Monday, 14 December 2015

How to get 6M+ CP/hr....during campaign

Decided to post the apex cp pt setup that I found most effective in Dho gates.

Setup: pld(or any DD that can open darkness with leaden salute) cor geo geo(or brd) blm kupofried.

Basically, pld and cor will open SC using CDC + leaden, then mages will MB off darkness with
malaise buff.  In order to get high CP/hr, the following condition must be met:

1: Both melee SCer must be able to pop SC fast enough, that means capped hit rate and haste buffs from GEO or BRD is must have.

2: PLD or puller must be able to chain pull mobs, and the camp must allow PLD to chain pull mobs none stop. Certain camps are much harder to chain pull and that kills CP/hr.

3: The pt must kill mob in 1 SC 100% of time. Sometimes the BLM(or COR) isn't strong enough, there may be "left over" HP after MB and needs 2nd MB to kill. Doing more than 1 SC/MB kills CP/hr as well. A BLM with good MB set can do over 95k per MB.

Anyways, done with CP, back to A.weapon and afterglow farm D:

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