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Recently I've been playing with spreadsheet for RUN DD builds, because, well, I'm into playing RUN as a DD atm! :D

 I know this is pretty silly to play a tank job as a DD, but I'm kind of player that likes to push a job's potential to the furthest, in terms of every aspect.

Tbh, RUN has been a "unloved job" for me since I got it to lv 99. One of the reason is because it wasn't really great back then. As a DD it's dmg is pretty poor. As a tank the survive-ability has been an issue without ergon, especially against multiple targets. Since RUN heavily rely on shadows to mitigate dmg, I find it's really not an "amazing job" like COR, BLU or any other mainstream bandwagon jobs, even though RUN has pretty good ability to generate enmity. I kinda lv it to solo pw so I can farm scoria for afterglow, with no intention to play it endgame.

That being said, eventually I still tried to gear up since it's nice to have a tank job to get things done. In the end the more I spend time to gear up this job, the more I get "into" it, and it starts to click....well, I had fun with it.

It's not an "amazing job" like BLU.

But it's pretty fun to challenge myself to see how far I can go on this job, by looking for better JA/spell rotation or tanking strategy against each NM.

Anyways, back to the topic :)
Since I liked to push a job's potential to the max in terms of every single aspect, I decided to play with DD RUN for a bit. RUN's DD ability actually has increased quite a bit recently, due to having access to new spell temper, acc bonus job trait, and WS revamp.

The key push dps high on RUN:

1. Have access to temper and enhancing magic skill+ gears.
2. In a situation that SC is created constantly, to MB lunge/swipe(with mab/magic burst set). Ideally getting malaise/storm buffs too.

The DA rate of temper can be increased based on enhancing magic skill level. RUN can get 23 skill from job point. A quick search on shows that RUN can get 91 enhancing from gear if /NIN, 84 enhancing if /SAM using GS.

That makes it 19% DA /SAM using GS, 20% DA /NIN using DW swords.

On spreadsheet I set the target to delve fodder, capped accuracy/attack/magic haste. Gear sets are pretty high quality, 3/5 HQ Adhemar, max Samnuha legs, and high quality melee Herc feet.

RUN/SAM spamming reso with Ergon AM3, 19% DA from temper:

2190 dps/11165 WS dmg

RUN/SAM using Montante +1, did some minor adjustments to tp set for more multi attack

2173 dps/11505 WS dmg

I find it kinda surprising that Montante +1 is this close to Ergon AM3. I guess the piss poor DMG on ergon just hurts :D

Now let's check out Reikiko/Firangi RUN/NIN with 20% DA from temper, using same lv of gears with 11% DW (which is what's needed to cap delay)and same buff, spamming vorpal instead of reso:

1827 dps/9424 WS dmg

A little bit lower than RUN/SAM in full buff situations D:

That being said, on Tojil or attack uncapped situations, vorpal RUN/NIN wins:

RUN/SAM ergon AM3:
RUN/SAM Montante +1:
RUN/NIN Reikiko/Firangi:

My spreadsheet is kinda old, so the main hand hit rate still cap at 95% and I'm too lazy to change :(

Let's see how a real DD job such as BLU do as a DD, on same target, using same gear and buffs, using Tizona/Colada crit:

3408 dps/19858 CDC WS dmg

3119 dps/18520 CDC WS dmg

BLU is damn op! D:

Even on fodder, DD RUN do about 64% of BLU's dmg. On higher lv targets RUN can only do 42% of BLU D: The most op part about BLU is the fact that the dmg doesn't drop too much even against higher lv target....I guess that's because of /WAR berserk and self attack buffs.

I'd say it's not exactly terrible DD on fodder though! Since the spreadsheet doesn't calculate MB lunge/swipe dmg.

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