLU to do it, so fuck that....

Aquaveil from /SCH can save life(although sometimes I still almost died with it cuz it can only absorb a few hits), and aspir + JA for shorter recast is a nice way to recover MP. Pair with MP drain kiss I'd never run out of MP spamming AoEs. At first I went with evasion set, but then I realized it's not worth it as it's not very effective on BLU without casting 1000 other spells. I guess it's ok to go with a PDT- set, although I got too lazy with inv and not bothering anymore. Most of the time I just TP in rancor as usual :)

As for delve plasm farm in fractures, I found acc a huge issue without BRD COR acc buffs. Sushi+ /DNC acc job trait+ mantis eye(no new acc ammo D; )+ Letalis Mantle and I still see kinda shit acc sometimes, and I don't have other free slot to add more acc for TP without sacrificing huge chunk of dmg. I'd say evasion down spell is must have if you're not getting hunter's roll.

That makes BRD COR must have for farming points.

I'd say so far new content, especially delve in SoA seems interesting enough for me to mess with it for a bit, only if dev doesn't eliminate the concept of "long term goal" in 1 update and made me feel like quitting once I get busy with rl.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

"I miss Tanaka"


This is the day that FFXI dev team made one of biggest mistake in 10 years, and this mistake is, IMO, worse than Abyssea era, salvage ban, and w/e mistake SE've made in the past, and I predicted this decision would hurt FFXI a lot, causing player base lose that's even worse than Abyssea/salvage ban.

And the title of this post clearly stated my disappointment in the new producer. Considering I've been ranting on major forums about this for days already. Some ppl would disagree, and stated that "it has to be done this way", but if you sit down and analyze how it works, then you'd realized the mistake they made is vital, and all started in Abyssea era.

Note that I've been "supporting" FFXI since I started, when everyone else saying "the game would shut down in 3 years" "Everyone would leave for FFXIV", I've always been defending for FFXI, that I know it wouldn't die that fast nor being eaten by FFXIV. I wasn't kind of person that'd speak negatively towards this game.

Even after SoA release I still believe it'd last for another 5 years at least. Now I don't know, the time for fixing the damage that has been done is flying away, and SE still unable to find a good solution.

And for those who said "So what if R/E/M gets replaced, just deal with it" or "WoW is like that, so FFXI should change for the better", I guess time to analyze the importance of emotional attachment, and how dangerous it is, if you cut off that emotional attachment when you manage a brand.

If you carefully observe FFXI, you'd realized that the value of R/E/M, is more than "best weapon in game". It's a concept that's pretty unique in FFXI, part of the reason is because it's linked to past FF titles. The names of R/E/M are just bad ass: Excalibur, Gungnir, Armageddon, Masamune, Death Penalty and such.  A lot of the weapons are best weapons in past titles, when you own it it's linked to past FF heroes. And the weapon itself also has unique looking design.

Those weapons are also a class on it's own, it often has a WS tied to it, a prestige no other weapon has. And the result is, player would want one, dreamed to have one, and keep playing for one. It meant way more than just another super expensive gear or armor.

R/E/M is just, different. It's emotional attachment in this game is so great that it shouldn't be deal with carelessly. And you can tell by looking at player's choices in FFXI. In FFXI you often see players ignore every armor slot and make them gimp, just to build R/E/M. They'd rather be a R/E/M owner with low output, instead of none-R/E/M owner with higher output. Some ppl would keep building R/E/M for every job, despite that job is naked.

If you make stupid, illogical choices such as build R/E/M for a naked job, or use subpar gears because you spend all your money on R/E/M, then it's safe to assume R/E/M is a brand of it's own. Like how ppl would eat less to save money for an iPhone, the reason is nothing but emotional attachment.

The fact is, players in FFXI value and treat R/E/M differently, that does not happen on ANY other armor nor weapons in this game. Nobody would cry a river if KC's dead. Nobody would care when your 20M dusk gloves+1 died. R/E/M is just that unique, and it's emotional attachment is so strong in FFXI, that it probably has stronger emotional attachment than anything else(barring certain job for certain players) in this game.

And let's see how all that happened, and how will it end.

When Abyssea hit, SE made it's first mistake, that they let majority of player has the ability to get empy in a very short amount of time.

At that time, majority of player supported this, although now that I look back, I see it as first step in wrong direction.

Of course, empy=relic for everyone is a cool concept. Majority of players never have a chance to get relic in their life. Suddenly there's another weapon on same class: Unique design and WS, super powerful, highest D. Everyone is happy, barring relic owners at that time, which are the minority.

Technically, if player's happy, then the game can last longer. But if leads to an uncontrollable result after 3 years, then it wasn't a good decision.

The result of everyone got R/E/M is that R/E/M became a requirement to do current content efficiently. Because the content difficulty must be adjusted based on the avg player performance.

If only 1% of players has R/E/M, it's safe to make every mob in that content HP1000 and Def 300. Because avg player doesn't have R/E/M, so you can't make mob HP/def too high, or else avg players can't beat it and only 1% of players can win.

But if 80% of players has R/E/M, then you'd have to make every mob HP 3000 and Def 500. If you still keep mob HP 1000 and Def 300, most players would find the content too easy.

And that made R/E/M a requirement, instead of a bonus to the pt. And the result is, last 20% of players must get a R/E/M to keep up. Because if they don't, they can't kill the mob fast and efficient enough.

And like many other players made the point, as the game move on to new areas, you can't keep players to grind in old areas for R/E/M, or else it's discouraging. You can't force a returning player go back to dyna or Abyssea or ToAU to make R/E/M just to do SoA content. But now that R/E/M already a requirement and difficulty has to balance based on this fact, what can SE do?

There are many ways to fix it, and SE chose worst possible way I can think of, by replacing R/E/M with new AH/point weapons that looks nothing special and literally no emotional attachment.

And even worse, they failed to communicate with the player base effectively(which was surprising....Matsui Akihiko is usually pretty good at communicating). Every time when he tried to respond to the player base regarding this R/E/M matter, he made the situation worse, that I don't even know what to say.

It's pretty clear that they intend to make DD R/E/M being replaced, but compensate the players some way, such as allowing the WS being used on any weapon.

Imagine you don't WF on Zebra gun, instead you WF on random AH gun that looks 100x boring than Zebra gun. Or imagine you no longer Zorro Slash on fat sword Almace, instead you have to zorro slash with a bronze sword model.

I can't believe this producer, doesn't even know the fundamental reasons why players PAY to play a MMORPG to get gears.

Why would you pay to get a pixel item in a video game? Because it's more than just another equip with numbers attached to it. It's player's preciousssssss. I can't name other MMO doesn't use this emotional attachment to make money.

Once I met a game developer making F2P MMO, he said something that's very blunt, and yet very accurate: "We want to make those expensive gears as cool as possible, and it better looks shiny and pretty. Because players love cool looking gear and that's how we make money, and our company can only survive when we make money".

In the end, game mechanics and game design theory are just tools to keep player involved. But the root of a successful MMO making money, or any brand/title w/e, still lies on emotional attachment, that no theory/formula/awesome mechanics can replace it.

The way how SE often make new weapon model ugly, and the fact that SE wanted to do gear reset every once a while, means current lv 99 R/E/M owners would ended up using their precious R/E/M WS on a much uglier model just because it has better stat.

To be honest, I fail to see how FFXI wouldn't suffer from losing player after this update. 

Instead of playing to get an ultimate item that looks cool, used by past FF title heroes, now you have to deal with using ugly model from AH, for A content, so you can do B content to get another ugly model. Until one day you finally can do C content for a slightly better model weapon that would last maybe a couple of months, then repeat the process after next update. And your old lv 99 R/E/M, is nothing but a tool to allow you zorro slash in new stuff. You can no longer zorro slash on your fat sword, nor Cataaaaaa on dat golden scythe.

I mean, I started project DP because it looks bad ass, and I want to be able FUCKING use it, so I looked cool in battle too. I don't fucking want to build a DP, and use an ugly AH gun in battle.

I failed to see how is this exciting, nor fun.

We play video game to have fun, to have exciting moment.

Get an epic weapon with unique name, state and design is the exciting moment made players want to pay for it.

Get a weapon that you know it'd be replaced after 3 months and design/name isn't anything exciting.(And even if the name/design is unique, we'd forget about it after 3 months anyways)

And this decision completely destroyed the exciting game mechanics FFXI has.

Abyssea did gear reset, also changed game mechanics, and it wasn't even this bad. At least in Abyssea you replaced legendary weapon with another legendary weapon, and only affected 1% of player base.
It doesn't feel as bad if your legendary weapon is replaced with another weapon in same tier.
Now this decision affected 80% of players, and you replaced legendary weapon with AH weapons.

One major emotional attachment(read: main way to keep player hooked and pay $$) FFXI has, poof gone :)

No matter how you want to use other example in other MMO, you can't change this fact. Because FFXI isn't other MMO. It has it's unique dedicated player base, and it won't be able to attract new customers no matter how they copy and paste other game's direction.

You can argue that FFXI "survived" every gear reset anyways.

It seems that the new producer has a brand new vision for FFXI, sadly the bad execution pretty much just cut off the emotional attachment players has.

FFXI can survive this long, is NEVER because the game design is awesome, it's only because emotional attachment.

Some ppl would go "Ohhh, you can just deal with it and keep playing this game without R/E/M!" And I'd say that's very ignorant about MMO industry or any brand management. When you deal with customers, you don't tell them to change preference. If they buy your product, they buy your product because they liked certain aspect. If you want to change your strategy, customers that liked that aspect would just leave, and it's really just that simple.

Personally I found FFXI with gear reset every 3 months and no more "legendary weapon"(I don't mean best weapon with awesome name and look, I mean weapon with certain prestige and special image in certain player's mind for very long ) not very exciting nor promising. Legendary weapon always provide extra fun in this game, and someone recently finished on R/E/M was always a hot topic in our social network. Thus I found erasing the value of R/E/M a very bad move.

FFXI may not just shut down right away because of this, maybe 20% of players would feel less motivated/involved and leave. Maybe those none R/E/M owner or returning player wasn't affected would stay. And maybe certain players just sick of old FFXI would want something new.

But it IS a move that would make player base a lot smaller, that's for sure. And if player base gets smaller, it affects everyone, including new/returning player without R/E/M, or players doesn't care about the death of R/E/M. Those players would get less ppl to play with, harder to make pt, nor learn from them(since dedicated players are often the one finding most efficient/successful strategies), indirectly made the game harder.

When a MMO is this old, with small player base, making the player base shrink faster is the last thing dev should do, no matter how you want to copy and paste other successful examples. Unless you're making an entirely new game.

I thought Abyssea was a mistake, because of terrible game mechanics. And the fact is, player base did get smaller during Abyssea era, server merged twice and it only slowed down post Abyssea era. And at that time, if anyone pointed out Abyssea was a mistake, that person would be labeled as elitist. Because you're not allowed to voice opinion against casuals, which are the majority.

And even funnier, if you do stated your opinion that Abyssea was a mistake on SE forum, you'd be attacked by others "So you liked old HNM no life more? lol". And it ended up as a 10 page debate that anti-Abyssea group always lose because they're the minority and being labeled as elitist. Majority of players wanted a legendary weapon and supported Matsui Akihiko.

But now that I look back, I see how everything started in Abyssea. Legendary weapons shouldn't be hand out to everyone to begin with, whether you like it or not. It's not about being elitist and anti-casuals, but it did created a hole that lead to this devastating result when SE want to move to new areas, that it can only end by cutting off the emotional attachment and pissed off dedicated core customer base, that would inevitably lead to player base shrink.

I only see Matsui Akihiko made a series of mistake, that made the death of FFXI comes a lot faster than it should. And the fact that fans supported him during Abyssea era because they wanted a casual FFXI with everyone owning a legendary weapon, leads to his 2nd decision. And once again, there are still fans wanted FFXI to be WoW supporting him, ignoring the fact that selling a MMORPG product is about keeping existing customer base big, not to make certain group of ppl happy. In the end everyone lose, you get a WoW like casual FFXI with everyone owning top weapon, and you lose customer.

The fact that Abyssea era server merge happened twice proved that theory =/= result, making FFXI "like other MMO" doesn't keep players around. And let's see how many more server merge coming soon, under Matsui's direction.

Oh god I miss Tanaka, at least I know FFXI wouldn't piss off large amount of player base and kill itself when he's around :(

P.S: FFXIV also plays with relic, and a lot of player has it. I wonder whether it'd walk the same path and ended up as bad as FFXI?